iPhone: deleted contacts still show up when texting, fix

When we delete a contact from the address book of iPhone we always expect it to be deleted completely but sometimes when we type text messages those deleted contacts appear and it’s possible for us to send messages to them.There is certainly some reason for it here to discuss the issue with the possible solutions.
Though we have deleted from the contact list, the contact remains in the autocomplete cache. Whenever we type text messages autocomplete functionality is sought instead of contact list functionality.
Solution 1: Delete the contact from any other address book 
To delete the contact completely synchronize it with outlook or any other address book and then delete it from there to delete it completely.
Solution 2: Add the contact back in iCloud or Gmail
Check whether the contact is in iCloud or Gmail, if not then add the contact back in iCloud or Gmail sync it and delete it from the iCloud or Gmail and sync it. The contact may delete from the contact list.
Solution 3: Delete the contact from “Remove from recent”

  1. When we select “create message” option and type in the name in the area half we may get the contact name shown.
  2. Select the name and press the information symbol “i” seen on the right of the name. and select “remove from recent”.  Seen in red
  3. Then choose “remove from recent”.
  4. It might permanently delete the contact.

delete contacts
Solution 4: Restore the phone in iTunes
We may also restore the phone as a new device in iTunes, not as a backup.
Solution 5: Delete from recent
When deleted number or address appears there is a blue arrow with its beside. Tap On the arrow and select “delete from recent”.
If you knew any other method to “delete contacts from iPhone”, inform us via comment form.

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