Why Is My iPhone Camera Won’t Focus? Here’s The Fix!

iPhone camera won't focus

Many Apple users bought iPhone for its amazing 8-megapixel iSight camera with f / 2.2 aperture and pixel focus. You can only find this feature in DSLR cameras.
iPhone’s new sensor and Pixel focus can record 3840 x 2160 resolution video in 60fps. But so many users reported the iPhone camera not focusing or autofocusing on close up.

Why Is My iPhone Camera Won’t Focus?

Most of the time this issue happened, in particular, iPhone models like iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, or iPhone 4s. The main reason for this issue is a loose lens position or a new iOS update.

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Solution 1: Tap the iPhone

  • Use the palm of your hand to tap the top of the iPhone (rear camera lens end).
  • This method solved so many iPhone users’ issues.

Fix 2: Press and hold the iPhone camera button

  • Press and hold the iPhone camera button until the camera is focused. Release the button when the image becomes clear.

Fix 3: Remove the iPhone bumper/ case

  • Remove the iPhone bumper or metallic case when you use the iPhone camera to take photos or videos.
  • This might cause the iPhone camera blurry or wobbly issue.

Still, you can’t fix the iPhone camera will not focus issue?

Press and hold the Sleep button and Home button together until the Apple logo appears. After your iPhone is restarted, check your iPhone camera focus issue. Sometimes this issue might happen because of the new iOS update like iOS 9, iOS 8, etc. So try to reset iPhone to factory settings.

  1. First backup iPhone using iTunes or iCloud.
  2. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings.


If you think this problem might happen because of the latest iOS update, downgrade iPhone iOS to an older version (if possible) or take your iPhone to the nearest Apple Care.

And if you knew any other solutions for the iPhone cameras won’t focus issue, inform us via the comment section below. Thank you for your continued support with iphonetopics.com.

  1. after installing iOS 9.2.1 my camera is not working!
    After reboot after reset still not working WTF?

  2. This issue is completely annoying. It prohibits you from doing mobile check deposits for example. This camera was fine originally but it seems 9.2.1 wrecked this function. Cannot focus on anything up close. Really unhappy Apple user lately. If anyone knows what to really do to save a trip to the Apple store, it would be appreciated.

  3. Happened once updating n my rear camera won't focus. Never update again because Apple Store is gonna charge to be fix if u have no coverage. I don't care what new features it has.

  4. my iPhone 5c camera used to be wonderful. Now it is ok for close up focus, (i.e. bank checks) but further photos such as family photos etc are horrible and out of focus! What a shame, I tried lots of tapping, but no luck. I can not afford a new phone, and I just got off contract and finally switched to puppy wireless, saving me more than 50% off my Verizon bill.

  5. This is going to sound crazy but it worked. And I did over red it by accident taking photos in the bathroom.
    Cover the rear lens with a gob of toothpaste. Leave it there to dry for about eight hours.
    Then wipe away – peel away the dries bits – and the pens issue is fixed. Something in the enzyme content of the toothpaste make it work every time. Any toothpaste seems to work – even gels.

  6. same issue on my 6plus today after update to 9.3.1 fuck off apple what a non sense update now we have to waite long for ur bug removal update and in that update there will be more new bugs .. i will switch to android

  7. Sometime it's because dust has made it's way into your phone. You must take the phone apart, lift the camera, don't remove it, spray with compressed air to remove the dust.
    You can google how this can be done at home

  8. Apple software update screwed up my iPhone5 camera focus too. I wasted hours with the "genius" bar "corporate tools" who couldn't take me the same day,so I went back the next day and they ran a test on my phone and found a software bug and said they could reload the OS, but I would have to back up my phone first, so go home, do that, go back the next day, only to have a new "genius" want to test my phone again (guess he can't read and believe previous employee reports) and finds the same answer (software bug) so wipes phone and re-installs latest OS. The phone's camera is still crap, so now the "genius" says he can just repla . . . oh wait, no your phone is out of warranty. then they offer to change the camera in my phone . . . for about $60. So to sum it up, Apple's new OS screws up the hardware and the only fix for those of us out of warranty is to pay them $60 or to buy a new phone from them! Would you be surprised if Apple knew about this "software glitch" but decided it was more profitable to NOT admit it or fix it?

  9. I have been totally frustrated by this, but decided to try to "hit" it from the top end again… It worked! Take your case off and hammer-fist the top with some force about five times – hope you have success.

  10. My phone was out of focus and I couldn't use for depositing my checks. So…I remember dropping it in the bathroom a week or so ago and thought perhaps something shifted inside my phone. I dropped my phone on my desk from about 4 inches high and it worked! My camera now is working fine!

  11. Just updated software and now this camera won't focus. It worked this morning, but not this afternoon.
    Love it!

  12. I've whacked my 5S from every angle multiple times like an idiot and still the rear lens won't focus. This camera worked perfectly until the IOS 9 update. So pissed.

  13. Anyone get apple to admit software glitch yet? I forgot to mention that the upgrade not only messed with my phone's camera focus but botched the bluetooth as well (didn't notice till I bought a new hands free headset (old one worked fine before software upgrade, thought it died so got new one, phone won't find it either). So pissed at Apple

  14. my i phone 6s plus camera is not focusing when i took my camera function. it showing a blur nature. please help me to solve the problem

  15. Try banging against the sides as well that worked for me after 2 days of trying the front and back. Thank god I was just about to crack this phone open(by a friend) and she was going to replace the lens or whatever. XD
    Tapped the sides agains my knee (as my hands and thumb bone kinda hurt from hitting my phone against it for hrs xD It was showing some progress that way…) and it worked fine after that. First picture was a gross detailed pic of my palm and all the little lines n stuff and veins lol. Hope this helps someone else out there and saves them $.

  16. My iPhone 6 stopped being able to focus too, and on (very) close inspection, I realised the lens was cracked. After a dodgy bit of gouging I managed to remove the cracked glass lens face and now it focuses correctly again.
    It's clearly a short term bodge/fix, as I now have very exposed optics, but it's better than a non-functioning camera, and it will hopefully limp along until my next upgrade due in a few months.

  17. My IPhone 5s camera was working well before updating new version of IOS now the camera is out of focus cant take any picture of any documents really annoying, tried all above instructions nothing happen.

  18. #4 in the original post worked for me: "Press and hold the Sleep button and Home button together until Apple logo appears. After your iPhone restarted, check your iPhone camera focus issue." I did and my iPhone6s camera is now fixed. (Wish I'd tried this 1st, before all the tapping…)

  19. I love when low tech solutions like "tapping" the phone fix the problem. It's focusing again!!

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