Good iPhone 6 & 6s Plus Photography Accessories

iPhone users are satisfied with their camera quality. So most of the time they never go for separate digital camera to be taken along with them on their travel. In order to enhance the camera usage of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, photography accessories are unavoidable for photographic lovers. We can take photographs with better light, perspective, position. We have photographic accessories that includes tripods, camera remotes, lens for iPhone, bluetooth camera remotes, selfie stick, etc., for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, which supports us for best photographs. Here we are with some of the best options that help photographs.
Selfie sticks
We can say selfie photographs are unavoidable these days. It is being selfie culture everywhere. The wide usage of smart phones with rear camera has brought a drastic change in photograph technology. For an iPhone 6/6s users to conveniently take selfie pictures we have selfie sticks for iPhone available from different manufacturers.
1.Carloue ($6.78 – $29.99)Carloue iPhone 6 6s Plus Selfie StickCarloue is a selfie stick for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s that can extend up to 3.5 feet and also has a adjustable holder to take selfies at different angles in a crowd. The product has a battery and Bluetooth free that is compatible with all iOS devices and has adjustable button to handle the camera.
2. Spigen ($13.99 – $34.99)Spigen iPhone 6 6s Plus Selfie StickSpigen selfie stick for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s is lightweight and compact to be used. It can be connected with iPhone fast through Bluetooth connection and supports remote shutter of the iPhone camera. The device can hold camera very secure with its rubber coated mount and is portable that can be carried easily in bag or pocket. The product also has a adjustable holder that can help photographs from different angles. It is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.
Lens for iPhone
iPhone users are satisfied with camera quality, still there are situations where fine details of the image cannot be captured, where there is a need for a lens that captures better pictures. Some of those products are shorted out here.
1.Vinsic($9.95 – $29.95)Vinsic iPhone 6 6s Plus Camera LensVinsic camera lens for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s also has a fish eye angle that can be rotated to 180 degree angles. It is made of upgraded superior quality glass and higher grade aluminium with two lens macro and wide angle lens, which can be detached from each other using the screw they are connected. The lens is compatible with all iPhone devices and flat camera that is of durability and high quality.
2. Mpow($11.99 – $14.39)Mpow Camera Lens for iPhone 6 6s PlusMpow is camera lens for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s has 3-in-1 lens that is detachable jelly type lens. We can use the macro lens of it to capture the detailed picture in close up pictures and fish eye lens to take pictures in different angles up to 180 degrees.. The lens is compatible with all iPhone devices with the clamp design that can be detached.
3. Oniza($7.99)Oniza iPhone 6 6s Plus Camera LensOniza is camera lens accessory for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s that is detachable and can be rotated to an angle of about 180 degrees. The product is wide angled that gives a good photo clarity with the fisheye angle. It is compatible with almost all iOS devices and can be easily installed.
Camera Remotes
Camera Remotes of the iPhone are useful to photo lovers. When we are in a group where we would like to take photos as selfie and other photos camera remotes are very useful. Unlike selfie sticks they can be carried in pockets easily without any extra effort.some of these products are under discussion.
1.Hapurs Bluetooth Camera remote($6.49)Hapurs Bluetooth Remote Control for iPhone 6 6s PlusHapurs are Bluetooth Camera remote for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s has CR2039 button battery that can withstand for about six months to one year. The remote can connect with iPhone from a long distance up to 10 meters and is simple, easy to be used. The product is completely portable to carry with iPhone accessories and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod devices of iOS 6 and its higher versions.
2. HISY Bluetooth Camera remote($16.99)HISY Bluetooth Remote for iPhone 6 6s PlusHISY Bluetooth Camera remotes of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s is extremely powerful product of its kind. When we connect iPhone with HISY Remote in Bluetooth we can access iPhone camera and record videos or take photos from a long distance up to 90 feet away. The device allows us to take pictures from different angle and distance. It is available in five colours namely, Aqua, Black, Hot Pink, White, Neon Green.
Tripods are perfect ones to capture videos that long for some minutes or hours. iPhone users also have an option of using this options with the valid products that is compatible with them.
1.KobraTech ($19.99 – $34.99)KobraTech Tripod for iPhone 6 6s PlusKobra Tech is tripod for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s is a lightweight product that is portable. The stunning feature is that it can also be used as a selfie stick too. The product has a flexible design to fix with iPhone and cameras. The videos and photo can be taken at different angles using this extraordinary product that fits anywhere.
2. LOHA($26.99 – $50)LOHA iPhone 6 and 6s Plus TripodLOHA is a tripod for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s has a ┬ábendable legs and is made of high quality material that will protect iPhone and other devices fixed with it. The mount that supports portrait and landscape mode adjustments are available. The tripod is useful to take photos at different angles when cinematic videos, time-lapse or stop motion videos are to be shoot.
3. Peyou($11.99 – $29.99)Peyou Tripod for iPhone 6 6s PlusPeyou is a tripod for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s is an adjustable product that helps taking photos from different difficult angles. The product has a 360 degree tentacles to fix the iPhone in any place to capture photos or videos at different angles. The tripod is compatible with all iPhone models and cameras that has screw that can fit with Peyou universal screw tripods.

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