Fixed : iPhone Activation error after restore, reset or update

Sometimes while trying to activate an iPhone you may face the activation error. It’s rare occurrence and is because of some issues with connecting Apple’s server to your iPhone.
Reasons behind activation error:

  1. Couldn’t recognize iPhone
  2. Activation server is temporarily down
  3. Request could not be processed
  4. Activation request could not be completed. Contact customer care
  5. No sim card installed in iPhone
  6. ITunes didn’t verify the device

Methods to fix activation error after iPhone update/Restore:

1.Restart the device.
This is the simplest method to fix error in iPhone. To restart your iPhone, hold the power button the slider shows up and then slide it to turn off. Reboot the device and activate again.
2. Wait a bit
Activation server may be busy responding to the request. So for the first time wait a bit and try again. Remove the sim from tray and re-insert into the tray and try activation process again.
3. Network/Wi-Fi problems.
Some ports may be blocking Test this by connecting to a different WI-Fi source.
4. Unlock/lock SIM status.
Sometimes activation error occurs when you are trying to activate iPhone using a different carrier other than your locked carrier. In this case contact carrier customer care to unlock the iPhone and activate it.
5. Restore via iTunes.
If none of the options work, try restoring your iPhone. Switch off your iPhone and connect to PC. Launch iTunes and switch on the iPhone. iTunes will detect the device and start restoring. Once the restore process is completed try to activate your device again.
6. Activate through iTunes.
Try to activate your iPhone through iTunes. Connect the device to PC via cable. Reboot the device and start iTunes. Once iTunes detect the device follow the steps to activate your iPhone
7. Activate via WIFi  or 3G
Insert the SIM card and connect to internet. Try to complete the activation process
8. Contact customer care
If none of the above options work contact Apple customer care and fix the error

Methods to fix Activation error during iPhone update:

This is a common error that happens when you update your iPhone to latest iOS version. Here are few options to fix this error

  1. If you have tried to update the version via wireless, try again with your PC running iTunes.
  2. Unlink your device from icloud ‘find my phone’ feature. Go to Settings->icloud->turn off find my iPhone
  3. Connect iPhone to computer running iTunes
  4. Sometimes Apple server may be busy. Before running activation process check whether Apple services are Green
  5. Restart your computer. This will launch iTunes session when machine boots up
  6. Make sure you are running latest version of iTunes
  7. Open iTunes->Settings->Summary. Click on ‘update your iOS’
  8. If update didn’t work, try restoring the device using iTunes and try to activate again

Once phone is activated, turn on ‘Find my phone’ feature

Methods to fix activation error after iPhone  Reset/restore:

Sometimes when you reset iPhone to factory default settings or restored the device, ‘Activation error’ message appears.
fix activation error iphone
Before trying with other options to fix the error, confirm whether device is connected to a workable WI-FI network and is able to connect to iPhone’s activation server.
When the activation error screen seems inactive and there are no options to do anything try the below options.

  • Try again
  • Press the home button until menu appears with options

Emergency call, start over and WI-FI Settings

  • Choose ‘Start over’, select language and WI-FI Settings
  • If you see the error again follow the same process again until the error disappears.

iPhone activation error menu
If the error seems to be not resolved the other option below

  • Use a working SIM card

Get a functioning new SIM card and do the activation process again. Activation error faced earlier should be bypassed now.

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