How to Fix iPhone 6 Plus Volume Problems

Lot of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users reported volume issues when using the iPhone. Volume for both phone and speakers are too low. Some times when user hit volume down button once, volume is depleted to zero. Even if users tap the volume up button, it still down goes to zero.
Some times volume indicator disappears. The only way to get volume indicator back is restarting the phone.
Some times volume is too loud when users play music.

Solution 1:-
Remove protective plastic that came on the screen. Actually its is not a screen protector. Its a shipping / packing material which covers the speaker at the ear.
Solution 2:-
Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Hearing Aids and turn on ‘Hearing Aids’. It will increase speaker volume. But it will automatically turn off ‘Phone Noise Cancellation’ which is set to On by default in iOS 8.
Hearing Aids
Solution 3:-
Go to Settings -> Sound. Find a volume sound bar with slider under ‘ringtones and alerts’. Disable ‘change with buttons’ and increase external volume.
Solution 4:-
Reset all settings.
Solution 5:-
check if your phone have any 3rd party screen saver and it might covering ports. Peel it.
Solution 6:-
Blowing into the connector  might solve the volume problem.
If you knew any other solutions, do let us via comment.

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None of the above would work completely right or correct iphone 6 or 6 plus its volume problem. I have a jailbroken 6 plus and non jailbroken 6. The jailbroken has an equalizer and there is a preset that really makes it loud calling or listening to music. The non jailbroken volume is really low only about 35 to 40 lower than the jailbroken. That said makes it software issue for ios 8. Just wait for an update from apple…

My volume isn't working at all. The thing that you slide up at the bottom of my phone (6 plus) only shows brightness settingings and no volume settings, it just has the word Netflix (don't say what I think you'll say) and a rewind, fast forward, and play button. Please help ASAP.
Thank you

Go to settings,general,music,and scroll down to EQ settings and choose late night. Turn the volume limit to max volume so that it says no limit . Then turn your sound check off. It will work like a charm! And it doesn't just work for music, it works for everything, whether you are typing or if you are using the speaker option on a phone call. Since you did turn the sound check off, be sure to turn down the volume a little before you do anything sound related so you don't blow your speaker.

Same problem here. Nearly any video I watch on YouTube or on Facebook starts at "normal" volume then suddenly decreases after a minute or so. No forum has solutions, only guesses. What is the deal, Apple? I just updated to the latest iOS and still it happens.

If the music sound lower than usual, simply slide the cursor left or right. This should restore the volume to its normal setting (it works for my 6 plus)

I have the same issue with my iPhone 6. When I play videos the volume will suddenly decrease. Kind of like when I get a text message and it decreases the volume of the video and plays the text tone. But there is no text; it just decreases for no reason. This happens every time I watch a video. I haven't noticed it happening with playing music. I've updated. I'm not sure what to do. Im really frustrated. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

That happens to me sometimes when I use and or watch a video on Facebook! Double tap the home and close it if you use it and the volume will go back to normal.

Same issue persists. It is obviously an issue between Facebook and iphone – but no one will admit it, which seems par for the course. Have found NO solution. "Nothing to see here!" is the Apple mantra.

Facebook is definitely causing an issue. Just listening to music on my headphones, opened Facebook and volume immediately decreased. Googled and found there might be a conflict. Double clicked home button and killed the Facebook app and voila, volume immediately increased to normal

Yes it's Facebook that f***s with my phone swell. It's like the Facebook app lowers the volume when playing movie/sound clips in it. And then when I go to other apps the phone is stuck in that low setting. Haven't really found a sure fats way to get it to normal. Sometimes it work killing the FB app (after double klick the home button) Sometimes when opening settings and/or other apps.
If this isn't fixed with next update I'll definitely pick up a new phone. This annoys the hell out of me when listening to podcasts. Witch I do most on my phone except calling and texting.

I also have the same problem but when i played the music on my phone it was okay but when i used Vine or when i typed there's noo voice even when i lock it

when I call someone the volume is too slow I am very frustrated with iPhone 6 plzz tell me the solution

Hey so I'm having an issue with my iPhone , I can't hear anything every time I click the button on the left side and every time I try to put up the volume it always says "headphones "when I'm not really using it ? Any suggestions on what to do ?

Hi, I fixed mine by cleaning an invisible layer of lint trapped on the speaker with a qtip soaked in isopropyl alcohol, and then drying it with a dry qtip. Actually had to turn the volume down afterwards, hope this helps…. I make no claim as to whether its ok to use alcohol on your iphone.

