Problems After Updating to iOS 9.1?

Apple released iOS 9.1 update in 22 October 2015. This iOS update add support for Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard & Apple TV 4th generation and have lot of bug fixes.

iPhone and iPad users had reported lot of issues with iOS 9.0.2 update, including can’t disable game center notifications, spotlight search not working,  WiFi problem, no message notification sound, unable send or receive text messages etc.

iOS 9.1

Now some iOS users reported some issues based on new iOS 9.1 update in Apple support communities. They said, “it still not fix some old problems” like wifi connectivity issues, battery drain issues & ringtones not working didn’t solved in iOS 9.1. They also face iOS apps stopped working issue.

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So if you hit any issue based on Apple new iOS 9.1 update, do let us via comment. We will try to find solutions for your iOS 9.1 issues and inform you via comment.

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Hey! My upgrade to 9.1 is stuck in a look that I can't get out off…

Here is the description of my problem.

1. "Hello" screen has showed up after downloading and "succesfully" installing ios 9.1
2. I swipe and introduce my 4 number passcode to unlock
3. ios 9.1 configuration screen prompts me for my icloud password
4. Once I introduce my password and tap next, "updating icloud setting" messsage appears
5. Then after a brief wait, "find my iphone" screen shows next up… and no matter what I tap, either "Use" or " Don't Use" find my iphone, then next prompt message appears
6. "Find my iphone now active for ******"… "Find my iphone is no longer used with "(null)". You can change this in settings…
7. I press ok to last message and it kind of makes a quick reboot showing apple logo and black screen.
8. Back to number 1…

Please help!

Since updating to 9.1, my personalized/assigned ringtones and default ringtones are not working. Defaults to the infamous Apple ringtone. What's up with that??

Hello, right after the update, back camera and light stopped working. The screen goes all black when you try to use the camera.

Thank you in advance!

Hey! Downloaded the new iOS 9.1 and the emoji keyboard did not update. Anyone else having this problem?

I have a 5s and I downloaded 9.1 tonight. Now, when I press the button on the top right of my phone it makes this loud weird noise and the screen goes black. I can turn on the screen again by pressing the home button. Any fixes? It's super annoying.

Im update ios 9.1 and the appstore is having bug……
Its not display screen shot and the description of the application….
Do you have solution sir?

I downloaded 9.1 onto my iPhone 6. They still have not fixed the POP email problems. Still get the "Message not downloaded from server" error. This is ridiculous…..

EXACT SAME for me! Did you find a solution! Please help! I can't get an apple appointment until next week Wednesday!

I've just updated my S5 to 9.1. Before I make a call I go to "Search menu", type the name and expect to get search results based mainly on search in phone book. The problem is that the iPhone is searching in my mail boxes and mail boxes only. I became very difficult to use my phone as a phone… Thank you for a hint

After updating to 9.1 on my iphone 6s, my phone screen went black and would not turn on. I tried to restore it and it got stuck in the apple logo on it as if it was trying to do something. After several attempts, I finally was able to restore to my last icloud backup. Lost some pictures and my text messages. I had to re-pair with my car today. Strangely enough, it's working better with my car (phone book downloaded and my car can now read my text message to me). Doesn't seem like the emojis updated though.

I downloaded iOS 9.1 yesterday & since then, my iMessage hasn't been working. I can't use my phone number to send & receive any messages or FaceTime calls. Please fix this!

no service display after upgrade on iPhone 6 plus, problem still exists after resetting all network settings.

I'm having constant reboots on my 5, battery won't charge unless off, it has asked me to change my pin as well as constantly log into my gmail account in mail. This morning it took over 15 minutes of restarting to get it to go into recovery mode and on the initial update, it acted much like Raul's. So far, I'm at a standstill because I had to leave for work.

Nope, never been there don't even know how to do that… I'm upgrading to ios 9.1 once again from 9.0.2…

Wish me best!

I updated to IOS 9.1
It still takes my phone 15 minutes to send a text. My internet is beyond slow, even with wifi. Apps won't load, and google maps can't even find a restaurant. I keep missing phone calls because my phone doesn't even ring, il will just tell me I have a voice message but no missed call.

Ok mi upgrading And it has ben stock On The ejote Screen with the black apple and a progress bar for 45 mins now and not moving the same on my iPad mini but black screen white apple. Is it supposed to take this long. It had done all the down load and turned off and this is the install part. Help???

My home button doesn't work when I click it once. It works when I click it twice but it won't take me to the home screen. The screen also won't shift from portrait to landscape

since upgrading to ios 9.1 this afternoon i cant connect to wifi at work will not allow me to input the username into the log in screen just takes me to the acceptable use screen will let me type the password in but not the username

Downloaded 9.1 and now my SMS messaging is hit and miss. Messages seem to a while to send and some don't appear to get through:evil::evil::evil: And why after update does it reset to have iMessage on as default? :evil::evil:

Downloaded iOS 9.1 this morning on iPad. It has passcode and fingerprint recognition which we don't use. After download completed, the passcode screen came up. We tried entering a previous code and finger print, but neither will open iPad. First we were deactivated for 1 min, then 15 and now half hour. Is there any solution please?

updated to 9.1.
Screen keeps going black and I have to do a hard reset (both buttons).

Phone shows connected to Internet but says it's unable to connect to wifi.

This is very frustrating

I can make a normal phone call (i.e. dial and get a connection), but both mic and speaker are unresponsive; the person I call can't hear me and I can't hear them. FaceTime Voice works fine.


Also I'm Unable to search any Contacts after iOS 9.1 Update+1

after installing this latest update this morning my phone is now almost completely unresponsive. The lock button barely works, my phone is stuck on camera mode although its unable to take any pictures and the home button is useless..even my on screen homebutton. I am able to send messages by using the share button for past pictures and i have access to my notification bar but no way to access the rest of the phone, lock screen or able to turn it off.

