iPhone Hotspot not connecting to Windows laptop, Android – fix

iPhone and iPad that both have the option to being a hotspot through AT&T or other networks. Sometimes iPhone hotspot working on iPad or Android device. But it won’t work on Windows laptops. In my Android device i never get internet access for longer than 1 page view.  iPhone hotspot not visible or not showing up on laptop.
So how to solve this problem?
Fix 1:-

  1. Connect your iPhone to computer.
  2. Launch iTunes.
  3. On the upper left corner, check the iPhone name. If it have apostrophe like “Johns iPhone”. then your need to edit or change your iPhone name on the iTunes and remove the apostrophe.
  4. After you removed the apostrophe, disconnect your iPhone from the computer and try to connect WiFi again.

Fix 2:-

  1. Navigate to Power options.
  2. Change the plan settings.
  3. Change the Advanced Power settings.
  4. Click the “Wireless adapter settings”.
  5. Click the “Power Saving Mode”.
  6. Change on Battery & Plug in to “Maximum Performance”.
  7. Then reconnect it.

Fix 3:-
If your iPhone hotspot not connecting to Macbook Pro? then on MacBook Pro, go to Network settings and reset the DHCP and set the IP address like Ex: which is work on your home.
If you have any other iPhone hotspot issues or solutions, inform us via comment.

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