7 Best iPhone Apps to Track Data Usage

iPhone users are always very interested in data usage. Most of the time data usage exceeds our calculation. Though iPhone settings allow us to monitor data allocated. We need warning when our data usage exceeds data limits. Interestingly, we have some apps to track the data usage of iPhone.
iPhone data usage
1. DataMan Next ($0.99)
DataMan Next is very simple app to track the data usage of iPhone. It gives an idea of data being used in percentage. The app is the best one to track both mobile data usage and WiFi usage.
2. Onavo Extend (free)
Onavo Extend app works different from other app. It save data while using. The app gives idea about which app using data and how much data is saved. All data is considered as image and text not as video or audio to save data.
3. Data monitor (free)
Data monitor app is very simple precise. The app gives the data usage of cellular and WiFi separately. The total data usage and received data send data details are tabulated.
4. My DataManager (free)
My Data Manager app doesn’t support information about individual app usage statistics. This app help you to find how much data is used and how much is left balance in daily data usage. Overview of data usage is shown in graphical pattern.
5. Data Usage Pro ($1.99)
Data usage pro app has separate screen to check the real time usage of mobile data and wifi. The overage data usage is predicted and displayed. We can also customize the usage counters so that more than one plan can be used. Separate screen for updating data usage history is available.
6. My Data usage pro ($0.99)
My Data usage pro is a specific app to follow the billing cycle of the data usage. We can set billing cycle and usage limit for both WiFi and cellular data. The app screen for cellular data usage gives information about the billing date, data used per day and remaining usage for a month.
7. Data usage $1 ($2 for pro)
Data usage app allows to set  usage limit for month,week and day.cellular and WiFi data managed separately.when billing cycle reach more than 50% usage we get notification for each 10% usage.We can decide data plan based on current consumption.The app gives idea where data is being used.when it’s for first time app helps how to use it.
If you knew any other apps to find data usage on iPhone, do let us via comment.

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