How to fix: iPad is disabled. Connect to iTunes error

When iPad users keep entering wrong password 6 times, they locked out and getting error message like ““iPad is disabled connect to iTunes”.
iPad is disabled connect to iTunes

Fix 1: Try to back up your device

  • Connect your iPad to computer using USB cable.
  • Open iTunes and select your iPad from the upper right corner to display it properties.
  • Click the Back Up now option to start a sync. It may prompt to type a password to start a sync (because your device is locked). Enter the password. After you entered the right password you can cancel the back up proces and start using your device.

Fix 2: Restore your iPad
iTunes backup now

  • Connect your iPad to computer (Windows PC or Mac)
  • Launch iTunes and select your iPad .
  • Select the “Back Up Now” button.
  • When prompted, restore your iPad using recent backup made.

After iPad and iTunes have reset, you can able to access it again.
Fix 3: If you didn’t have a backup or never synced to iTunes

  • First disconnect the USB cable from iPad. But leave the USB cable other end  to computer USB port.
  • Press and hold Home button and Power button at the same time and wait for iPad to shut down.
  • Keep pressing Home button and connect your iPad to computer. Now your device should turn on.
  • Continue to hold the home button until you see the Connect to iTunes screen.
  • iTunes will alert you that it detected your iPad in recovery mode. Click OK and restore your device.

Other solutions :-

  • Click “set up as a new device” and then cancel it immediately.

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