How to fix iPhone or iPad won't connect to iTunes or Computer

After updating iTunes app, iPhone or iPad stopped connecting to computer and iTunes.
Solution 1 : Update the iPhone/iPad driver

  1. On your Windows 10 computer, navigate to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Devices and Printers -> Unspecified (Find the apple mobile device USB driver).
  2. Right click it and choose Properties.
  3. Select the Hardware tab. Then select the Properties on the lower left hand button.
  4. Under the Driver tab menu, select update the driver.
  5. If Update driver button is grayed out, select and choose “Change Settings” button. Available near lower left corner. Now go back to the Update driver button and click the button.
  6. Choose “Browse my computer for driver software”.
  7. Windows 64 driver folder located at : C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleMobile Device SupportDrivers
  8. Click Next and allow the driver to re-install.

Now your iPhone will connect to iTunes.
If you are older versions of Windows,

  1. Navigate to Device Manager.
  2. Under other devices, you can see your iPhone under recovery mode.
  3. Right click and choose Properties.
  4. Select the Driver tab and click Update driver.

Solution 2: Reboot both your Computer and iOS devices
Restart your Windows or Mac computer and your iOS device like iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Then try to connect.
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Solution 3: Try to use different USB cable and computer USB port
Sometime s this issue happened because of the fault cable or damaged computer USB port. So try to use different one.
If you knew any other solutions to solve ” iPhone/iPad won’t connect to iTunes or Computer” problem, inform us via comment.

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