It Worked!!!!!!! Thank you, Thank you!!! I have tried everything, including other cleaning methods, and nothing has worked until trying a qtip soaking in alcohol.

I found out the reason why the video volume decreases, but no fix yet. If watching a video on facebook, if you click on the video from feed, it marks a point. If you pause the video, perhaps it marks a point as well. And when you scroll back to those marking points, the audio tend to be at the lowest during those marking points.. No idea why but, it might be best to click on the video to view full screen at the beginning 🙂

My i phone 6 sound is reduced drastically..Pls give tips and solution's if any.. Or else I will have to throw the phone in the garbage!!!!!

i have had iPhones 4 and 5. iPhone 6 is the worst phone ever. I will never buy an apple phone again!!! I can't hear when talking to someone on the phone. They will not emit it is there fault! I would not recommend this phone to anyone!!!

My IPhone 6 Plus has been wonderful.. But 2-3 weeks ago I could barely hear when using the phone. My wife Googled my problems and what worked for me was taking a Q-Tip, soaking it in Isophyll Alcohol rubbing it across the hearing port and then drying it with the other end of the Q-Tip. For good measure, I also used a blow dryer (on cool). MY IPHONE WORKS GREAT!!!! I can hear perfectly now.

I thought that the volume software got wet from the liquid when I installed the HD Clear Invisible Shield. Low volume on incoming and outgoing calls. I may have "hit" something during the squeegee portion of the install. Tried this unlock and lock of the Lock Sound button and it worked!!!

I can't solve my volume problem
Phone call phone ring is ok
But media or Facebook or YouTube or music
Some kind like that no sound
I do reset everything but
Something's is really wrong
Can't listen any thing beside phone call

Toothbrush inside speaker holes, compressed air blow after you brush, I didn't believe it either worked like night and day. I can actually hear music in a room without having it next to my ear!

iPhone 6 Plus here. Volume is fine through speaker when playing different types of media. However, when I use the EarPods, the volume is not playing at the full level of volume. Since its low, I turn it all the way up. But when I receive a notification, the volume raises to the volume it should've been playing at all along. Also does it when making a phone call. The dial tone is low, but when the person I'm calling answers, the volume raises. Is this a software issue? The calling issue also happens when I'm just using the handset as well.

I have the same issues with the volume not playing at full level until or unless I get a text or fb notification… those tend to release the volume hold and then it's blaring! I use it attached to Bluetooth to teach group fitness classes and this volume problem is a real issue!

Same issue. I can't stand it. I usually text myself so that the volume will return to normal. It all started after a software update last Spring or Winter. I'm going to try and reset everything

I just discovered by accident that toggling the Lock Sound button at the bottom of the Sounds menu off and on puts the volume back up. Not very convenient, but better than not hearing the music.

Well none of these options worked for me. But since I am determined & never give up! I found a solution that did work for me.
If you go into settings, music & turn on your volume limit. Make sure you have your headphones on while doing this. After you have turned the volume limit on you should then be able to just turn up the volume & rock on my friends….I know I did! 😉

Use a Qtip moist with alcohol to clean the ear speaker and then dry with the other dry side of the Qtip. It works perfectly. Probably some kind of dirt stuck up inside.

I've got a 6plus phone calls I can hear can play music but when it comes to ringtones and message tones I can't hear them :/ any one got any tips

Have you found a solution yet? I found that my iPhone 6 ring tones, and notifications do not work at all since I used a third-party headset. Now any incoming calls are silent but when I play music on the speaker, it's fine. Please let me know if you have any solutions

Me too same problem iPhone 6plus low volume on calls only loud on speaker and headset did all the little tips n tricks Didn't work AT&T rep said connect it to computer reset it thru iTunes I did volume goes up But still not loud so to me no change …???

I had the same problem. Managed to fix by playing a song from the Apple MUSIC / iTunes on phone and while listening to it maximising the volume. This also increased the volume of the alarms to maximum as well.
Not sure why but it seems the volume for notifications is hooked in with iTunes / MUSIC volume.

Okay, so I haven't had any of these issues…but has anyone experienced any malfunctions with the volume buttons on the side of the phone? No matter what screen I'm in on my phone I can use the side buttons to adjust my ringer volume. As far as media volume though, there's no way to adjust it in the settings. That's fine because for the most part the side buttons work for media volume if I'm playing music or watching a video; but sometimes the volume bar just blinks at full volume even when I'm trying to turn it down. I basically can't play videos or music anywhere because sometimes it'll just play at full volume and I have no control?

