Battery draining soon in iPhone? Here's how to fix it

Though you may have iPhone the prestigious phone with you. If it fails in providing good battery life then it is good for nothing. Every time the new update of the system software. Several bugs were fixed. Even if you update for iOS 9 some of the people bring the complaint that the battery is draining soon.
Though is a problem, there is universal solution for this battery draining.
Solution 1: Decrease the brightness
One of the simple adjustment is to make down screen brightness, To do this follow the below steps.
Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring the Control Center up, then decrease the brightness to low level by sliding towards left. Lesser the brightness longer will be the battery life.
Don’t think it as a silly solution for this big problem, not only in iPhone in any other mobile model, decreasing the mobile brightness will result in the increased battery life.
Solution 2: Avoid using location services
You know one thing guys??? GPS plays very important role in draining the iPhone battery. Avoid using location services, when you don’t need it’s help.
To do so, follow the below steps,

  • Go for Settings→ Privacy→ Location Services.

And adjust the app to appropriate usage of them.
As like “While Using” or “Never”
If you wish you can also turn off ALL Location services.
But this will disable your major apps like Weather, Maps etc.
Solution 3: Turn off the background app refresh
It is good practice to refresh your apps periodically, but increased repetition of this process may lead to draining of the battery.
To turn off unnecessary activity by the apps, do the following.
Go for  Settings→ General→ Background App Refresh
Turn on the switch to OFF position to disable this feature.
Solutions 4: Reboot your iPhone
If all the above steps didn’t work out, then go for Reboot option. Make a hard reboot which will resolve some problem like this.
To reboot the iPhone, simply hold the Home button and Power button together until apple logo appears and the iPhone restarts.
Finally if you use iOS 9, I recommend you to downgrade to iOS 8.4.1 itself,. Because it drains the battery due to its additional feature.
Solution 5: Turn off the push mail option
If you have set your mail to push mail option, then your iPhone will maintain constant link with the server. So at every minute your iPhone will be connected to server to notify whether there is mail. So this constant process may also drain the battery life.
To make this push mails off execute the following steps.

  1. Go to Settings→ Mail, Contacts, Calendars→ Fetch New Data.
  2. Turn off  Push at the top of the menu
  3. Scroll to the bottom and choose Every 15 Minutes under Fetch option.

If you have multiple e-mail account then change their option also to Fetch.
Solution 6: Choose the Don’t send option for Diagnostics and Usage Data
You have Diagnostics and Usage Data which automatically sends data to Apple about how you use iPhone. It may consume more battery life. SO turn it off by executing the following step.

  1. Go to Settings→ Privacy→ Diagnostics and Usage.
  2. In that menu choose Don’t send option. This will stop sending reports to Apple about your data usage. I hope this will work out well.

I have listed all the possible solutions to solve the battery draining issues. If you find it happening even after executing the above solutions, then go for Apple Customer Support Centre.

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