iPhone Alarm Not Working on iOS 11- Here’s the Fix

My iPhone’s alarm didn’t work on yesterday. It’s annoying. Every morning I set alarm for wake up. But now it’s so disappointing to me. I told this problem to my friend and she gave me some fixes to resolve this problem. Here I am going to tell you those solutions.
Check the volume Level of your Watch:
Sometimes it will happen to anybody. Because if they decrease the alarm volume level, then won’t heard the sound. So, you should check the alarm volume level.
Check your iPhone’s Mute Switch:
If Mute Switch is on, you should turn off it. If it turns on, you can’t hear the sounds whether it is Alarm tone or Ringtone.
Remove Existing Alarms and Refresh

  • Open “Clock” app on your iOS devices.
  • At the bottom, click on the “Alarm” tab. Then you have to click on the “Edit” button at the top of the left corner.
  • You can see the “Red” color minus symbol and you just click it and click the “Delete” button”.
  • Next, you have to Reboot your device

    1. Force restart/Hard Reset (till iPhone 6)

  • Press and hold the “Home Button”.
  • At the same time, press and hold the “Wake/Sleep (Power) button” at the top right of the iPhone while holding the “Home Button”.
  • Hold both buttons until the screen goes “black” and wait until the “Apple logo” appears.

   2. Force restart/Hard Reset ( iPhone 7)

  1. Press and hold the “Wake/Sleep (Power) button” at the right of the iPhone.
  2. Press and hold the “Volume Down button” on the left side while holding the “Wake/Sleep button”.
  3. Wait until the “Apple logo” appears.

     3.Force restart/Hard Reset ( iPhone 8 and iPhone X)

  1. Press “Volume Up button” and quickly release it. And then Press “Volume Down button” and quickly release it.
  2. At last, press and hold the “Slide button (Wake/Sleep button)” until the “Apple logo” appears.

Note: Don’t press “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” at the same time.
After restarting the device, launch “Clock” app and tap alarm and “+” icon to add a new one.
Reset All Settings:

  • Launch “Settings” app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Then click on the “General”.
  • Click “Reset” and click “Reset All Settings”.

Update Current iOS:

  • Launch “Settings” app on your device.
  • Tap on the “General”.
  • Tap on the “Software Update and if it has an update, you just update it.

Uninstall Third Party Apps:

  • If you are using any third party app for alarm, you should uninstall the app. It may be the reason for this issue.

Restore your iPhone:
Before that, you have to backup your device.

  • Connect your iPhone to Mac via USB cable.
  • Then select your iPhone symbol at the top.
  • Next, choose “Select Restore iPhone”.
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