7 Best iPhone Apps to Track Data Usage

iPhone users are always very interested to know their daily data usage. Most of the time data usage exceeds our calculation. Though iPhone settings allow us to monitor data allocated. We need a warning when our data usage exceeds data limits. Interestingly, we have some apps to track the data usage of the iPhone.

1. DataMan Next ($0.99)

DataMan Next is a very simple app to track the data usage of the iPhone. It gives an idea of data being used in percentage. The app is the best one to track both mobile data usage and WiFi usage.

2. My DataManager (free)

My Data Manager app doesn't support information about individual app usage statistics. This app helps you can also find how much data is used and how much is left balance in daily data usage. An overview of data usage is shown in the graphical pattern.

3. My Data usage pro ($0.99)

My Data usage pro is a specific app to follow the billing cycle of data usage. We can set the billing cycle and usage limit for both WiFi and cellular data. The app screen for cellular data usage gives information about the billing date, data used per day and remaining usage for a month.

4. Data usage $1 ($2 for pro)

Data usage app allows setting usage limit for the month, week and day. cellular and WiFi data managed separately. when the billing cycle reaches more than 50% usage we get a notification for each 10% usage. We can decide on a data plan based on current consumption. The app gives an idea of where data is being used.

5. System Status Pro ($3.99) 

System Status provides graphical monitoring of all resources such as battery and wifi /cell usage and also memory and CPU usage. And it gives a real-time update, Export by mail and Airdrop, Copy/Paste support and provides regular updates.

6. Advanced Data Usage Tracker (Free) 

Advanced-Data Usage Tracker is the most advanced data tracking app in the world. This help to track your daily 3G/4G network usage details and also provide forecasting alerts.  It helps to test your real internet speed with their smart speed tester.

7. Fing (Free) 

The Fing helps to know which device is connected to your Wifi. And also provide details of a hidden camera in your network. You can also set parental control to schedule Screentime and pause internet access. It blocks intruders and unknown devices automatically when they try to join your network.

If you knew of any other apps to find data usage on iPhone, do let us via comment.

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