iPad Pencil 2 won’t connect? Here's how to fix it

Apple Pencil 2 for iPad Pro features wirelessly by magnetically connecting to the side of the new iPad Pro, responds to your touch to make note-taking, writing and drawing better than ever. Apple Pencil no longer has a lightning connector on the end.and you don’t have to plug it into your iPad to charge it up. Sometimes Apple Pencil Pro 2 have disconnecting or connection problem in iPad. Here to fix it:
Solution 1:-
1: Go to Settings.
2: Select Bluetooth option and then click Apple Pencil.

3: Click Forgot this device.
4: Then, Turn OFF Bluetooth for few seconds, then Turn ON.
5: Plug the Apple Pencil in iPad Pro
6: Pop up the “Bluetooth Pairing Request“ Screen and click the “Pair” option.

7: Now, Apple Pencil 2 connect to the iPad.
Make the changes to fix the Apple Pencil 2 to connect the iPad Pro.

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