All help is welcome!

I upgraded both my iPhone 6 and iPad Air from 9.02 to 9.1 yesterday and everything functioned properly. My only issue is the alarm. I checked the daily alarm on my iPhone last night, which was unexpected turned off, and reset it.

This morning the alarm never sounded, however, the snooze button screen was visible while the phone was in locked mode and silent.

It's a minor issue, but it can be a big problem considering how many people rely on their phones as alarm clocks now.

Search on safari is all over the place – constantly taking me back to home page and boouncing around when I am typing a search namely problems with 9.1 on the 6, I'll be shocked if this even posts… Anyone else?

Ok so after talking with apple support. I logged out of my iTunes and then reset and the logged back in. My problems with music & photos solved. Christmas miracle. ?

This happened to my iphone 5 as well after doing the update, its a never ending cycle I've tried hard reset and nothing seems to work. Phone is unusable. Please help.

when I updated to IOS 9.0.2 my phone started having a bunch of problems, but when I upgraded to IOS 9.1 most of those problems stopped. The only problems that stayed where; the apps crashing frequently and I mean both the built in IOS apps and third party apps, home button doesn't respond well and will mistake 1 press for 2 and vise versa, The phone has started being finicky with its Bluetooth connectivity and it has a very difficult time connecting to my car when it had always connected emmediatly, and the worst and the last major problem is the sound, all of a sudden when I updated to 9.1 my sound has been almost nonexistent, and if it is there on the rare occasion it's just a loud screech for videos and my music and notifications so far. Those same speeches also came through my Bluetooth as well. I am hoping to have these problems fixed soon, because I use my phone for work and these issues are getting in the way.
Thank you and I hope to see an update soon.

On my iPad 2 I frequently use long-press on the comma and full-stop (period) keys to get apostrophe and double-quote characters when typing, but since update to 9.1 this no longer works – the alternate character pop-up displays, indicating the long-press has been recognised, but upon releasing the key only the 'normal' character appears in the typed text. Anyone gt this solved, please?

My iPhone 5c home button has stopped working after update to 9.1 at first I had to punch it twice but now it's not working at all even when I push it a bunch of times it was fine before upgrade.

I did the upgrade a couple of days ago as my mail boxes were showing unread emails and nothing was there. Looked in my mailboxes today and hey! I have phantom unread messages in empty mailboxes! C'mon Apple!

IPhone 5s, huge battery drain after 9.1. 99% gone overnight while phone in standby. Phone is getting warm too. No Facebook installed, everything turned off and phone in battery saving mode, still no joy. Contacted Apple, give me some rubbish that it's my hardware, it's not, as yesterday it was working fine on 9.0.2. Completed a full restore,has not fixed the issue. My battery monitoring shows nothing unusual so it's something going on behind the scenes. For everyone with muted call symptom, mine did this initially also. I turned phone off and soft reset by holding home and power button for 10-15 secs and that fixed that issue. Hoping for a speedy 9.1.1 patch. Make sure you contact apple with your problems so the issues are logged, hopefully then the will fix them.

Sometimes, the notifications sound are not working properly. I have to reset the iPhone each time I had this issue. Some apps audios doesn't work too like YouTube

Made the mistake of doing the 9.1 update this morning and I can not take calls unless I am speaker. The caller says I sound super far away. But speaker works fine. Appt at the Genius Bar and I can't get in till 8:30pm….sounds like they are busy today!

Basically – I can't use my iPhone after 9.1. Apps like mail and Facebook and Twitter all crashing after launching. Nice one Apple!!

Right after I downloaded 9.1 my internet and cellular data have stopped working completely. It will show the 3 bars for Wi-Fi and it will show LTE, but when I try going into safari it wont load. The apps that require internet will not load either and I have no idea what to do.

Since I updated my iPhone 4s yesterday, I can't hear the voice of a caller, so can I.
Exception, When I switch on the loudspeaker featured, I'll hear a voice of a caller.

I too have had this happen but thought I just missed it.
My biggest problem is not being able to dial a phone number.

Updated the software this morning. Since then, programs go to black and then quit, I can't take photos, can't use much of anything without it quitting. So frustrating!

When someone is calling I can't hear what they are saying and they don't hear me neither. It is just completely silent but when I put my phone on speaker they can hear me and I can hear them as well BUT the voices sounds very very strange. It sounds like someone is talking with a voice changing app and the voice is so strange that you can't hear the actual words someone is saying, you just hear a strange sounding voice.

Upgraded to Ios 9.1, Iphone 4S Won't make or receive phone calls. Text and facetime works OK, suggestions? Sprint service

Since updating to 9.1, I can't send pictures through text/iMessage or from Photos. Settings are fine. I just get a notification that the picture wasn't delivered. Tried rebooting, but it didn't make a difference. Also, frequent app crashing.

Same here! Same exact thing. The sound is a major issue and I can't get it to work right. Every video just screeches

Update to ios9.1 and God.. Terrible.. Can't see any contacts or any call details.. Just blank white screen

Can bearly hear a caller unless on speaker. Sound doesn't seem to be working properly after upgrading to 9.1.

Same here! Nothing works – apps, email, and my pictures have been "restoring" for 24 hours now. More than half of my photos are gone. I also have no storage. I've been trying to delete photos to get storage, but they pop back up every time.

I had updated my iPad 2 to iOS 9.1 early this morning, but I'm not able to complete the process because all I get is this "Could Not Sign In" error message which keeps popping up after agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

Why is it doing that?!

I did the update and the issues I am having is I can screen shot using the buttons and the screen shot sound indicates it's being taken but it's not in the screenshot album. I also cannot even save a photo by clicking save image or copying it. I cannot find the pics anywhere in any album it's just simply not saving them. Idk what is going on. Please help.

