How to Fix iPad Green Screen Problem

Some times iPad green screen issue might happened after you accidentally dropped your iPad on the floor.
Some times this problem might happened after you putting your iPad to flight mode and then shout down. If you try to turn on, your iPad green was green or pink and fuzzy.
iPad green screen
Check your iPad warranty status. If your iPad under warranty, take it to Apple service center.
If your iPad not cover any warranty follow my steps. (This solution solved lot of iPad users issue)
Turn off your iPad. Turn it over and  do three semi-hard knocks on the back. Then turn your iPad back on.
If the above method not working,
Knock the upper left corner on your knee. It might help your iPad to turn to normal screen or hit the corner lightly.
This is a crazy solution. But it will worked for lot of people in apple support community.
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Other solutions 
Reset your device. Press and hold the home and sleep button until Apple logo appears.
This screen color may caused by a circular fault. So follow the above solution again.
IF your iPad green screen problem might solved, do let us via comment.

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Worked on my IPad…..3 taps on a magazine on my table with the upper left corner of the iPad…..thanks for the post.

Wow … I would be NEVER Believed it … But the turning it over and knocking it three times ACTUALLY WORKED!!! I don't know why …. But it did. Try it.,

Guys tapping your iPad in the back 3 times help alot, my iPad screen is back to normal no more green and pink. I did the tapping a couple of times but turn off ipad in case you this helps. Thanks guys for the solutions save money. Thanks ones again

My son fell while running with my ipad and the screen was a fuzzy green. 3 taps on the back fixed it. You just saved his christmas!

I tried it all but it wouldn't work, it all happens when I dropped it last night but the image didn't went blurry until I was watching YouTube vids halfway and the iPad suddenly changes colour. Mine is a iPad 2

Tried knocking the ipad on the back twice but didn't work, however, after the second attempt of knocking the left hand top corner it worked as normal. Excellent advice.

My son dropped his I-Pad and he got the total green screen. I tapped in hard three times in the back and it changed the screen to red, then I tapped it 6 more times and the screen went back to black. He is one happy 10 year-old tonight! Thank you for the great advice.

Thank you so much
Your advice worked! I did it twice and nothing. So I thought I had nothing to loose and gave it a very large frustrated slap. It went blue then I turned it off. After turning back on its a bit fluffy in places but it now works and function as normal.

My boyfriend and I found our iPad face down on the hardwood floor (thanks to the dog or cat, no doubt). When we turned it on, full pixelated green screen. We went to the all-knowing Google, found this thread, and who would've thought it actually worked! Took a bit of elbow grease, but when you've got nothing to lose, sometime tough love is the way to go.

I'm surprised that this actually worked haha. seriously thought id have to go to apple store to get it fixed but not anymore!

Fixed 2 iPad 2's before breakfast via smack it on the knee method. The more advanced tech becomes, it's nice to see a tried and true smack on the device still is the default universal repair.
If no joy, get a bigger hammer!

Wow! Amazing! It worked for me too.
It first was green and I smacked it a few times with hand (but kinda hurt) and a few times on my knee, it turned red then I repeated it again turning it off and hitting the apple sign with hand and knee, and viola! It's back to normal again?
Thank you so much!

It worked! Hitting it several times (hard) on the back of the iPad while being shut off worked! I thought for sure that all was lost.
Thank you!

Thank you soo much! I dropped my iPad at school, and the screen turned red. Then, I smacked it hard and the screen turned green. So I tried knocking on it several times, but it didn't work. I was nearly in tears until I found this thread. I knocked it on my knee, and it isn't green anymore! This was really helpful!

I tried the first method and it didn't work so I have the second method a try and it worked like a charm. Thank you for the help 😄

Thanks so much. My cat knocked the iPad off a table, about a 3 foot drop. I panicked, then googled and found your thread. I tried smacks on the back, then the knee, then more smacks on the back and the screen went back to normal. What a relief! I have an older iPad, but was not planning to replace it anytime soon. Thanks again.

Thank you so very much for your help–I hit the tablet on my knee and it returned to normal. The Lord bless you richly for helping people. (St. Luke 1:37)
Carolyn M.

It worked! Who knew?! Had to keep firmly hitting it, all over the screen while it was on. It started changing different colors when I hit a certain spot on the bottom left. I Kept on hitting it and it eventually went back to a normal screen. Thank you for the awesome tip!

Thanks! It worked. Daughter dropped it, and it turned green. Gave it 3 light taps on the back, and it was back to normal. THANK YOU!!!

I'm so happy for a fast and free fix! It took several taps to find the right spot on the top left corner. It turned several different colors before I found the right spot. Thanks!

Fantastic…it worked. Placed the Ipad on the carpet and a couple of flat hand slaps and it was back to normal!
Thank you so very much!!!

My iPad's display was like mainly tinted green and a lil mix of other colours… When I closed it and gave it a few taps, it turned to tinted pink and and everything else is simply same… I'm getting totally mad with this!!!
I don't want to spend at the Apple repair store… Something like this has already happened once 🙁

Try updating your ipad on new ios Software.
Here how go to setting, Software Update.
If you still have ipad green or pink screen, your ipad won't be fix.

I dropping my iPad face down with the screen hitting the floor. I followed everyone advice and now it's working perfectly!

I tried quite a few times and after I tried to kit the upper left corner of the iPad to my knee hard, it worked!!!! Thanks!

Let me just tell you. This works! It takes patience and a little extra effort. I thought I was going to break my iPad doing this. Just turn your iPad face up and hit the top left corner with your knee. If you get mad because it doesn't work the first twenty times keep going! That anger was everything I needed to smack it just right and fix it!

I am extremely skeptical and did not think the left corner thing would work but it did!! My iPad hasn't worked in a year and I just decided to give it one more shot before getting rid of it and it's now fixed. Utterly amazed.

Ok I was very skeptical on this. However, I did give it a try. 5 medium hits on my knee on the top left of the iPad and the screen came right back to normal!

AMAZING! I was looking up pricing for a replacement when i happened on this site and IT WORKED!! tapped it with my tv remote 4 times on back of ipad and all is back to normal.

Knock 3 times on the ceiling if you want me, Twice on the pipe, if the answer is No.
Brilliant. Knocked it on the reverse by the power button and hey presto, the ipad works. Nice one.

I totally can't believe it but this worked! First I turned it off, did the 3 semi hard knocks, that didn't work. I tried the same again, didn't work. Tried the knee & IT WORKED! Thank you!

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