iPhone 6 Stuck in “Headphones” Mode? Easy Fix

iPhone 6 stuck in “Headphones” mode? don’t worry. Here’s the possible solutions to solve headphone mode error.
iPhone stuck in headphone mode
Fix 1: Set speaker and Activate Siri

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Incoming calls (audio routing for newer software) -> set speaker then headset,
  2. Turn on shazam and activate Siri..etc.

When someone call you, turn on speaker mode and turn off the speaker. Then plug in your headphone and un-plug headphone.
Fix 2: Reset network Settings
Navigate to Settings -> Genereal -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. I only remove saved WiFi password from you iPhone. Add it again.
Fix 3: Unplug and replug headphone
Unplug and replug Apple headphone 7 to 8 times.  Also do this method when someone call you.
Fix 4: Put your iPhone in Airplane mode for 15 minutes.
Fix 5: Blowing compressed air in the headset jack will solve this issue.
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Fix 6: Clean headphone jack and use Visual voice mail

  1. Clean headphone jack with q-tip.
  2. Access visual voice mail and play a message. There’s a button that force the message to be played via speaker. Click the button.

If you knew any other solutions to solve iPhone 6 stuck in headphone mode, inform us via comment.

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5 responses to iPhone 6 Stuck in “Headphones” Mode? Easy Fix

This can also be due to crud in the headphone jack which accumulates over time. I gently inserted a 2mm flat screwdriver to jack and twisted it to dislodge a glob of lint. I then used a vacuum cleaner to suck out any remaining debris. Phone is fixed!!

All is did was
"When someone call you, turn on speaker mode and turn off the speaker. Then plug in your headphone and un-plug headphone" This fix worked for me.

Thank you!! Tried a half dozen solutions and finally Fix 6 #2 Playing a visual voicemail on speaker forced it to switch over!

Nothing worked, but I left it out of the case overnight, and it worked fine when I turned it on in the a.m. But thanks for trying to help 🙂

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