Fixed: iPad Shows Low Battery When Fully Charged

One of my friends told me that his iPad doesn’t get charged even after plugged in it for 3 hours. Even few of the users also complained that they need to plug in their iPad always in order to stop the battery drain. Let’s see how to solve this battery issue.

ipad low battery

First to do

  • Try to restart your device, this will be little harder than normal rebooting. At times you have to plug in your device then restart it.
  • Also, try to check your charger it may be
  • Fix 1: Turn Off Low Power Mode
  • Launch Settings -> Battery -> turn of the toggle straight to the ‘Low Power Mode’.

Fix 1: Use Hair Dryer

  • Just use switch off your device slightly heat up the backside of your iPad by using a hair dryer for some time. Then turn it on.
  • This will solve this battery issue.

Fix 2: Restore Your Device

  • Make sure you have a backup your iPad, iPhone to iCloud.
  • Next, connect your iPad with Mac which is running with High Sierra.
  • Then do a factory resetting, for that
  • Launch your iTunes on your Mac.
  • By using USB cable just connect your device to a computer.
  • Then you have the message to type your password.
  • Choose your device in iTunes.
  • Tap on ‘Restore’ at the ‘Summary Panel’.Tap on ‘Restore’ again to confirm.
  • Then iTunes will delete all the contents and settings and installs the latest iOS software.
  • Your device gets restart after restoring the Factory settings.
  • Next, you can set up your device as new one.
  • To delete all contents and settings,
  • Launch Settings -> General -> Reset.
  • Then restore everything from iCloud backup.

Fix 3: Recovery Mode

  • Turn off your iDevice.
  • Next, connect the computer which is running High Sierra with the iTunes.
  • On your iPad press and hold down the Home button till you see the iTunes screen.
  • Then choose your device from the iTunes.
  • After the finding your device you will get a message that your device is in ‘Recovery Mode’.

If you knew any other solutions let us know via comments.

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