iPhone cannot verify server identity iOS 10, fix

After the iOS 10 update, a message came saying that “Cannot verify the server identity”. I can’t browse or watch YouTube videos and also can’t load Gmail account. Google+ and YouTube keeps loading but no use.
Issues from this update:

  1. Certificate becomes outdated, so can’t browse any websites.
  2. The Same error message appears while opening Email also.
  3. Can’t use website related applications.

Solution 1: The calendar date was wrong
The date mentioned on the phone was wrong. Change the date and it may solve the issue.

  • Navigate to Settings ->General -> Date and Time.
  • Turn ON Set Automatically.

Date and time in iOS
Solution 2: Change the WiFi settings

  • Go to Settings -> WiFi.
  • Turn OFF and ON the WiFi after few seconds.

iPhone 6 Wi-Fi settings
Solution 3: Reset your phone

  • Navigate to Settings->General->Reset->Reset all settings.
  • This worked for some users.

Solution 4: Delete the Server

  • Delete the Email account.
  • Go to Settings->Mail->Select the account.
  • Click on Outgoing Mail Server.
  • Select the account that you have deleted 1st after going to Outgoing Mail Server.
  • Delete the Server.
  • Re-Add the Email account.

Solution 5: Uncheck SSL in incoming settings

  • Go to Settings-> Mail->Accounts-> Click the problem account.
  • Then go to Advanced and the Turn-OFF Use SSL in income settings.

Here given some solutions to solve your problem. If you have some other suggestions please leave in the comment box.

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