Fixed: iPad Pro touch screen intermittently unresponsive

Some of the iPad pro users complained that they have frequent screen freezing issue. Here are some things to try to help you to fix the unresponsive touch screen issue.
Solution 1: Restart the iPad

  • Hold and Press the power button and home button together.
  • Release the buttons if once the Apple icon displays on the screen.
  • It allows the iPad to Reset the frozen screen and software issues.

If you are not able to fix with the solution then follow the Solution 2.
Solution 2: If you have glitches inside and most likely something disconnected inside the iPad.

  • Use Micro – flathead Screwdriver to disassemble the back-cover of the iPad.
  • You can see the touch keypad is disconnected from your iPad device.

ipad 3

  • Use your thumb-nail to Connect it properly.

ipad 2

  • Now, Press the Start button to Turn ON the iPad device.

Solution 3: Replace the Old Screen

  • Sometimes, Touch Screen makes an issue like this. So replace the old touch screen Pad to newer.

Solution 4: Reset the Battery

  • Remove your iPad battery for a few minutes.
  • Re-insert the battery.
  • Now, Turn On the iPad.

Solution 5: Check the Settings
If you have frequent freezers in your iPad then reset the Settings.

  • First, Go to Settings -> General.
  • Then, Choose Reset Option -> Reset all settings.
  • Enter the Passcode to Reset all Settings.
  • Now, Restart the iPad device.

Hope the above solutions may be helpful to you to fix the problem.

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