I have this same problem. When I have my headset on listening to music at the gym it will randomly increase the volume to the max. I use the buttons on the side to lower volume but it automatically goes right back to full max volume. Anyone know how to fix this?

i have i phone6+ and if i take a selfie video i cannot hear myself speaking but when i take a back vedio i can hear myself me piz

I don't have the FB app on my phone & none of the other suggestions worked. Any other ideas before I return it? Very disappointing because I love every thing else about this phone.

Q-Tip, soaking it in Isophyll Alcohol rubbing it across the hearing port and then drying it with the other end of the Q-Tip. For good measure, I also used a blow dryer (on cool). MY IPHONE WORKS GREAT!!!! I can hear perfectly now.
IT WORKED! WOW…i tried everything and I didn't think it was THIS!

The Q-tip thing worked after struggling with settings for hours. It looked clean to me, but this fixed it in five seconds. Thanks!

The volume on my Device: iPhone 6S Plus, Capacity: 128GB, Color: Black/Space Grey was so low on regular volume (not speaker), that after trying every suggestion I could find online, except take the phone back since it was new, I called the Apple listing found on the Iphone, and explained my problem.
The Iphone tech and I tried additional ways, not discussed above, and the volume was still very low. The tech then "took over my computer" with my assistance, to show me how to restore my phone to factory settings (about 20 minutes), and once my phone was restored, the volume was restored.
Everything else worked before – speakers, music, earphones, etc., and with the Apple Tech's help, now volume works!

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Thank you so much. Solution #3 seems the best for me. I was going crazy, missing calls before. For no reason my volume was at minimum every morning. I have iphone6 set to DO NOT DISTURB from 9pm to 9am. Yet it seems i missed lots of calls because after 9am DO NOT DISTURB feature after turning on, volume was low close to zero. I have iOS 9.2. So from other comments I see (understand) version of IOS is still an issue.

My problem is slightly different. I just purchased the iPhone 6s Plus. I love it except …
On my iPhone 5 I could control the Facebook volume low or zero without affecting the master volume of the phone. I could then have Facebook and other apps sound not be loud. It didn't affect the master sound volume. Now this feature is gone. HELP!

I have an iPhone 6, it's not even a year old yet and it's been playing up. The volume switch on the side (silent/non silent) won't work and the volume control also. I tried all the solutions mentioned but none have worked. Does anyone know if warranty would cover this?

My iphone6s did the same thing. I took it in to the local Verizon store and they said it should be covered by the warranty. They are sending me a replacement, a certified like new phone. They will examine my current phone and if they determine there is damage they will charge me an additional $300. This worries me since I have to send my phone in to be examined. How do I know they won't lie?

Just realized many ppl have volume issue, same as me. My new iPhone 6 Plus, both me and my hubby got one each. When we had a call, we couldn't hear the caller talking very well. Even we turned up the volume, still not clear or very soft. And the way they design the hearing area, it's too high, on the top of the phone. So when the phone on your ear; the hole is actually higher than the ear position so it makes worse on volume. Really disappointed on this issue!!!!!!

I have an iPhone 6s and I've had it for months and it has worked great! However the last couple of nights. I go to listen to music in my music library and there is no volume. I go to adjust it and the volume bar is grey and I can't do anything with it. And I go to adjust the ringer as well and it shows the word ringer but no level bar.

I have no idea which worked- resetting the settings, removing FB (which I'm tired of anyway) or using vodka on a q-tip (don't have rubbing alcohol). In any case, it works fine now. Can hear the person on the other end much better and now I don't dread taking calls, looking for a quiet place.

Had the same issue, new iPhone 6s I got a new one this week under warranty- read this blog and deleted Facebook app and wahla problem solved and that sucks!!! I thought fab was a big deal and yet they can't get their stuff to work with Apple- not impressed with Fb??

Deleted Facebook Messenger, but held onto Facebook app. Problem fixed (All notification tones stuck on low volume including ringtone and new mail tone )

Q-tip trick worked here! Changing settings, restart, restore…nothing worked. Low volume, only on calls and voicemail playback, through earpiece. Also used compressed air from can of "keyboard duster".

i have a iphone 6s plus… i got it on october 2015.. it was working all fine but off recent sometimes there is no volume… i try to turn up thevolume but its shows that the volume is already up… when i restart the phone it works fine then… again when someone calls it again goes down… again i have to restart it… when i search somthing in google the keyboard volume goes down… does anyone having the same problem? can anyone give a solution to it.. thanks

I read all the comments after trying everything I could think of. I never pulled the plastic film off @ it loud so I hear people talk. Good ole Siri brought me to this fix.

