Apple Pencil 2 Won’t Connect to iPad? Here’s how to fix It

Apple Pencil has wireless & magnetical connections to the side of the new iPad Pro, which respond to…
Apple pencil won't connect to iPad Pro

Apple pencil won't connect to iPad Pro

Apple Pencil has wireless & magnetical connections to the side of the new iPad Pro, which respond to your touch to make note-taking, writing, and drawing better than ever. No longer, the Apple pencil has a lightning connector on the end. There is no need to plug it into your iPad to charge it up. Sometimes, Apple pencils may get disconnected and not pair with a new iPad pro. 

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Before doing the solutions, there are a couple of things that you have to try out to fix the issue. Let’s see what it is,

  1. First, make sure that the Apple pencil is portable in the center of the magnetic connector.
  2. Restart your iPad.
  3. If your Apple Pencil is not connecting, then you need to charge the Apple Pencil.
  4. Make sure that the Apple Pencil and iPad are compatible. Because one of the Apple pencils won’t compatible with the iPad.
  5. Now, check the device is connecting properly and working fine. If still, the problem persists in the device, then reset the device and pair it again.

Solution 1: Turn Off the Bluetooth and again turn on it

For those who have the disconnecting issue from Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. Then the solution is to turn off the Bluetooth and again turn it back on. After that, pair your device. To do that,

1: Go to Settings.
2: Select the Bluetooth option and click the Apple Pencil.

Turn off the Bluetooth Settings in Apple Pencil

3: Click Forgot this device.
4: Then, turn Off Bluetooth for a couple of seconds, then again turn it back On.
5: Now, plug the Apple Pencil into iPad Pro.
6: There you can see the Pop-up message, that is “Bluetooth Pairing Request“ Screen and click the “Pair” option.

Bluetooth Pairing Request
7: Now, your Apple Pencil 2 connects to the iPad Pro.

If the above solution does not work, the issue may be with your Apple Pencil. Guys, don’t worry. One more option is there to fix this issue, which is to contact Apple support. Alternatively, take the device to an Apple store. They will assist you in repairing it. Thank you…

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