How to Fix the "iPad can't connect to App Store" issue

Sometimes iPad users unable to connect their iPad  to app store. This is a very common issue every iOS users faced.
Solution 1:-
Go Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.
Solution 2:-
Go to Settings -> General -> Date and Time  and turn off Set Automatically option. Set the date one year ahead.
Now try to open App Store again (try to signing in the app) . If you get any another error message, go back and set the correct date by switching set automatically back to on. Now try to connect App store.
Solution 3:-
Sign out from iTunes & App store. Restart your iPad. Wait 10 seconds. Then launch the App store and sign back again.
Solution 4:-
First fully turn off your iPad then turn on again. Go to Settings -> General -> restrictions. Make sure disable the restrictions.
Solution 5:-
Go to General -> Reset -> Reset network connections.
Solution 6:-
First try to find an app which is hanged up when iTunes try to update it before.  Close that app. Now try to sign in to iTunes.
If you have any other solutions for this issue, do let us via comment.

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