iPhone 7 plus charging very slow? Here’s how to fix it

Here is an issue about iPhones which is charging very slow and dying very fast. And also, the phone battery doesn’t charge fully. I have replaced my adapter and cable with service centre but no use. The problem continues. My iOS device does not have any trouble, but the problem is with my charger. Finally, I found some useful methods to fix this issue.
Reasons for this issue:

  • The problem may occur because of the bad power supply.
  • New phones will take a week to recognizes new apps. So it may cause this problem.

Solution 1: Turn off mobile data & location service

  1. Turn off your mobile data and service locations while charging to attain cent percentage.
  2. Use 12W charger to charge your mobile faster.

Note: Using 12W iPad charger won’t create any problem to your phone.
Solution 2:

  1. Connect your charger to the power strip to solve your issue.
  2. Connect and check your device with the different adapters or cables to fix the issue.
  3. You can connect and check your iOS device with your PC also.
  4. Change the setting to Airplane mode or low power mode to charge faster.
  5. Using Anker charger may help you to charge faster.
  6. You can also use the new charger.

These solutions may help you to solve your problems. If you have some other solutions leave in the comment area.

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