How to Fix iPad 2 Very Slow Issue After iOS 8 Update

Lot of iOS users hit this issue when they update their iPad from iOS 7.0 to iOS 8.0 or iOS 8.02. After upgrade iOS 8 many applications hangs, freezes and load very slow including iOS inbuilt applications like safari.
list of issues happended after updating iPad 2

  • Very slow Wi-Fi and broadband connection
  • Battery life reduced (atleast 25%)
  • The processor is heating up
  • Copy and paste functionality not working between browser windows
  • Continuously app crashing per day. Some times opening crashed app take 2 to 10 seconds.

Deleting number of apps , free up space and hard restart is not going to solve this issue. Unless you have complete backup of iOS 7 data on Mac be ready to re-installing iOS 7.1.2. It is the only way to stop this issue.
Solution 1:- Reset All Settings
Reset you iPad device settings using Setting->General->Reset->Reset All Settings. Its increase your iPad performance little better.
Solution 2:- Perform hard reboot three times
Some people said, this method solved their slow running iPad issue.
Hold the sleep/wake button and home button upto 8 seconds. This will turn off your iPad.
Then turn on iPad. Wait few moments. Do the same thing twice to solve this issue.
Solution 3:-
Go to Setting->General->Accessibility->Reduce Motion. Turn on.
Solution 4:-
One Apple community user said, this solution solved his slow iPad 3 problem.
Open some webpages in Safari.
Go to the last tab on the right side and pinch the page with two fingers (the screen will reduce mini tabs).
Select any one of the min tab.
After safari resumed normal size, check its speed.
Solution 5:- Go to Settings and turn off the following features to speed up iOS 8

  • Spotlight search
  • Turn off everything in Accessibility except Reduce Motion
  • Background app refresh
  • In keyboard settings turn off auto-correction and split keyboard
  • In privacy setting turn off Location services for all app, share my location, contacts for all apps, photos for all apps, Microphone for all apps.
  • Turn off iCloud for all apps and turn off share my location
  • In iTunes and App Store, Turn off automatic downloads
  • In safari settings, turn off preload top hit and turn on Do not track option & Fraudulent website warning.

After changing this setting do hart rest two or three times. This settings make iPad 2 with iOS 8.0.2 more responsive.
Solution 6:- Reinstall iOS 7.1.2

  • Download iOS 7.1.2 firmware file for your iPad
iOS Device Download Link
iPad 2 Wi-Fi (Rev A) Download
iPad 2 Wi-Fi Download
iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM) Download
iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (CDMA) Download
iPad mini 2 (WiFi + Cellular) Download
iPad mini 2 (WiFi) Download
  • Check if you have latest version of iTunes
  • Connect your iPad to computer using USB cable
  • iPad will shown in left column of iTunes. Choose the iPad (Back up your iPad data before do this thing)
  • Under summery tab , hold on option key in Mac or Shift key in Windows and choose Restore iPad
  • It show one pop up window. choose iOS 7.1.2 firmware file(which is already downloaded)  in your computer location.
  • After choosing that file, iTunes automatically install iOS 7.1.2 in your iPad

If you have any another issues or solutions for this problem, do let us via comment.

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43 responses to How to Fix iPad 2 Very Slow Issue After iOS 8 Update

I tried solution 2 before any of the others and it worked, after the 2 resets , one after the other, my Ipad rebooted like normal and Ipad is back to speed use to before IOS 8 install. Use of safari is back to normal speed also, overall performance has been returned to normal and sluggish response that was occuring has been removed. Thanks for this solution.

It might be easier to file a class action against Apple asking them to replace all IPAD's before unit 3 for all customers unless they completely fix the issue in their next update. Give them 2 weeks to get that update out to the public, and they would need to emphasize that it is for IPAD2 users , and lower.

This did help but it's still not the same fast ipad I used to have. This is bs!
I will keep using it and see if I can live with a sub par device now…whole reason I bought an iPad instead of an android was because of how fluid and responsive the ipad and apple devices are. Now it's just as sluggish and choppy as those other devices out there. Shame on Apple not giving people a warning or something .
I'll probably end up going back to iOS 7, but does that mean a lot of apps won't work ?

