iphone 7 not vibrating on silent? Here’s how to fix it

Hi, everyone. I had a problem when I set my iPhone on vibrate mode, not often but when I’m in work. There is always an issue when I turned it into vibrate mode. The vibrate mode doesn’t work at all and I don’t know when I’m receiving calls and messages. And finally, I found out some solutions for this problem which I listed below.
Reasons for this issue:

  • The vibration motor is dead and it needs replacement.
  • The phone needs to be changed.

Solution 1: Switch On/ Off mode

  1. Go to Settings -> Sounds and check whether Vibrate mode is on.
  2. Turn on Vibrate on Ring mode.

       3. Thus the Vibrate mode is activated.
Note: Turn on Vibrate mode and turn off Haptics mode if you need.
Solution 2: Click on Ring /Silent switch

  1. Unlock the iOS device.
  2. Valve the side button on the left side on your phone for several times.
  3. iPhone vibrates normally in silent mode.

Solution 3: Tap your phone.

At times your vibration mode may be struck, so tap the mobile with your finger for some seconds. This may give solution for your problem.

Note: Tap your mobile gently.

Solution 4: Reset your settings

  1. Navigate to Setttings-> General -> Reset -> Reset all Settings.
  2.  Select confirm to reset the settings.

Solution 5: Restore DFU
Restore DFU mode. It clears all the content and settings on your iPhone. This may help to solve your problem.
SEE ALSO: How to put your iPhone in DFU mode.
Solution 6: Restore your phone
Your phone has to be restored. So backup your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud and connect to your PC.

  • Open iTunes and go to the Summary page.
  • Tap on Restore button and follow the instruction.
  • After the restore process, check your mobile vibration.

The above solutions will help to solve your problem.

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