OMG your my hero. After downloading the 10.2.1 my iphone 6+ died. It was under warranty and Apple replaced it at my expense of $30 for postage. The second phone had issues and one of them was the fact I could not hear nor could the caller hear me. After fourteen calls to Apple they replaced the phone again only to get the second new one in a week to find that I couldn't hear anything nor could the caller hear me. I didn't realize the cover was on the phone until I saw your post. I removed the cover and holy cow I can hear again! Now all is well in the land of apple Iphone for now. Thanks again for posting or I would have never figured this out!

Swipe up from bottom of control center from lock screen & home screen & try swipe right volume to see if sound is on.
If it not work with sound try updating to ios 10 here how go to Setting, General, Software Update, tap download, tap agree & tap install from ios 10.

Tried a lot of these, none worked. My son, looked at some other things also and somewhere in these comments he said someone said to suck on the earpiece. I'll be honest, I told him I WAS NOT GOING TO SUCK on my phone. But eventually I tired of not being able to hear, so, when no one was around, I did it. And at first, no change. I thought, I'm such an idiot, he was probably making that up to mess with me. So tried again couple days later, and to my surprise, IT WORKED!

Tried loads of different things. Nothing worked. Doing your suggestion of sucking the earpiece actually worked perfectly. Happy days!!! ??????

Sucking out the earpiece, along with cleaning out the earpiece with a QTip and thumb tack, did the trick! I had the same reaction about sucking out the earpiece. EWWW! But I can now hear out of the earpiece, so there's that…
(BTW, changing the setting in Ringtones and Alerts and the setting in Hearing Aids did absolutely nothing to fix the problem.)

I can't believe it! I read this post, and thought "what do I have to lose? "To my astonishment, it worked like a charm. I can hear my phone calls now. Thank you so much! Now I feel the sudden urge to vigorously re-brush and rinse

My husband cleaned the earpiece/speaker 9the little slit at the top of the phone, in the middle)with a lightly wet cloth and OMG'sh, I can hear now! It is super loud now. He said there was makeup gunk inside of it. Fixed!

I got a replacement iPhone after I dropped mine in water. My office gave me a used one and I could barely hear anything through the earpiece. Tried upgrading the iOS, changing accessibilty setting, no difference. I considered the sucking solution, but knowing what type of water my iPhone fell into, there is no way I was going to try it before giving ithe replacement phone a thorough cleaning.
I used eyeglass cleaner and the accompanying cloth that comes from COSTCO and cleaned the earpiece slot. I ran it over the slot many times, surprised to see so many dirty marks on the cloth. The volume is so loud and clear I now placed the iPhone in a fully enclosed waterproof case.

I have a hand down iPhone 6 plus from my sister its two years old and I had notice before my sister always used a headset to use it now I know why. I look old over the web nothing on the settings change anything whatsoever I read some people clean the earphone with a swap and alcohol. I didn't have alcohol at the moment so I just went to the bathroom pick up a soft toothbrush that I use to clean things not for my teeth and brush the earphone area rely well try it with a phone call and to my surprise it WORK !!! after two hours playing with my settings turning on and off my phone nothing else work then I read this sucking thing and I sucked it too for the hell of it thanks for the post. No worries it was clean already LOL !!!

My iPhone 6 is garbage I seriously hate cell phones now-a-days they don't make them good anymore no time is spent qualifying these devices which is why they suck and have so many issues, they are only worried about charging $800 for crap. My phones volume never stays on if I put it on silent and then put it back to volume I have to turn off my phone and turn it back on in order to get sound again. Fucking garbage I would really love my money back for this POS. I'm a qualification engineer and I would have never approved these phones for public use as they fucking suck.

Did you ever fix the problem? I have been having the same problem and not sure why it's doing that. It will just go on mute and I have to restart fornit to work

Read all these responses, tried the cleaning, tried rebooting phone, tried resetting the factory settings, tried the hearing aid button, nothing worked, read about deleting Facebook app + FB messenger and thought it was ludicrous, didn't really believe it, but I deleted it and instantly worked! Haven't tried reinstalling to see if it does it again or not, but would suggest to anyone, to try it if their hearing volume is so low you can't hear…..Good luck!