Upgraded to 9.1 yesterday (iPad) and the SMS texting does not work. Doesn't even show up in the settings anymore and iMessage does not recognize any phone numbers other than iPhone numbers.

My iphone 5c went black two days ago after installing IOS 9.01 update. It showed a connection lead after pressing home and start button (Barely visible in the blackness!) so I connected it to itunes and it said it needed to be updated. This took about 6 hours and it was back on again as normal. It went black again today and nothing will change this. I am so done with Apple!!

After completing the update I cannot make or receive phone calls either. I also have Sprint service. Please someone help. Definitely the IOS update as just prior to making the update I was on a phone call and everything was working fine. I have confirmed that both out coming and incoming calls are failing from both Sprint subscribers as well as AT&T to my Sprint phone. Tried resetting all of the network setting as was suggested by other posts and still not working.

Since downloading new update 9.1 unable to send emails. Says go to mail account settings and enter password. Have done that still not sending emails. Please help
iPhone 6 plus

Same here.
do restart your phone. then only you see all your contacts.
even if you visit the setting > phone.
it not going open either.

I can only send texts to two people. Sms messages won't send to anyone. I received a text at 6:17 am and tried to reply at 6:18 am and message won't send.

Ever since i updated to 9.1 (Yesterday) my 5S i phone started having problems.

1.Cannot connect (9 out 10 calls drop.)
2.headphone (i use Bose) does not work. It still works on my older devise.
3 cannot receive calls.

I have done everything and am now at the apple store.
I have already wastes 14 hours of my work time on the devise, now the apple tech says its a hardware issue. I don't believe it.

the genius tech says.
1.My speaker for my calls had gone bad.(the speaker on whats app still works though)
2.My headphone jack has gone bad.
3.My receiver has gone bad.

All the three above items went bad in the last 24 hours just after the Update!

Really strange. I have used this i phone for 18 months and he says the warranty is out. I will need to spend another 300 USD to have it exchanged to a new IPHONE 5s.

I must say apple makes really good products.

Same hear. When I make calls they cannot hear me and I hear a voice that sounds slowed down about 50% when I put them on speaker. If I use headset I cannot hear them at all. WTH????????????????????

updated my 5c to iOS 9.1 and 3 days later it started freezing up now screen went black but the phone is still on, cant see anything and it does not ring or vibrate on incoming call

My phone screen freezes whenever I go to Phone app, i can't touch favourite, recent or even the keypad. (After upgrading to ios 9.1) I can't even go to Phone in the settings. Help me please !

Hi one serious problem I'm experiencing is BATTERY DRAIN at an alarming rate Im losing 1% of battery power every 5-10min even when I'm not using my phone my Home & Lock screen show up as the biggest power user after I delete my Facebook an whatsapp aps

I have had the same issue. Does anybody have a solution? I guess it is a problem with the html.

Had the same problem. Just fixed it tho. Do a hard reset by holding the home and lock button for about 3 seconds

Me too! I hear everyone's voice 2 octaves lower and it sounds like a record player going backwards. To them, I sound high-pitched like a chipmunk, with echo on top of that. Worst iPhone experience ever. I have to wait til I get home to restore from iCloud backup. Did you get it fixed yet?

Had the same issue. Fixed it by just doing a hard reset. Do this by holding the home and lock button at the same time for about 3 seconds.

After downloading 9.1 to IPad it tells me to enter password at many programs but it will not accept any, it tells me to create new passwords but that doesn't work either. Hope you can help me.

Not receiving all my text messages. iMessage and sms are turned on and I've restarted five times but no changes.

I don't know about the other issues, but all my calls drop and I don't receive calls anymore. Same thing– worked fine last night…this morning– after the install– it didn't.

I am unable to make calls. I'm leaving for a trip and this is a crucial safety issue for me. How can I fix this? Is there any help for this?

upgraded my iPad Mini to 9.1. I keep getting an error with my hotmail account saying the password is incorrect. Tried removing and reinstalling the hotmail account with the same warning. Any ideas?

This is very frustrating for me, too—I do "real" typing on my iPad, and the loss of this feature is a big step backwards in functionality for me. Let's hope to have an option of enabling the feature in 9.1.1!

I upgraded my iPhone to the IOS 9.1 & i don't know if this has anything to do with the update or not, but I'm not getting banner notifications & sometimes messages don't come up on my lock screen. I checked o see if do not disturb is on & it's not. Please help!

Same here with my 5S. I've already disabled swiftkey, rebooted several times, tapped forget this network … nothing happened. Come on Apple!

This is the last straw for me. Stuck with them through thick and thin. But this is just unacceptable. Can't take calls. No one is able to reach me. My grandma passed away two days ago and I haven't been able to receive a single call from anyone who's trying to reach me including my relatives. I am never ever buying another iPhone or any apple product ever again. I finally see what it is, overpriced slave driven garbage.

Ever since I did a update my sound for my game hasn't been working . I tried turning on and off my device but it didn't work

I just updated to 9.1, and got the same issue. I rang the apple support about this. She let me reset the phone network from the setting-general-(all the way down to rest)reset network.

And it is fixed.

Anyone can try.

I am unable to search any of my contacts. Instead, I can only scroll down to find them. It's so frustrating! Anyone else having this issue?

Since updating to 9.1 it doesn't show that my Phone is connected to wifi.
Always has the 4g/3G symbol.
I have to turn my mobile data off manually everytime I know I'm connected. It's annoying.

No message notif. Loud static upon calls and use of headphones. But nothing else. Reboot helps for a little each time. Wifi connect issues. No notification sounds in general. And ringer doesn't work but alarm ringer does. Not in dnd mode. Side switch isn't on silent either.

after updating my iPhone 5s to ios 9.1, the phone stop vibrating. it doesn't vibrate on ring,messages,etc. completely stop vibrating. how to solve this problem.

