iPhone: Can't delete "Senior Discount Box" on new mail account

A Senior Discount Box permits the users to save daily coupons on the coupon box. In my new mail account “Senior Discount Box” always appears. I can able to uncheck notes, mail and change the password but cannot delete it. It is an IMAP account and it displays these settings are installed by the profile “Senior Discount Box”
There are few solutions here to resolve your issue
Solution 1: Delete the profile
Open Settings app > General > Profile & Device Management
Note: Remove the profile which deletes your email account
Solution 2: Remove “Senior Discount Box”
1. Open Settings app > General
2. Then scroll down and tap the profile(Senior Discount box)
3. And then click “Senior discount box” and then click “Delete
4. Enter the password and then tap delete again.
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Solution 3: Use Mail app spark
1. Install mail app spark
2. Turn off “load remote images”.
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I have the Senior Discounts mailbox on my Ipad and I can't get it deleted. It asks for a password and I don't know the password or even how to reset it. Does anyone have any ideas??

This is rediculous. You mean to delete the senior discounts I have to delete my yahoo account? I wang this off my phone

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