iPhone 8 Plus Crackling Sound Problems

Some of my friends complain that they are hearing a noise while listening to the music on their iPhone 8 plus. Even they are hearing this kind of distortion while browsing through App Store or playing a video in App Store especially when listening music. It’s irritating to no, let’s see how to get rid of this problem.  
First to do

  • If this problem occurs on your phone go to Settings, in that just check the ‘Ringer and Alerts’ to examine the speaker’s condition.
  • Restart your mobile.

Fix 1: Software Update

  • At times you need a software update for your phone.
  • For that go to, Settings -> General -> Software Update -> click on Download and then Install.

Fix 2: Check Headset Port
iphone 8 plus
While using the headphones this noises won’t be heard, if this your case means just take off your headset and blow of the debris and dust from your headset port.
Fix 3: Adjust the Volume button
Also, you can inspect the apps which are having sounds and music by altering the volume button.
Fix 4: Disable Bluetooth
Turn off Bluetooth or if you connect any Bluetooth device just take it off.
Fix 5: Turn Off Do Not Disturb

  • At times your phone may be in Silence mode for that just turn it to Ring mode. 
  • Go to Settings -> in that go and check ‘ Do not Disturb’ is on or off. If it is on, turn it off.

The solutions I have discussed above are only to try. I hope Apple will fix this soon. If anyone knows any other solutions you can share it with other users via your valuable comments.

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