What to do when your iPhone/iPad/iPod Freezes, fix

This problem mostly happened after iOS update.
Restart your device (Quick solution)
Press and hold sleep/wake button to turn of your iPhone or iPad.  If it does not work, try hard reset.
Hold Home button and sleep button together for 10 seconds until Apple logo appears.
Solution 1: Recharge your iPhone or iPod
Plugin your phone or tablet into changer or connect it to computer using USB cable may help ro unfreeze a stuck screen.
Solution 2: Close extra apps or unresponsive app
Some time this problem might happened because of the unresponsive app (app has stopped working).
Double press home button to access all open apps. After open app icons will appear at the bottom my the device screen, hold app icon until it wiggling. Press red minus sign to close the icon.
Solution 3: Check available free space
Some times this problem might happened because of the low space issue. Go to General -> Usage to check the available storage.
If its not have enough space, delete some unused games and apps to save the space.
Solution 4: Do system restore
If the above methods does not work, do system restore. But system restore will delete all media files, data from your device. So back up your device using iTunes or iCloud before update.
Connect your iPhone or iPad or iPod to computer using USB cable.
From the left hand side under devices choose iPhone. Then choose restore button in the summary tab.
Other solutions :-

  • Go to Settings -> General ->Handoff & Suggested Apps and turn off Handoff.
  • Update your device to latest iOS.

Eventually check your Apple device warranty status. If it cover under any warranty, take it to geniuses.
Also read Apple support guide : iOS device doesn’t respond or doesn’t turn on.

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