13 Best iPhone 7 Plus Wooden Cases

Nowadays people started to believe in nature and buying wooden frames for mobile phones. These wooden cases look stylish and are very handy. Wooden cases are carved with rich wood and enriched with a superior finish.
Here are best wooden cases for iPhone 7 plus.
NeWisdom ($15.99)
NeWisdom case is made with real wood and soft TPU to protect from scratch. Manufactured of rich quality to protect against shocks.
NeWisdom iPhone 7 case
Tendlin is ultra thin and looks very impressive and is made of high-quality wood and flexible TPU material. Interior of the case is very soft which prevents scratches to the phone.

Saler Lee
Saler Lee is made of high-quality wood with a handmade design which is minimal.
This wooden case is capable of guarding your phone against shocks and scratches. This case is available in 8 different colors with different designs.
Saler Lee iPhone 7 case
Rock ($12.99)
Rock has good nature look made up of good quality wood and TPU rubber.
It has a built-in magnetic metal plate inside the case which allows to connect and remove the phone from charging stand easily. This case has easy access to all buttons.
Rock case is very flexible and protects from any scratches and other damages.
Slicoo nature series ($9.99)
This case looks so simple and natural. The quality wood, TPU rubber of case gives long life to it and protect from scratch and bumps. This case has a v- shape color contrast design at the back.
Slicoo nature series comes in three different colors.
ZenNutt ($7.99)
ZenNutt is made of 100% real wood. This case looks so slim and comes in 2 colors.
ZenNutt comes up with unique design and looks fabulous. Rubber material provides good grip to the hands. You can use all ports without removing the case. The Amazon price rate for this wooden case is $ 7.99.ZenNutt iPhone 7 case
Very affordable lifetime warranty.
Price rate is very cheap.
CoCo ($14.99)
CoCo is made of real bamboo wood with an elegant look. This case is slender and lightweight. The bamboo wood provides a great safeguard from shocks and scratches. This case comes in three different colors.
CoCo iPhone 7 case
Floveme Wooden Series ($19.99)
Floveme wooden series is ultra thin made of high-quality wood with handmade design and provides long live. The buttons are easily accessible and provide great comfort to the phone.
This case comes in ten different colors.
YFWOOD ($18.99)
YFWOOD has sturdy construction made of hard PC and natural wood. This case has a compact design and comes in nine different colors with different pattern. The clean handmade finish provides a great look to the case.YFWOOD iPhone 7 plus case
GolemGuard ($19.99)
Golem guards are ultra thin and are highly protective. This case is made of natural wood and high-quality TPU rubber which increases the durability of the case. This case has a high official look and comes in four different colors.
GolemGuard iPhone 7 plus case
Full light Tech
Full light Tech case is made of rosewood material and is layered inside with polycarbonate material. This case is available in two patterns- rosewood dragon and rosewood compass.
Full light Tech iPhone 7 plus case
Natural handmade wooden case ($6.60)
The back of this wooden case has tree design or sunflower design which looks stylish. This case provides good protection to the iPhone and has ease access to all keys and camera.
Natural handmade iPhone 7 wooden case
Redwood carved wooden case ($29)
Redwood case is ultra slim and made of best material carved handmade. This case provides good protection against damages and scratches.
Redwood carved iPhone 7 wooden case

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