Fixed: iPhone 6 plus exchange not working

I purchased an iPhone 6 Plus and thought of adding my old account to my new phone. The problem occurs when I thought of adding my old iPhone account. It keeps on saying that the server rejects adding the account. I can’t receive any emails. This works fine with my iPad. The problem is with my iPhone 6 plus and not with any other devices. Finally, I found some solutions for this issue and given below.
Solution 1: Password for Exchange account didn’t get transferred

  1. Go to Exchange account in Settings -> Mail-> Type the password in the Exchange account.
  2. This will download all the Exchange emails automatically.

Note: Click reset by holding the power button and home button.
Solution 2: Login into Outlook account
Try to get emails by logging into the Outlook account.

  1. On the email page, Open Security->Password. 
  2. Turn off 2 Step verification. This loads Outlook account on iPhone 6 plus.
  3. You can get back all your emails.

Solution 3: Delete and add iCloud and Hotmail account

  1. Deleting and adding iClouds and Hotmail account may solve your issue.
  2. Sign into your Hotmail account.

Solution 4: Reset phone

  1. Open Mail->Option->Phone. 
  2. Restore your phone.
  3. Keep resetting and erasing, so that the Exchange may add your account to your device.

Note: iPhone 6 plus won’t restore any backup.
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Solution 5: Delete the existing account
If you have reached maximum partnership, you can create additional partnerships. To delete the existing account follow the steps given below:
Delete exisitng account

  1. Go to Outlook web application.
  2. Options ->Phone ->Mobile Phone.
  3.  Delete unused partnership.

Suggestion: Enter Exchange username in [email protected] format.
Note: Test on Service Pack and Rollup 6.
Solution 6: Reset network settings
reset the network setting

  1. Turn off WiFi connection.
  2. Go to Settings ->General->Reset->Reset Network settings.
  3. The phone will reboot.
  4. This will solve your problem.

Note: Turn on IMAP under settings option.
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