Bingo!!!!! I've had a sound issue ever since I installed version 10 and recently it started affecting the volumn of my bluetooth speaker, but after deleting facebook messenger all the problems are gone!!!!! Thank you sooo much!

I was having this problem and was going to fiddle with the volume controls. The phone has a ringer button that sits above the volume buttons, so they're stacked in a row. I clicked it on (it was red when turned to off setting) and the ringer volume appeared in the middle of my screen with the volume level showing. Sent a text to myself. It worked!

Yes: my 6S volume keeps going on and off, on and off. I tried some of the suggestions, but none have succeeded. I have heard that Apple knows of this dilemma, but a fix has not been forthcoming…

I have lost four hearing aids by removing them on a iphone6 taking our so can hear and walk off and leave them. So I got a new iphone 6s but every suggestion does not work. I just got a blue tooth head set and is charging time will tell? If I had it to do over I would buy another brand. After hearing The CEO of Apple on 60 minutes that America's are not smart enought to build these and china workers are.

I've had my i phone 6 plus for 1 1/2 years problems with hearing any calls. Always have to have the phone on speaker, embarrassing to say the least. Now the issues are really getting worst, the voices sound muffled tired of saying "what did you say" or hand up and text me. Awful and frustrated!

My husband cleaned the earpiece/speaker 9the little slit at the top of the phone, in the middle)with a lightly wet cloth and OMG'sh, I can hear now! It is super loud now. He said there was makeup gunk inside of it. Fixed!

Hi Everyone,
I have a brand new iPhone 6s and just began having this issue. Tried everything and even restored the entire phone. After reading these posts, I was ready to take the phone back when I remembered I made a seemingly small adjustment a couple days ago. Here was my problem: I had changed the EQ setting to OFF after screwing around with the various sounds listening to music. Turns out, setting the EQ to the Late Night setting makes your ringer, text tones, keyboard clicks and music MUCH louder (I'd say about 35% louder). Give this a try guys, hope it helps!
Settings > Music > EQ > Late Night

Second Iphone 6S, constantly turning ringer off. Must restart the phone all the time. Updates and resetting the phone do nothing to solve the problem. Bottons, settings, accessibility, lock sounds are all correct. This is my last iphone. I have had to take two days off work to travel to Apple Stores, be treated like it is my lack of knowledge and have wasted hours of time, lots of money in wages and gas. They just to tell me to make another appointment and come back or take a class. This is unexceptable. Apple products now have too many things that interfere with basic functionality. I now know more than many Apple techs and it still doesn't help.
By the way, resetting the phones and restoring them to factory settings do nothing to fix the problem, so don't waste your time.

I really wish that our money meant something because Apple isn't listening to our complaints. We can stop buying iPhones but they will still get richer and do better! There are never enough people to kill a corrupted business.

I got an iphone 6 and the volume kept lowering to mute by itself…in music, ringer, alarm, notifications…whatever! I turned off access to microphone in the fb messenger app and it fixed completely.

I have been dealing with very low volume issue for months so after many trips to the sprint store constantly on the phone with Apple I was fed up!! Screw software update it was time to bring out the big guns! I was losing my mind! I dipped a toothbrush in alcohol, squeezed the access liquid with a towel then while I was letting the toothbrush dry a little I took a safety pen cleaned around my ear piece in the crevices ugh it was filthy! then cleaned around the mouthpiece and cleaned out the eight holes at the bottom of my 6plus I think I pulled out everything that had fell to the bottom of my purse Lol! Last I took my toothbrush and cleaned really good around the earpiece & mouthpiece DRUMROLL! IT WORKED! I am now off life support!

I had the same (low call volume)issue with 6S. Tried all recommended configurations in Settings, but didn't work. The call volume increased after doing the following.
1. iOS upgrade to 9.3.4
2. Cleaning the speaker slot with an earbud. Apparently the slot looks clean but I could remove a lot of dirt from the slot with the ear bud.
Don't know which of the two worked for me, but now the call volume is much louder. I keep it at 70%.
Hope this helps.