Just like the iPod touch 1st generation which is useless now because of updates, you can't use or download any apps. They make you purchase another one. So I'm guessing in another year all ipad 1st generations will be useless and then the year after that the iPad 2nd generation will be useless.

I tried solution 6, but it said that my iPad wasn't compatible. How is that possible? I chose iPad 2 WIFI…I have an iPad 2 A1395.

If they don't allow downgrading they should at least fix the problem with their OS! Having my IPAD is now about as useful as owning an anchor without a boat.

I am thankful for solution #5. The first two items seemed to have done the trick. My IPAD 2 is almost as fast as it was before the upgrade to IOS 8. I am shocked with how bad this upgrade went for me. There has never been a problem with any of my Apple devices after IOS upgrades, but this experience took me back to the old Windows days when I spent a ton of time looking for bug fixes. What happened to the great "it just works" Apple experience we know and love? Is it the beginning of the end?

I tried them all (except #6, since it wouldn't let me) and my ipad 2 seems to be connecting now much faster. Still having a problem getting it to connect to my aggravating!! Thank you for the info!!

Many Many Many Thanks to you .. I now have my Ipad working normal again !!!
All I did was try "Solution #3" and got rid of the "Motion Effects" … and that solved everything ! It now has the normal fast response that it always had …
Again … Thank you very much

Thankyou. Solution 5 worked for us. So frustrating. Sorry we upgraded. We have wasted so much of our time sorting out this problem. Apple you have blown your good name in one upgrade. Shame on your carelessness.

Hey there- I tried all of the steps and no luck 🙁 Ugh. My ipad is operating as though I covered it peanut butter… I downloaded the 7.1 and held option key but the firmware never came up- any suggestions would be great! Thanks in advance- ps Im so not computer tech savvy…..

Been an Apple Convert for years and years! Loved Apple…now I can't stand them. After updating my ipad 2 it runs like dog crap. Apple has become Windows with constant bugs and problems. I would imagine Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave. Absolutely disgusting Apple. Shame on you for this mess. For the first tome in 10 plus years I may switch all my devices..phones, tablets, laptops, and IMac.

My sentiments exactly.
Apple screwed sooooooooooo many people with the iOS 8 "Software Update" (aka VIRUS!!!).
It would be one thing if they let us return to iOS 7, but nope. They knowingly let us suffer with a worse performing device.
I use to love my iPad, and I was going to change everything to Apple. After I found out how they treat customers, no Apple ever again!!!

same problem… Ios8 to ipad 2… It's slow slow slow… Keeps freezing !!! Gonna try some of these steps hope it works!!!!

I tried that and it didn't work for me. Here is what I found and it restored my ipad back to like new.
After updating my ipad to to 8.0, my ipad starting having a myriad of problems. It would freeze while I was typing and stay that way for several minutes. Then it would refresh the page erasing everything that I had been working on. Safari became very slow. Facebook wasn't working right. I went on google to see if anyone else was having problems and well. The consensus was that the Ipad 2 was not capable of handling the new software updates. I read about a few "fixes" that I tried, but they didn't work long term. I decided that I was going to sell my Ipad 2 to Amazon to get $119 to put toward a new ipad since mine was malfunctioning. I went by a MAC store in our area to see what the new ones looked like. The salesman listened to my frustrations concerning on Ipad 2. He asked me if I loaded the software updates to my ipad from a desktop or through WiFi. I told him through WiFi. He said that was most likely the problem. The WiFi signal can fluctuate which can make the update not go through the way it needs to. He told me to do this:
Open I Tunes on my desktop
Plug my Ipad into the computer
Once the Ipad showed up, click on it
Click on "Restore"
He said that it will erase all the data on my ipad and add the software updates correctly. I had already put my ipad back to factory settings getting it ready to send to Amazon. He did say that you can back up your pictures, etc. on icloud if you want to save your data. It took about an hour, but I went through the steps. I got up this morning, connected to our WiFi, and the ipad works like a brand new one!! This saved me several hundred dollars from buying a new ipad when I didn't even need a new one. I searched the internet for answers weeks ago. This should be out there by Apple for users to know that it's best to update software from a desktop computer. I hope that this will help someone else.
I was wondering why Amazon was still selling the ipad 2 for almost $400 if the software updates were going to screw them up. I felt like there had to be a solution. Glad I didn't stop searching.