My iPhone 6 Plus not update 9.1 iOS, when update error message display on screen,it 9.0.2 already done,but now 9.1 not update in India. I had resetting all the my iPhone,but same problem not update 9.1,so help me.

"Upgraded" my iPhone 6 to 9.1 and it is asking me for a passcode. I never have used a passcode. Is there a default I can use because I can't use my phone at all until I come up with one.

Have a 5s and no problems with 9.1 so far (2 days and counting) – except, I don't have the new emojis.

I have been upgrading phones since I phone 4S. I went to a 5 and now have a 6s plus. I haven't been getting sounds for facebook notifications or twitter, for that matter, except occasional random ones. I was hoping this would be corrected when I got my new phone and then when I downloaded the 9.1 update. It hasn't been fixed yet. My phone is so quiet. For my business, I need facebook notification sounds. I don't even get the banner notifications, that would be at least something to show I had a bid on my product I am selling in auctions on Facebook.

This is so frustrating and I paid quite a bit of money for this new phone and am quite disappointed to say the least. Maybe the 9.1.1 will fix all these issues?

Is there a default passcode for iPhone6? I tried upgrading to 9.1 and I get the Swipe to upgrade. When I do, I get a screen asking for an Apple passcode. I had never set one up so I don't know what to use. Each time I try one, my iPhone gets disabled for longer periods of time.

Facing same problem from iPhone 6 after update 9.1.

Issue resolved.

Go to Contacts.
Click on the Groups
Click Done.

Had the same issue, just fixed it.
Open your phone app, go to contacts. At the left of the search window select GROUPS when it opens set to "Show All Contacts". Problem should be solved.

I had the same thing (Ipad Air 2). The only fix I found was to select the opt that says you forgot your password, enter your email address and from a different source (laptop, phone etc) change your password to a new one. This fixed the issue.
PS: I absolutely was entering the correct password in the beginning when it wouldn't let me sign in as well.

I have the same issue with storage on my IPad. With IOS 08 it was a problem and kept crashing. Then IOS 09 resolved the issue. After upgrading to iOS 9.1, the problem is back again, storage very low and iPad crashes all the time again.

My wife and I just did the upgrade and have the same issue ., we can't make any phone calls. The 3G symbol is showing but disappears when the phone attempts to dial out.

Very frustrating. We still have the 4s but thought the upgrade would work


I just updated my iphone 6 to iOS 9.1 today and now I can't use the phone. The phone is connecting to the caller and I am receiving the phone calls. However I can only hear a slow Home-Alone-2 style voice from the caller and they hear a high-pitched high-speed non-English voice. And the speakers don't work with speakerphone or headphones so it's not a hardware issue.

Plus, since I upgraded to the previous iOS, I've been having battery life issues. My phone suddenly dies at 40% battery. This is unacceptable. This phone is too expensive to not be usable. It might as well be a paper weight.

After updating I had the same problem. I was able to fix the problem by turning off wifi, then going to the phone keypad. I dialed ##UPDATE# and then pressed the green phone button. You can then turn the wifi back on. That fixed it for me.

When I called a Sprint store beforehand, they suggested dialing ##CLEAR# and then pressing the green phone button, but it didn't fix it for me. They also suggested going to "Settings", clicking on "General", followed by "Reset", and finally "Reset Network Settings". Anyway, they didn't work for me, but they might for you if my first suggestion doesn't work.

I had same issue and still do…
I reset Network settings, turned wi fi and phone off then back on…
Forgotten the network and it still won't work…
Even says wi fi password is wrong and it clearly is not…

+1. Phone calls connect but sound both ways is disrupted. The above analogy that it sounds like a demon is very accurate.

Same goes to me.. It's kindda of frustrating and tedious process looking for that particular contact if you have more than a thousand name in it. I'm not sure if downgrading will solve this issue.

Since upgrade, I get page after page of "no sender" emails which aren't really emails, just that line of text. And no real emails. If I close gmail, then it will work ONCE. Then the same thing happens again.

After update on Iphone 5, the phone button does not work. When I press it it opens blank white window is openned and no more. After few seconds(~20s) this window is closed. When I press home button twice I can see contacts in backgraund, when selected it is just like picture nothig is active. after ~10 seconds the picture is gone. Any ideas how to solve it?

I updated my iphone 5 and now the headphones do not work. If I listen to music the sound is distorted and if I watch a youtube video or listen to a radio app etc with the headphones there is no sound at all? I have tried various new headphones and the same problem with all, the sound is find without headphones in.

Anyone else have any idea why this is?

yes, I have the same issue. My iPhone 5s touchscreen only works few seconds after I press wake up/power button and after that becomes unresponsive

Hi… After iOS 9.1 came out .. I heard that my sibling say it is good to upgrade iOS 9.1..
After two day, I upgraded my iPhone 6 from iOS 8.4.1 to iOS 9.1. Then few days later.. 1.The toggle for wifi shortcut is laggy when I swipe down to up.. This problem have to be fix
2. When I play the music… A sound was like bizzzzz with the music.. And the sound of lock screen like bizzz
3. When I press an apps.. The hold screen went black then only the apps will come out

Since getting 9.1 my email is downloading when not on wireless despite the setting being set to fetch – this is using up my data – tried turn it off/on and it stopped for a day but now its doing it again. Help!


Hai… After My iphone since upgrade to ios 9. " sometimes " my notif from Whatsapp, line, bbbm, sounds like robot… Are this happened to anyone???

Hi there,

Just create a back-up using itunes, reset your device and put the back-up back on.

This should fix it.

I updated my 4S to 9.1 on October 26, 2015. Did not realize until October 27th that my phone will not dial out and will not ring or vibrate or give notification on incoming calls. I can text to some people, but if i try to place a call, it beeps 3 times. Also everything is really slow.