I just dropped my iphone 6 in water.
Immidiately i cleaned it and make sure it was dry. Then i kept it in rice for around 30 min.
Now everything is working ok except the sound. When i increase the volume there is this "headphone " written and headphones are not actually connected.
What to do?? I can hear calls on speaker

Suffer with very low volume of my IPhone even not audible from 10 days, after read so many suggestions, with tooth brush I clean the speaker of my IPhone and instantly all fixed. Best of luck 👍🏻

Omg! Thank you very much! I just received a replacement iPhone 6s Plus, and don't have a case for it yet, so I had not removed the plastic film over the screen! I was furious about the very low phone volume! Ha! When I took off the plastic, it worked fine. Feeling kinda dumb! 😉

I'm having similar problem but in my case I had the hardware changed and it worked for a few days but has gone low again now. Don't know what the cause could be. I'm very furious right now.

I was having the same issue, I cleaned the ringer button with a small pin, getting all the dirt out and the volume will go back to normal.

On an iPhone 6 I had low volume on calls: take a fine bristle brush and pinch the bristles together, dab repeatedly into the earpiece to clean out the fine mesh. Cleared the problem straight away.

Wow!! I'm new to using a smart phone, period. This volume irregularity occurrence appears to be such a common issue with the iPhone 6 and kindred. I'm a courier and MUST have that maps audio working while driving. I got up one morning and started working and out of the blue there was this TINY little voice trying to tell me where to go. I FREAKED and was pissed at the same time. Geez! A new phone, just a month old from the smart phone leader (APPLE) acting up already?? I had to hold it to my ear and drive at the same time for my shift that day. I could have gotten a ticket! So later I find this site and checked all volume control settings, etc., and did many of the suggestions mentioned above. Nothing worked except the "toothbrush cleaning" and "sucking on the speaker"!! BAM!!! I felt like Dr. Frankenstein, "IT'S ALIVE, IT'S ALIVE." LOL Back in business. This should be standard common-sense troubleshooting info from Apple along with all the high-tech-sounding "settings" suggestions that aren't always the answer. 🙂

There is definitely a setting or an interface problem that affects the earpiece volume as it can be quite random and intermittent. It is interesting that Apple doesn't seem to know how or care about fixing this problem. They just leave it up to the users to find some way to work around it rather than fix their damn equipment. Their quality and service has deteriorated year after year. They need a true leader and not just another damn executive.

I found that the Sonos App on my iPhone6 was linked somehow. I fixed it hy turning off the 'Hardware Volume Control' and 'Lock Screen Controls' Seems fine now.

I don't believe I just sucked my iPhone and it fixed the no/low volume! Yeech! But OM gosh it worked!!! The little slit at the top! I was ready to go to the store and give them this phone back but it's fixed now!

What a simple fix in this tech world!! Sucking on my iPhone ear speaker and wiping it with rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip worked, and I can clearly hear calls again!!

Ditto. Out of desperation, I sucked on the earpiece and used a toothbrush to brush out dirt/dust. Voila! I'm back in business. The sound problem is fixed.

My Iphone6s is less than a year old. It has been working perfectly until one day I noticed that I couldn't hear well through the handsets speaker. I tried all the traditional fixes, such as a hard reset, wiping the little speaker, fiddling with settings. I had even taken it to a repair store and had the whole speaker replaced, however the volume was still low.
Out of desperation, I found the suggestion to wipe with rubbing alcohol (carefully so as to not push dirt into the holes) and sucking on the speaker, tried this (while doubting that it would actually work) but this is the only thing that worked. The volume problem is completely resolved! My handset speaker is back to normal now.

Thanks for all the tips. Cleaning earpiece slot with alchol, toothpick and soft cloth, and sucking on earpiece (lol) did the trick for me. Probably pocket lint is problem as it was when headphones jack hole (lol) got lint in it.

I’m using iphone 6
I’m suffering this hearing problem very badly like I can’t hear voice then I cleaned my iphone earpiece with the help of toothbrush it works like a magic thankyou so much
You guys saved my 100 dollars 🙂

Do people just buy new phones and go home and just shred or burn all the paperwork that came with there phone? Sit down and spend an hour reading every word in the user and owner manual and I promise,not only will you have no issues with your phone,but you WILL be thought of by every human that knows you,as the almighty and powerful iphone guru pimp….you WILL be in history books and spoken about like a god with magical powers because they think you can speak to smartphones with moving your mouth hole? Trust meeeeee….IT IS awesome. 🎤⬇️

My iPhone 6 plus was stuck in ear phone mode. I used some compressed air in the ear jack. Then, I used my car blue tooth and set it up as a new device priority 2 and it worked! I got my phone speaker to work again. Thanks for the advice.

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