How to fix iPhone 6 Mic Not Working Issue

Many iPhone 6 users reported this issue. iPhone 6 microphone works good when calling. But when user changed it to speaker mode, the person on the other side cannot hear.
Fix 1: Remove the factory cover
Remove the factory cover (original plastic cover – back of phone in between flash and camera ) which is comes with iPhone 6.
Fix 2: Use Toothpick
Use toothpick and turned it around in Circles inside the edge of the hole.  Then use your lungs to suck whatever it was blocking the sound out from the mic.
Fix 3: Reboot iPhone
Press and hole the Home button and sleep button together until apple logo appears.
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Fix 4: Turn off and on Siri. Turn off phone noise cancelation

  1. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Siri and first turn off “Allow Hey Siri”. Then turn off Siri.
  2. Now go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility and turn off “phone noise cancelation”.
  3. Scroll down and select”headset”  under “Call Audio Routing”. When making or answering a call select speakerphone as usual.

Fix 5: Contact Apple care
First check your iPhone 6 warranty status. If its under warranty take it to nearest Apple care.
If you knew any other solutions to solve iPhone 6 mic not working problem, inform us via comment.

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5 responses to How to fix iPhone 6 Mic Not Working Issue

I tried everything except for contacting Apple. Nothing worked. The only time my microphone works is when I am using FaceTime. Is something not making it compatible with Facebook messenger video or calls?

I'm having a similar issue. It works for phone, but not for recording video. It makes voice memos, but won't work with an app that has a camera. I can't find a setting that would help, even in the apps and in settings. I"m going to have to back up and restore if I can't figure it out.

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