I have a phantom daily NEW EVENT in my calendar which cannot be deleted since downloading IOS 9.1
The end date is Dec 31st, 2000 so you can see this is another glitch.

Worried with this same problem on IPad for days. Finally got it corrected.
Settings, General, Use Slide switch to lock rotation

Somehow in update it had use slide switch to mute, I just changed it to lock rotation.

Since 9.1 update of my 4S dialler and contacts are blank screens. I have done all sorts of resets nothing worked. Finally, phone is in my drawer and a Samsung Android on the desk.:-(

After the update my messaging and phonelock has been a bit glitchy. If I try and delete text while sending a message it just adds random letters instead of deleting them. Also when I try to unlock my phone it wont let me swipe since it freezes half the time. I have an iphone 6 btw.

I had was doing the slow speed/voice changer type thing too. I did a hard reset—pressing and holding power and home button for 10 sec—and all seems to be functioning perfectly not. Really weird.

Had the exact same problem…..would suggest you get ahold of Apple Support, they ended up sending me a new phone. Supposedly there is a problem not in the "update", but in your phone's operating system that has caused your problem! Hope this helps.

Just updated my 5S to 9.1 and while my contacts are still all the notes associated with my contacts are gone???

From the phone dial pad I entered ##UPDATE# (##873283#) then send. It came up with an update and worked for my 4S on Sprint.

I update my ipad to 9.1 at 1am before went to bed. This morning, 7:30am, I cannot connect to my home wifi.
I update my iphone yesterday two days ago to 9.1, today
1. cannot connect to home wifi, wasting my data
2. cannot update my gmail.
3. not getting notification on Skype, which I needed for work.
4. SMS adds random words and cannot delete it.

Apple, please fix.

I called sprint and this is what fixed mine…

call the following Number:

##873283#. upon hitting the call button, there will be a prompt to click OK to start. Then when it is done, click OK to complete it. Then wait about 20-30 seconds for the reset to take place. Then try to call someone.
Also, this does not reset any settings on the phone itself, so no worries for data loss.
entire process toook less than 2 minutes for me. hope this helps

Same here! Anyone find a fix for the mail issue? It works fine on all my other devices, just not my iPhone! Getting frustrated!

After upgrading to 9.1 can't make or receive calls and messages now basically my iPhone is useless..thanks apple nice job!!!

This same thing happened to me. The weird thing is if I ask Siri to call she finds the missing contact, but I still can't see it anywhere. Also some that show up I can search for and it says no results.

Ever since updating my iphone5 to iOS 9.1, my phone constantly shuts itself off – I can be in the middle of ANYTHING and it shuts down. Also is very sluggish – especially when trying to delete emails.

After updating two of my Iphone6 yesterday from 9.0.2 to 9.1, one is working fine, the other one has an issue on the camera app: video (slomo, time-lapse and video) is working fine, but foto is just showing a blurred screen of the last video content, and camera trigger is grayed out and unresponsive. Switching rear camera to front camera won't work on foto setting, while it works fine on video. Shutting down and restarting phone does not change the issue.
I will try to downgrade now, to see if the bug is reversible.

I am have SAME issue. I have read Apple forums and several people are but I cannot find a fix for this problem. If you do please share. Thanks!

Apple, stop over engineering your products. Have you ever heard the saying "if it isn't broken, don't fix it"? Anyway I updated to 9.1 and issues galore on both my phones (have a 5s and a 6) one personal and one for work. After the update my phones were freezing and blank screens making me hard stop them. Also my personal text messages were showing up on both phones as well as incoming callas ringing on both phones. Found out it was a setting for multiple devises that was defaulted on track update. Who at Apple thought this was a good idea? Use your buzz olio. Dollars to do something constructive please. Only reason I own an iPhone is because my company provided it. Android is far better. They even allow the user to replace the battery. What a concept?

I am having the same issue with my 4S. Just updated 9.1 today. I can text but can not call out, it beeps 3 times.

Dear Apple, please stop over engineering your products. I have 2 iPhones 5&6 one for work and one for personal use. I reluctantly updated to 9.1 and have had issues since. They were working fine before the update so why do you feel compelled to push this crap out to consumers? Phones are freezing and then the apple hard stop process starts by itself. Also my text messages and incoming calls are being replicated on both phones. Found out this was part of the update. Who at Apple thought this was a good idea? That is absurd. Only reason I have iPhones is because my company provided it. Otherwise would defiantly go with Android. Far less restrictive and they even allow the owner to replace the battery. What a concept? Hey Apple, why don't you do something helpful for your customers like allow them to replace batteries when they crap out? Oh yeah, that would cut into your bizzillion dollars in profit you greedy !$&?# ers.

After installing iOS 9.1, my iPad started draining very fast. Today I was gone most of the day and it is down to 30%. Something has got to be remedied.

My mom is having this same issue. Currently searching high and low for a fix. Please let me know if you find one!

My iPhone 6 was updated overnight 10/27-28 and I am experiencing the very same problem with the phone. Help!

My alarm only vibrates, it won't make any other noise and you cannot shut it off. I have to reset the phone to stop it from vibrating.

Since updating today any phone calls I make are distorted badly. If I can hear anything, the other person comes in slow and deep voiced. And if they can hear me I am very squeaky and high pitched. When I use FaceTime it behaves normally. So it is
Something in the "phone" ap and mobile calling. All other sound in and out works fine. Help?

After update mail thinks my "username or password is incorrect." They aren't. Password hasn't changed in over a year. Same password on two accounts, neither account working.

Also battery percentage drops fast but after plugging shows 30-40% increase in a few minutes.

After I updated my 5s to 9.1 the Settings and the Mail buttons have a weird (old) design.. like they looked a few years ago.

Since my update to iOs 9.1, my contacts app shows a blank white page, and eventually goes back to the home page.

