Fixed: iPhone 8 Plus Cold Flash Not Working

Every weather condition brings changes in our regular life. One of the life-changing seasons is winter isn’t so? One of my friends told me, on his iPhone 8+ camera flash can’t work in cold climate. If he took photos inside his house it worked fine. This is normal in that climatic condition. In this article, I am going to discuss this issue.
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First to check
As per the Apple Technicians advice, you have to know related to the temperature and other ambiance to use your iPhone.

  • 32°- 95°F(0°-35°C) – Ambient temperature for operating
  • -4° – 113° F [-20° – 45°C] – temperature when nonoperating your device.[ Perfect for using your mobile]
  • 5% – 95% non condensing – for Relative humidity
  • iPhone is checked up to 10,000 feet [3000 m] for its operating altitude.

If any changes occur in ambiance temperature there you can see some changes in your phone. Especially using your iPhone in cold weather that too in outer side the battery charge will get reduced easily.
What causes this?
In iPhone they are using Lithium-ion, this does not have that much capacity in cold climates. Because the current supplies during that time won’t possible at times. If your iPhone has low battery charge level and also you have used it much, then it will get shut down or some problems will occur in order to save your electrical device.
Fix 1: Via Force Restart

  • Do a force restart this will be the immediate and also a temporal solution at times.
  • Just press and release the volume up button.
  • Then do the same with the volume down button.
  • Next press and hold the side button or Power button until Apple logo appears.

Fix 2: Increase Brightness

  • Go to control panel -> turn on ‘Flashlight’ also increase the brightness to the maximum level.
  • Then open your Camera app, check the flash.

Fix 3: Keep It In Your Pocket

  • If you are in such a climate also you need to take a photo means just put your iPhone in your pocket. Sometimes your body heat can do a charm.
  • After taking out from your pocket you have to use it quickly.

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If there are any other solutions to fix this issue, share it with the world by using the comment box.

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