How to Fix: No Sound on iPad After iOS 8 Update

After updating iPad to iOS 8, lot of users reported no sound issue on iPad. But users can hear audio and video on iPad.
Some iPad users have issue with their EarPods. They can hear only in the right side or left side and the sound is still not clear. It continues to be stuck on headphone mode.
Some iPad 4 users get sound issue when they play a game.
Follow my suggestions. If your problem is solved, do let us via comment.
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Solution 1:-
iOS 8 Mono Audio
Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility
Under the hearing, you can find Mono Audio switch.
Turn on Mono Audio switch.
Now check the audio issue.
Then set it (mono settings) back off and test the audio from headphones.
Solution 2:-
Go to Settings -> General and change from “rotation lock” to “sound off”.
Then wiggle the slider. This will bring sound back.
Now set the slider back to rotation lock again.
Solution 3:-
Reset all settings.
Hold the Sleep/wake and Home button down together until you see the Apple logo.
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I just updated my Ipad to IOS8.2 but no luck. i didn't work. there is a sound but it is all distorted, like turned-on radio with no channel. just a frequent noise..

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