A Fix for “The iPhone could not be synced because this computer is no longer authorized for purchased items that are on this iPhone”

iPhone not syncing with iTunes and shows error message like “The iPhone could not be synced because this computer is no longer authorized for purchased items that are on this iPhone. To authorize this computer for items purchased from the iTunes store, choose store > Authorize This Computer.”
iPhone could not be synced
Solution 1: Log your Apple ID out of iTunes, and then log back in. Authorize both iTunes accounts.
Solution 2: Delete the app
Delete the iPhone app that has been downloaded from different Apple account (account used for building app or downloading app)
Solution 3 : If you purchasing apps with 2 unique Apple/iTunes IDs

  • First de-authorize and signed out of all iTunes on all your Mac computers.
  • Log out of iTunes on iOS devices.
  • Now sign in to iTunes on 1 Mac and 1 iPhone with main iTunes login.
  • Authorize Mac with main iTunes account login.
  • Then authorize for any other Apple accounts you may have.
  • Finally sync Device

Solution 4;-
Instead of syncing just make some changes in any videos or photos and press Apply.
That’s all. iTunes will sync normally. Don’t press sync.
Solution 5:-

  1. Tick the check box”Manually manage Music & Videos”.
  2. Then click Apply, and sync button. ( it will return to usual authorisation error. don’t worry.)
  3. Again unchecked the box for manually manage music, click apply and sync.

Solution 6:-

  1. De-authorize your computer and uninstall iTunes
  2. Clean your computer with CCleaner.
  3. Reinstall new version of iTunes and authorize your computer again.

If you knew any other solutions to fix this error, inform us via comment.

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This is what worked for me:
1.) Tick checkbox 'manually manage music & videos'
2.) Switch to music and drag one album to the device
3.) iTunes starts syncing all music

#2 Worked for my hand-me-down phone. Going to File > Devices > Transfer Purchases showed me which app wasn't download through my apple id.

Its because you have "Vshare" downloaded or an app similar to it… delete that app and try it again… after you sync everything to your phone you can then download the other app that needs Authorization. Its because you are authorizing your phone with another server so you can use their free apps. THIS IS A BYPASS ONLY! If you want to Sync your phone with iTunes again you must delete the app that requires you to Re-Authorize and Rinse and repeat! LET ME KNOW IF THIS HELPED!!!. It took me 4 hours to figure out this small problem and how to fix it! 😀

The Solution that worked for me was to Authorise the phone for ALL accounts that I use – I was only authorising one account, I forgot about another email address associated with the phone, Once i had put that in everything worked fine.

It worked 100%
-Sign out of your computer and iPhone (Apple Id)
-Sign in on both
-Make sure you downloaded the app with the same Apple ID that is on your iPhone

Alright guys,
If you just want to copy songs or video to the itunes in order to get files sync to your iPhone, here's quick the solution:
1) Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable.
2) Open itunes, locate an iPhone logo (which bring you to your iPhone summary)
3) Locate "Options" when you scroll to bottom, and tick "Manually manage music and videos".
4) Then click "Apply"
5) Go to "On My Device" and click "Music"
6) Just drag whatever songs and videos that you want to the "Music Page", then click "Done"
and that's it! Songs and Videos will be transferred to your iPhone immediately.
Hope this help.

This was scary. I got the same and that if I couldn't authorize then all my apps on iPhone would be deleted. I am in a LDR and live by LINE on iPhone. I'd practically die. Anyways I deleted the iPhone app on my PC and installed updated one and I turned on manual manage music and dragged my song on and seem to be working now. WTF iPhone! Thanks guys here.

To enable automatic checking for updates, go to the Advanced pane of iTunes preferences and turn on “Check for new software updates automatically”.

I've been manually syncing ever since I've had this iPhone 6s; that box is already checked. Unchecking it warns me that "All existing content on the iPhone will be replaced with content from your iTunes library". Does that mean that I would lose all the synced music on my phone?
Solution 1 didn't work; I signed out of and into my Apple ID with both my phone and Mac, and still the same result. Any solutions that may work in 2018?

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