5 Ways to Fix iPad Mini Won’t Turn On

A lot of iPad Mini users complained about iPad Mini shut off and won’t turn back on.
Fix 1: Hard Reset
Press and hold the iPad Mini Power button and Home button at the same time for 10 to 20 seconds until Apple logo appears.
Fix 2: Check your iPad Mini battery charge
This issue might have happened because your iPad Mini does not have enough charge to turn on. Connect your iPad Mini to the wall outlet and charge it for 15 to 20 minutes. Then try hard reset again.
Fix 3; Put iPad Mini into recovery mode
Try to put your iPad Mini into recovery mode and restore it to factory settings.

  1. Turn of iPad. Mini.
  2. Connect USB to a computer (not iPad Mini).
  3. Press and hold the iPad Home button while plugging into the USB cable.
  4. Hold the button down until connect to iTunes screen appears.
  5. If you see the screen release the Home button.
  6. iTunes will start automatically and show a message like iTunes has detected an iPad Mini in recovery mode.
  7. Press Ok button to restore iPad Mini in recovery mode.

Note: This will erase all data on your iPad Mini. you need to restore iPad Mini data from old backup.
Fix 4: Clean charging port, Use another cable

  • Clean iPad Mini docking port with compressed air.
  • Try to use Different USB cable or charger/ wall socket.

Fix 5: Take your iPad Mini into nearest Apple Store
If you can’t fix iPad Mini won’t turn on an issue, then this problem might be happened because of the hardware failure. Extend your iPhone warranty coverage if your iPad Mini does not have warranty coverage. Find the nearest Apple store and take your iPad Mini to Apple store.
If you have your own solutions for iPad Mini won’t turn on after charging, jailbreak or screen replacement, share your thoughts using comments.

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