Fixed: iPhone Ring/Silent button not Working

Many iPhone 6 users in the forum reported that their Ring/Silent button not working on their iPhone. Then the iPhone continuously stuck in silent mode. It may cause the missing some import calls and reminders and also alarm. It’s really frustrating. But don’t worry guys. Here is the article I will give you some magic solutions to fix your problem. Ok, let’s get started.

Solution 1: Turn On Assistive Touch

This is a common solution to solve this mute button issue. First, turn on Assistive touch.

  1. Turn On Assistive TouchGo to Settings.
  2. Then tap on the General.
  3. And select the Accessibility.
  4. Now toggle on the Assistive touch option.
  5. After that go back to the Homescreen now you can see the white circle.
  6. Just tap on that circle.
  7. And choose “device“.
  8. Now you have a chance to”mute” or “unmute“.
  9. After doing this step, turn off Assistive touch (as your wish).

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Solution 2: Clean your Ring/Silent button

Sometimes if any dust is stuck on your button side, it may cause this problem so check if any dirt stuck inside of the button. If you find any dirt in it, then use any safety pin or cocktail stick to clean the button.

Clean your Ring/Silent button

Solution 3: Keep Pushing the Ring/Silent button

Many users said when they try to push back and front their Ring/Silent button continuously or a minimum of 4-5 times, it starts to work normally.

Keep Pushing the Ringer/Silent button

Also, read the Apple support guide: If your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch buttons not working?.

I hope above the solution helps with your Ring/Silent not working. If your button is broken or still facing this issue, first, check your iPhone warranty status online. And if your iPhone covered any under warranty or Apple care, take the iPhone to the Apple service center. If you have any other solutions or doubts let us know through the comment section below. Thank you and keep supporting us.

  1. I have an iphone 6 purchased from Verizon. Recently it seems to be stuck in silent. The fix found using accessibility did not work. I changed ringtones, didn't help. All show it should have sound, but doesn't when rung. Restarted, no luck. It is in good condition and well cared for otherwise. Any suggestions?

    1. Had same problem – switch would spring back without working, leaving phone in the muted position. I kept pushing the switch on and off (up and down) and, with enough force so that the protruding switch moved fully, it started working and eventually clicked in each position. I kept doing this and now it works perfectly. It stays in whatever position I put it in. I'm guessing there was some small mechanical issue in the case or switch that can be fixed by use.

    2. Hi. I had this same issue iPhone 6 – still not ringing even after removing mute on Assistive button – try this extra step.
      Follow steps above, then from another line, call your iPhone, or have someone call you, while the phone is vibrating, turn the silent switch on the side of your phone off and then on again. Your phone should start ringing again .

  2. Seriously THANK YOU SO MUCH! I thought my phone had water damage, I lost the sound like 4 months ago, but your assistive touch trick worked!! Thank you!! 🙂

  3. I had the same problem and then I realized it was the plastic piece on the inside of Lifeproof case that prevented me from moving the silent switch. I removed the phone, moved the silent switch off and slide the phone back into the case making sure it was not touching the black plastic part inside the case. Now works.

  4. Hey i know what you can do i have an iphone 6s plus and i had been struggling for about an hour or so and i turned off my phone for a while turned it back on sound was working you just have to turn it up after turning back on.

  5. I also had succes with forcefully pushing the bottom back and forth a few times. It took about two or three times before it began working again.

    1. Seriously, I don't believe fluff or dirt is the root cause of the majority of there sounds issues. It started after OS update.
      Come on Apple, send out a patch.

    2. I tried this trick but my phone didn't work properly ! The ringer keeps on going silent and again turns on itself !!
      Will this cause any harm to my phone ?

  6. I have the iPhone 6 and had the same problem! I fixed this by getting a small cocktail stick and cleaning the dirt from inside the area of the button I then tried again and it went back fine it now works perfectly 🙂

  7. Jane…..THANK YOU
    I've had this issue for months and tried absolutely everything to resolve it.
    Upon close examination i found a little build up of dirt (as you said) underneath the mechanical mute switch. I gently ckeaned it out using a pin. Niw the seitch engages properly again and ny tones have returned.
    Very very pleased

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!! I thought I was going to have to get mine repaired or a new phone, but I'm so happy that I found your site because it's ringing again!! You rock!

  9. i had the same problem with my iphone i kept pushing it back and forth and it started working after 4-5 times

  10. Thanks so much for the "Assistive Touch" solution. It worked perfectly!! After a reboot didn't fix the problem, I thought I was going to have to head over to the Apple store — you saved my day!

