Fixed: iPhone calling from Mac not working

Suddenly, iPhone calling from Mac stopped working. Tried several methods like turned on in Facetime and iPhone,  use same Wi-Fi network, and used same Apple ID. Here given some solutions to resolve the issue.
Fix 1: Turn off Facetime on iPhone
When we turn off facetime on iPhone and turn on it again we get reactivation and we are able to call from MacBook Pro.
Fix 2: Establish secure connection
Go to System preferences->Security & Privacy->Firewall options, check whether ”Block all incoming connections” is checked.This setting is used when we are using the open network and uncheck it to use the connection.

  1. Both Ethernet/WiFi connection can be used for the connection.Mac has to be connected to the same IP Subnet of iPhone connected.
  2. The Computer must connect only to WiFi, not both WiFi and wired.

Fix 3: Open Preferences

  1. We can open facetime option
  2. Next, let us open preferences
  3. We can just uncheck the option “iPhone cellular calls”
  4. Again recheck the “iPhone cellular calls”
  5. Finally close preferences

Fix 4: Reset iPhone

  1. We can reset iPhone to solve the problem but it’s not good to reset many numbers of times.
  2. The time in both MacBook Pro and iPhone must be set same always that would also help in fixing the issue.

Fix 5: Use caller id

  1. Turn off Facetime
  2. Sign in again and check whether the facetime caller id in both Mac and iPhone.
  3. The phone number must be ticked in both Mac and iPhone if not tick the phone number as caller id that should solve the issue.

If you knew any other solution about how to fix “iPhone calling from Mac not working”, inform us via comment.

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