Top 10 iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Bumper Cases

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are attractive with all its feature. The cutting edge gives it a stylish look. The device needs a protection from any accidental bumps and damages .Full-fledged cases spoils the look and feel of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The Bumper cases comes with firm fitting, less weight and gives no compromise of the original look. In this post we are going to discuss on some of the bumper cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus separately.

Best iPhone 6 Bumper Cases

1.Ringke FUSION for iPhone 6 ($10.99)
ringke iPhone 6 bumper case
Ringke FUSION is a bumper case for iPhone 6 which comes with anti-scratch coated PC back. The bumper hybrid case is transparent at the back and its edges covers the ports giving it minimal dust protection. The TPU cushion provides safety from accidental bumps or drop of the iPhone 6. The feel of pressing volume and power button is natural responsive. Using this case gives an impressive look and each case is customizable.
2. Poetic iPhone 6 Bumper ($12.95)
poetic iPhone 6 bumper case
Poetic is one of the first to produce minimalistic bumper cases for iPhone. The case for iPhone 6 is super minimal and it can protect the phone from any kind of accidental bumps. It is not hybrid case so the back of the case is open. The bumper case has proper cutouts for ports. It is made of thermoplastic polyurethane & poly carbonate. The bumper case is made of good flexible material to overcome shocks.
3. Spigen case Bumper for iPhone 6 ($11.99)
spigen case bumper for iPhone 6
Spigen is a beautiful as well as safety Bumper case for iPhone 6. The product has extreme drop protection and air cushion technology for the corners.
The case comes with hard back panel ,scratch free design and a flexible matte finish. The Bumper case is made of TPU and polycarbonate for dual protection.
4. Bear motion Bumper case for iPhone 6 ($8.49)
bear motion bumper case for iPhone 6
Bear motion Bumper case is made of premium thermoplastic, polyurethane and polycarbonate. Though it is  not good looking, these Bumper cases provide safety and protection .It contributes to esque design. The buttons access is little harder.
5. Photive hybrid Bumper case for iPhone 6 ($9.95)
photive hybrid iPhone 6 bumper case
Photive Bumper cases for iPhone 6 are made of UV coated hard polycarbonate frame with flexible TPU border. This case gives dual facility good looking and good protection.
The button caps are designed stylish and case helps withstand from minor shocks.

Best iPhone 6 Plus Bumper Cases

6. Nupro for iPhone plus ($9.99)
nupro iPhone 6 plus bumper case
Nupro for iPhone 6 plus is a slim Bumper case. The ultimate protest at the back and edges keep the iPhone 6+ free from dust and scratches. The back is shielded with polycarbonate panel and flexible bumpers to safeguard from shocks.
7. JETech Bumper case for iPhone 6 plus ($7.99)
jetech iPhone 6 plus bumper case
JETech Bumper case for iPhone 6 plus is made as a fusion of polycarbonate and TPU ensuring complete protection. The slim design with the air cushioned corners to reduce bulk and provides protection respectively. There is perfect cut for camera, charging to have easy access.
8. SGM Bumper cases for iPhone 6 plus ($8.49)
sgm iPhone 6 plus bumper
SGM Bumper cases are slim and trim. It gives complete protection and style look and feel to our iPhone 6 plus. The back of the case is made of flexible TPU and hard polycarbonate protects from scratches, bumps and shocks. The case moulds with the iphone 6 Plus and serves it from jerks and drop down. Raised points at the back keeps the back from dirt.
9. Luvvitt bumper cases for iPhone 6 plus ($12.99)
luvvitt iPhone 6 plus bumper
Luvvitt bumper case fixes with the iPhone 6 plus like a skin. The case is made with the combination of hard polycarbonate and soft TPU that covers the phone on all 4 edges. The better grip is obtained by the edges are fixed firmly. There is a scratch resistant coating to protect from scratches and marks. The raised back keeps it protected from dirts from surface contact. The case comes in different colours.
10. Costyle bumper case for iPhone 6 plus ($13)
costyle iPhone 6 plus bumper case
Costyle is a bumper case with unibody design for iPhone 6 plus. There is a soft bumper at the back to protect from scratches. The case has perfect openings for all ports of iPhone 6 plus. We can have personalised design at the  back to give stylish look. We have many colour options too.

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