  11. Button was stuck in the Mute position. Tried the Assistive Touch button and it worked perfectly. Then read some of the replies, so tried cleaning the area where the button is located with a safety pin… that worked too! Was able to switch the button back and forth easily. Thanks for all of the suggestions!!

  12. My iphone 6 was stuck on Ringer and I couldn't put it on silent. I took my case off and used force and pushed the button back and forth several times and it fixed it!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  13. Thanks for these solutions, loved the one that mentioned the mute button, partner hadn't realised he's knocked it on silent – after lots of frustration it miraculously works again!!!

  14. Amazing solution – Thank you so much !
    The Assistive Touch function got the ringer working again, but as soon as the phone had rung once, the 'broken' mute switch started working normally again, so – Total Fix !!
    Thank you again

  15. I dropped my phone just hard enough to make the mute button stuck on constant mute. I've taken it to iPhone fixit shops, cruised all the discussion boards, and spoke to two different Apple reps and all of them said it was a lost cause. Your fix via Accessibility was brilliant. Thank you so much for the advice.

  16. Open the Lifeproof case (gently) and remove the iPhone. Notice that the ringer toggle on the case has a small indentation where the toggle switch on the phone fits in. Place the toggle switch corner into the case first making sure that the switch fits into the indentation of the case correctly. Test the switch before putting the back of the case on. If it does not work, remove the phone, move the switch on the case back and forth a couple times, realign and slide the phone back in the case. Test again before putting the back of the case on.

  17. I have been trying to fix this problem for 4 MONTHS!!! I didn't want to call in or go to a store because I hate waiting and as I'm deaf I don't need the sound anyways. But my kids liked to talk on skype and listen to an app both of which need sound. Yahoooo thanks for helping!!!!

  18. This was VERY helpful!!! Finally after MONTHS of having it on silent/Vibrate I can finally hear my phone ring again!! I literally wanna cry lol THANK YOU!!!

  19. You won't believe this. I had an EYELASH stuck at the top of the mute switch. Phone had had this problem for months. Hard to believe it fixed the problem. You never know….

  20. Wonderful, the solution 1 work for my 5s phone that would only vibrate and not ring. The assistive touch bypasses the side switch on the phone. Thank You!

  21. Seriously, this just fixed the sound issue. THANK YOU! I started having problems once I started playing Super Mario Run. Now it's all good except my silent switch still isn't working. I have sound back, so I'm happy. I'll just use dnd at night.

  22. Thanks The "accessibility" option you described helped me get my sounds running again. By the way the Apple website was of no help what-so-ever.

  23. Hi to all! I have iPhone 5s.From a year almost,it's silent button stopped working.From that time I started to use AssistiveTouch.But today after reading many comments on this website,I blew my mouth's air as hard as I could on mute button and unbelievably it started working.Thanks a lot to all of those who gave me such a brilliant idea.

  24. the most common reason is that there is dust blocking it I got a needle and scraped a bunch of dirt from it and it started working again

  25. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I HAD JUST ORDERED A NEW PHONE & it had came in with this issue. Paid for the $300.00 phone & then hit a ratcoon with my car and now have a $600.00 deductible! THANK YOU!! I'm so glad I don't have to order another phone!

  26. Hi! My second hand iphone 6 camera shutter will play the annoying sound, even if my mute is on… please help!

  27. I tried all of above, and nothing, was about to give up, then plugged it in and bingo – back to normal!!
    Although weirdly just typing this and it went to silent and back again, but just checked and it still works as it should??
    Thanks for all the tips though.

  28. Many thanks!
    This really solved the stuck mute problem, which I thought was from the hardware.
    I was just dumping this!!

  29. Thank you so much for this!!! I have been googling for days and was ready to throw in the towel when my ringer switch was no longer responsive and phone was stuck in mute. This worked like a charm!!!

  30. Device …Mute/Unmute… Works….
    How is it really so close to the hardware….
    But ya…. Its magic…. Worked

  31. OMG!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much did the 2nd step and it worked. i have been without sound on my phone for more than 6 months

  32. Assistive touch works backwards for mute? My iPhone 6 Plus is set now to mute to be able to ring which is really strange? I know I cannot move volume tab low to mute either. I did blow air into mute switch & it did start operating-yah! Thanks all!

  33. Thank you so much for your help. The Assistive touch worked. I was trying everything except having to go to Apple Store.

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