Fixed : iPad Screen Went Black and Won't Turn On

Suddenly iPad screen went black after using some apps like Facebook or dropped it. Pressing the Power button or Home button turn it on. But nothing happened.
Solution 1: Restart iPad
Press and hold the Sleep button and Home button together until your iPad restarts.
iPad black screen
Solution 2: Knock iPad back corner
Reason for this issue, there might be a glitch with the proximity sensor. First find head phone jack, then while holding your iPad firmly with the right hand, knock iPad back corner with your left knuckles where the headphone jack is. Do the same thing couple of times. Your iPad screen might went back on.
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Solution 3: Hold the sleep button and try to charge
Try to hold Sleep button for 10 seconds. and try to plugging it into wall even it has more than 50% battery charge.
Solution 4: (Suggest by Apple community user)
Drop the iPad at the original angle it was dropped the 1st time. But don’t do it too hard. It might break. Drop in 1 or 2 foot drop on to a carpeted floor. Many users reported this solution solved their issue.
Solution 5: If your screen first get greenish color then Black color
If your screen get greenish color, tapping iPad 3 times on back will fix the issue. If its going to black, tap your iPad 3 times on the front glass and restart your iPad.
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