After all the same problems and trying all the supposed solutions to no improvement I went to the genius bar at an apple store. They advised to do what Lisa describes above (or below). A couple of hints: 1) back up your ipad either to your computer or cloud or both; 2) know what your apple ID is and your apple ID password (this is not your itunes password.) You will need these to restore your ipad. Follow Lisa's directions, and, yes it will take a while. My ipad now has the current IOS 8 and runs as well as it did on ios7. Apple should add a warning to back up and what to do if the ios8 causes a slowdown on itunes.

Lisa- after doing the above, when it came to the question, do you want to create a new iPad or do you want to restore from backup, which did you select please?

I tried all suggestions except resetting back to IOS 7.
Minor improvements but in the end I noticed that I had 0MB free space. I think the new upgrade takes more room so if you delete some unused apps, music and photos it speeds it right up.
I have 6GB free now and it flies. Same works with Macs as well – you need at least 20% free space to prevent spinning wheel of death.
Worked for me anyway.

after spending a ridiculous number of hours trying to find a solution and attempting all those I found, I attempted steps 1, 2, 3 and 5 to solve a inoperative mail app on my IPAD 2 after the IOS 8 update. I am ecstatic! It worked!! Thank you so very much!

Items 2, 3, and 5 helped my iPad 2 a lot. I can now more easily refrain from taking a hammer to my beloved but antiquated device. Thank you for presenting the solutions.

I am having trouble I have been stock on the screen were it wants the pass word to the account that I don't remember what else can I do to get it out of this mode

The slow iPad 2…….was taking away all my enjoyment in using this device. I followed 1, 2, 3 and 5. I am back in business. So thankful for your help!!!!!

I performed these steps and saw a little improvement. My biggest problem seems to be the Facebook app. If I click on the 'notifications' globe thing, it hangs for about 15 seconds sometimes before giving me the list. Then when I click on a notification, another 10 seconds for it to come up. Other apps seem fine.

I'm having exactly the same problem with Facebook, particularly with Notifications, and having asked my FB friends, so are others. Don't know whether this is an issue with FB or if it's something Apple need to sort out with the iPad. Either way – would somebody please do something!!

I did solutions 1,2,3 and 5 and my iPad is running like new. However, I dont have a lot of hope thats its going to stay this way! We will see but ive done similar things (like resetting and rebooting) and it worked for a little while and then slowed down like molasses eventually. This time, ive done a bit more, so we'll see. Anyway, Im going to bookmark this page and if i have to do it again……oh well, it works great for now anyway. I as ready to get a new iPad as mine was so frustratingly slow and frozen and crashing.

Have you tried turning it off and laying it on your lap. Politely spank it and couple of times. Do this with the screen face down. It has worked for me before. Good luck!

Recently I have upgraded to 9.15. Each time I have upgraded before the iPad slowed incrementally. The last upgrade was really the worse. Now it's a real torture. Why no one mention the 9.xxxx versions?
Are we so naive to think that upgrades are made for the better?
By the way, reading into the reasoning for the last upgrade , Apple mentioned a better stability. Well they achieved the opposite. The whole experience reminds me how, years ago, Detroit forgot how to make good cars, and they were moaning about the Japanese competition. I for one , and for the last thirty years , bought only Toyotas or Nissans. Problems solved.
I'm sure that by now, most of us realise that all these upgrades are nothing but a marketing gimmick to trick us into buying yet another iPad.
Is wonder that Apple stock is going down?

I went to the Apple Store in Sarasota, Fl to see if they could help. I understand that by today's standards it is old technology, but after doing all the above fixes it still crashes and is slow. I basically use it to read the news and email, but I am not able to use those apps without issues. So the stores "Apple Genius'" solution to my problem was to buy a new iPad ……..nice

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