I removed the contacts via the settings page (gmail and icloud),
I restarted my phone numerous times,

When I double tap the home button, it shows that the contacts app is open on a contact I lat used last night. Swiping up supposedly closes the app… but then it shown again on the double tap

Once I played a video and my iPhone 6 started making weird noises, and everytime I clicked the power button to switch it off it happened again, but after restarting it, it was fine. But I'm scared it will happen again. This happened after the recent iOs 9.1 software update

I also am having a few problems with my iPhone 5 since updating.. My screen shot spears to work(camera sound etc) but doesn't actually take the shot! Argh I actually hate updates

Hi, I also have the iPhone 6s Plus and I don't get the banner notifications neither. I thought it was something wrong with my phone or something in settings, but now I see that it is a problem with Apples latest update….smh

I don't get calls ringing through, all of a sudden I have a voicemail and the phone never even rang ugh!!! So many missed calls
The worst part is, they don't even show up in my call list !! So aggravating! I've missed several important calls due to this issue. Please fix!

I upgraded iOS on my iPhone 6 and my emails stopped coming in. I'm on an old POP server in Ireland(eircom) rang them today and the update is the reason! Get it sorted Apple!!

Same thing just happened to me on my iPhone 5s. It is my only phone—work, personal, etc. This sucks. I got my first Apple product in 1986. They used to be amazing. Now they are sloppy with their updates…I think they do this to make older models obsolete. Wish I hadn't updated.

It is happening to my phone a lot. Mine is iphone 5 too, and it is just switching off, CONTINUOUSLY. If I plug it in for charging, then its fine. Something needs to be done. I wonder, if the Apple folks even watch this page at all, to begin with. Or are we just talking to walls?

I attempted to download/install iOS 9.1 for my iphone 5s and its saying an estimated "15 hours to download/install" Well, its been over 15 hours and I have the indicator bar at about halfway through the "process" and it still hasn't finished download/installing.
Yes, I'm serious.

Since updating my 5 to ios9.1, I keep getting "password incorrect" notices and now my email messages are not coming through on either my iphone or ipad. I can only open apps if I constantly tap"cancel" on the "enter password" notices.

I updated my iPad 2 to iOS 9.1 and I noticed that my speaker sound is scratchy. Can you, please, fix this problem. Thank you.

The 9.1 update mentioned that a fix for unread emails is bundled, however after upgrade i see the problem is still there. these issues were not in any versions of ios till 9 came out? why is new problems being created?


Maybe you've already tried this but I had the same problem so I completely shut my phone down and then rebooted it. The problem seems to have resolved itself. Good luck!


Since update, I can't use my camera (which I use a LOT for work), phone won't 'speak' to my computer, maps don't work, FB won't work, sometimes won't go into or out of airplane mode, sometimes (often) texts don't work.

iPhone 5s, updated to 9.1 and now Bluetooth will not connect, tried forgetting the device and it will not see it to pair it again.

On a 5s, updated to IOS 9.1 and now bluetooth no longer works, cannot connect, forget and pair does not work either.

Since the update I can no longer get my bought ringtone to work. It is in my phone and I can go to it and play it but can't get it to work when someone calls. Does Apple not check this stuff out before they send the new update???

This is bullshit. I get nothing but the Music Pink page advertising get three months free without being able to see my own purchased songs. I'm might just take a loss & buy an Android.

Since downloading ios 9.1my contacts were reorganized differently than I had set up and even worse, my Voicemail is gone & wont come back. Has anyone else experieced either of these problems? Is there a fix?

I got new iPhone 6 from insurance 29th October 2015.
Faults before updating to iOS 9.1:
Phone shows apple logo then turns off

After updating to iOS 9.1:
1. Phone turns off by itself
2. Fast battery draining

Have not come across other faults yet since its been 5 1/2 hours since i started using this new phone.

Please if you guys have same problems with your phone then reply because then ill feel its not only me havibg this kind of problem.

Since updating to 9.1 the camera only focuses correctly for close up shots. Anything in the distance is always blurry.

Since the update, my iPad mini is having a couple of issues. One is in Mail, while I am writing an email, it will all of a sudden act as if I have hit cancel, it asks if I want to save draft or delete and then low and behold, my email is gone and then the app closes. If I open it back up, my email is there as if I haven't done anything, open and waiting for me to type. But then it happens again and again. I have tried powering down the iPad, and it didn't change it.

Also in safari, it will just all of a sudden close down.

Upgraded my iPhone 5 to IOS 9.1, What a mistake! I lost most of my music (almost 6000 songs) and I cannot email photos from the phone anymore as I have done in the past. The only reason I purchased the largest memory iPhone 5 (64G) was so that I could have my music with me. Tried to sync the music from my computer to the phone and after indicating that the transfer had gone through, all of the music is lost again. HELP!!

Downloaded 9.1 now phone will not charged tried every charger including 3 iPhone chargers and all say not a certified iPhone charger and will not charge!!!! Waiting on call from Doctor and cannot lose my phone!!

Since upgrading my phone touch screen works sporadically. Some times it will start clicking app on its own without me touching it. This seems to only happen if I'm running an app for more than 5 min. Phone seems to over heat.

Since installing iOS 9.1 on my iPhone 6s there is a red dot notification on settings indicating an update is available. There is no update available and the annoying red dot won't go away. Please fix it.

Just downloaded 9.1… Wow what a peice of crap.. My phone dose not have any sound when it rings and no tone for messages
Lost work due to not hearing phone ring.
THANKS ALOT APPLE you going to reimburse me for my loses

Fixed! I am now able to enter the Username in our office wifi. What I did was:
1. Reset Network Settings — Settings, General, Reset, Reset Network Settings.
2. Clear Safari's cache by going to Settings, Safari, then tapping Clear History and Website Data.
Hope this helps. 🙂

Every time I've used my iPhone (5s) to wake me up for school, all it does is vibrate. And it won't let me turn on the lock screen to hit snooze. I've tried pressing and holding the power button to see if it will turn on, but to no avail. The alarm lasts for two minutes, before finally letting me use my phone again. HELP!!!

i getting password incorrect for my emails and i cant send mail !!! since new update ios9.1 !!!! need to fix it quickly

I downloaded the ios 9.1 update on my iPhone 6 and now my email won't work. When I try to open my email, I get a message stating "Cannot Get Mail The mail server "" is not responding. Verify that you have entered the correct account info in Mail settings. OK." I have not changed anything, other than the update. The update seems to have worked fine on my iPad 2, as my email is opening and updating on there. Also, I usually use my bluetooth for answering calls but when I didn't have that turned on and was receiving a call after the update, when I attempted to answer the call with swipe to answer, I could not get it to swipe and; unfortunately, missed the call.

FaceTime not working
iTunes failure
Bluetooth has been loading since the update
Shit fucked my phone up brah
iMessage send regular messages

Downloaded 9.1 on my iPad Air. Can't access my contacts, Apps shuts down when I click on them. Apparently Apple's idea of support is to create a forum for people to vent there frustrations, but offer no technical advice to fix the problems. If I wanted a device with bugs, I'll save some money and buy Android and Microsoft devices.

Since upgrading to 9.1, I now get "phantom" iMessages showing on my messages screen . When I open it it is the new message screen asking for a contact name in the "to" section at the top of the screen.

I updated to 9.1 and it caused my cloud chain to stop working and all my deviced were disabled! I couldn't even make a phone call either. WTF??? I waited an hour, rebooted the phone and it finally let me in. It changed up all my icons and I had to rearrange them. Not sure what else I will get surprised with today.

With my iOS 9.1 update the search function in my Contacts is pretty much useless.
Results only show items 'Found In Mail' which is not what i'm looking for… I want to make a call.

Really not liking this update!

I had just gotten the update, downloaded it and lets just say….My Ipad is broken. It wont turn on after the update, which I had wanted to call a friend after it was done, well can't now. Thanks a lot apple.

have a 6plus, since update screen has glitches where it blinks and jumps around. When it does this the touch screen is unresponsive, have to use the lock button and then go back into the home screen to get it to work.

Had the same problem! Finally deleted the email account,,then re-entered information and all was well. Only happened on my iPhone 6 not on my iPad Air.

I am having this issue as well. When I updated a couple of days ago, I was happy– until I realized I can't make or receive calls.

After updating my 6 plus to 9.1 my keyboard shortcuts (text replacement) have all gone.. And it's not even accepting new ones !!!!
Don't know why??!!
Any ideas??

When i update my ios to 9.1 i cannot search my contacts… And wifi disconnect in no time. Camera has some glitches… Some apps tend to hang…

After upgrading to ios 9.1 on my iphone 5s, the dialling pad has been unresponsive. Pls anyone wit useful info on how to resolve it shd get back 2 me.

I switched from my note 4 to this apple iphone 6 plus piece of shit and i regret it big time android doesnt have all these issues like apple and apple suppose to be top of the line please android still pisses on apple im going back to android fuck apple you guys fucking suck yall should just stop making apple dont u understand the brain died so did apple android is the shit im throwing this piece of shit out going to go buy the note 5

Ever since I updated to 9.1 my music player started freezing up. Now it's frozen and keeps crashing when I open it. So frustrating especially when you're traveling

After I got the iOS 9 update on my grandmother's iPad, it will make random notification noises for no reason. It is not any games or anything because she doesn't have any game apps, and the only extra apps she has are QVC and YouTube. Then I downloaded the iOS update from Oct. 22, and it's still making the noises, and seems to be making them more and more frequently; does ANYBODY know the cause of this and how I can fix it?

iPhone 6s Plus wouldn't downloaded third party apps. I am subscribed to Apple Music and it tells me I am not. Every time I reset phone it makes me sign into iCloud and every time I sign-in and reset the problems come back within an hour. So I spend all day resetting my phone. Phone has been restore and erased multiple times and I have the same problems.

Rear facing camera stopped focusing, also integration with iTunes user ID is weird or not working. Slow processing time and "jumpiness" described in other posts.

Since I downloaded the IOS 9.2 update my screen side camera has stopped working and the regular one on the front is very glitchy. Haven't noticed any other issues yet… Hope it stays that way.

I had the same issues. Did a hard reset (hold both home button and power button down same time, then turn back on). After on, go to settings-sounds- toggle both vibrate on ring, vibrate on silent off and on (or back and forth from your current setting), then do the same at very bottom with lock sounds and keyboard clicks. Seemed to fix mine issues so far.

Having the same problem, I will never change IOS again without a specific needs. I live by my IPad, everything now is subject to freezes, stalls, "page will not load" and no response to touch screen or home button.

My 4s did the same thing with the last update! Unfortunatly I had to replace the screen LCD/ digitizer. As well as restore my phone, and it's working now.

Same here! It's irritating as hell! I go to my contacts app and try to search for any contact and it keeps displaying, "no results." I have to keep scrolling down to find whoever I'm trying to reach from my contacts. I don't have time for this shit. I have a busy life and can't be playing these games with Apple.

A lot of strange and random stuff since the upgrade: sometimes no ring signal, a lot of apps are autostarted after start (not always the same, tried restrictions and disabling push and network access, but no difference), jerky function, strange color effects.
Regrets strongly from leaving 8…

Ever since iOS 9, my speaker works intermittently but there is always sound with headphones. I am at the Apple Store now waiting 1 1/2 hours for my 6 Plus speaker to be replaced:( Consequently, missing calls and text messages. I get the "Can not get mail." pop up often even though mail is downloading in the background. I have difficulty swiping to answer phone calls. It often takes 2 or more attempts which causes me to miss calls sometimes. Trouble with wifi connections too.

The same thing happened to me. I have Verizon and after downloading 9.1 when I make or receive a call the voice is all weird like a computer and ant understand anyone. Apple better fix this quick. The main reason is a phone and if I can't make a call or receive one that's extremely aggrevating.

I am having a similar issue. Literally upgraded yesterday afternoon. Mere hours later, my phone just turned off for two hours and I thought it was just completely dead, but Siri kept talking to me at random. Funny fodder while at a Halloween party, sure, but total confusion set in. I finally was able to turn it back on after a hard shutdown (while off already???) somehow. Now, oddly enough, I can place a call as long as I have it on speakerphone. Otherwise, a regular call from the calling screen is complete silence. When I do get messages, my phone will vibrate, but no sound notification. What a mess. Who wants to talk on speakerphone in public if they need to make a call?!?

I downloaded iOS 9.1 and now my apps will cannot update. I restorers my phone and now the apps will not install. Has anyone else experienced this. Why would a company release an update with so many problems?

same problem on my mother iphone4s dude.. it's annoying me 'coz my mother is blaming me for doing such a cocking update of this ios9.1..

Yes! That is the same as mine! The front camera is fine and normal however the back is all out of focus and blurry 🙁

Yeah, my phone is doing this too a few days after iOS 9. It's annoying my whole family and me. In fact it literally just buzz with nothing onscreen saying anything.

Can't make or receive calls. Can receive the voice mail the person leaves though. I guess it sounds like I've answered. Can text and get texts. Only issue is the calls. So far.

I'm having the same issues – touchscreen not responsive- acting on its own by auto-typing content into texts. Phone has made calls and sent texts without me touching it. Have had to restart it dozens of times in last 24 hours – seems to work "properly" only the first time in the first app I open. Then I have to restart it again.

The screen also gets all glitchy like in the Matrix with part of it pixellated and flickering.

How do I fix this?

Hello after this new upgrade on iPhone I am having problems receiving my emails on my iPhone can somebody help.

Since I updated my phone my wifi don't connect when I get home and then when it does it don't work good and every time I am on the phone it makes a clicking noise like every 30 seconds? And both my phones receive the phone call

After updating ios 9.1my iPhone 5s phone book not working.
Even I can't save anyone's contact
Please suggest me what should I do

Since the upgrade to iOS 9.1, I face problems connecting my iPhone 6SPLUS with my MacPro via Bluetooth and some Apps stopped working. App, on which I noticed this first was the App "iStopmotion Camera". Before 9.1 my iPhone was recognized as 'external camera' on my MacPro, now with iOS 9.1 my iPhone is not recognized anymore maybe because the 'accept connection' does not show up while establishing the connection on the Mac as it used to do so in the past.

I have download new version, ios 9.1. After install they need my apply id, i type 1st is wrong then i type 2nd is correct but message alert to me the "apply id is blocking, pls sign later". My question is when i can sign in again later?

Man , So i have been using iPhone for a few years now to do everything from recording music , making original beats and rhythms , , performing live sets of music with nothing but the phone , creating samples , shooting film , doing stop motion projects , editing 2 films together , doing all the editing and adding of fx to everything i just mentioned as well…….Kind of been trying to see just how much one can do on these things and with todays apps , it is a lot !!

Well ……like a complete asshole i went ahead and did the unthinkable …..and went ahead and did the 9 update because ….you know…….it was there……and it said to update… i did……cos I'm an idiot apparently who follows suggestions given to me by a company I USED TO COMPLETELY TRUST AND LOVE AND ADMIRE for their inherent ability to streamline function , form and fashion into a seemingly flawlessly integrated handheld device that is not only beautifully crafted but extremely intuitive and reliable…….UNTIL NOW !!!

My story is that I did the update and my phone was dead within 4 days .
At first i enjoyed the new features like swiping right on there home screen etc.

But immediately it wouldn't recognize my cables and cubes and kept telling me they were all non certified and may not work….which they wouldn't … i went out and bought two new cables and two new cubes (20 buck each) as i use a lot of accessories given the production stuff i do with the phone as a work tool …..anyway…..came home from the apple store plugged in the new apple cables….same thing ….this cable is not certified……mmmmmm…..yeah it is …..or your Apple store is selling fake shit

So needless to say , no cable or charger would work as i watched the battery zip down to zero , then shut off , and not come back on or take a charge….brought it to the store ….they sent it out for repair…..called me in a week and said it was ready …..went to get it ….asked what was wrong and they said …….
"Oh they never tell us….they just gave you a new one"

And that was the moment i learned what i was so desperately afraid of happening had actually happened …..

I lost years worth of samples , songs , beats , recording , open video projects , video clips …..irreplaceable pieces and parts to projects that were in mid production , one of which i had been working on for six months…..everything…..just gone

Now i love the iPhone for what I've been able to create with it …..but seriously…..fuck you apple for releasing some half ass killer update

who does that?

do car companies do that ?
drug companies?

no ….cos it could kill people!!!!!!
is that the only threshold we live by now ?
as long as it doesn't kill anyone we are good?

fuck you guys for that….i will still use your half ass products cos they are the best at what they do when they do it but seriously…….you guys need to get your shit together if you wanna last as king…….

How bout next time i buy something from you guys i just give you a really beautiful brand new credit card to pay for it……i mean I'm not sure if its good or has been set up yet or even has a credit line … fact it might actually give your system a virus that blocks access and transfers out funds from your gazillion dollar account or just make your accounts disintegrate , but i'm not sure……i was gonna check all those things out first but i can't wait…who's got time to wait a week or two when this new credit card is out !!….this credit card is gorgeous…..look at it when you hold it up to the light…..did you see that?
Look at the way the hologram flashes when you turn it , its like way better than a regular hologram visa logo…….oh and see how much lighter it is than those other bulky ass credit cards?

You really can't go wrong……..just trust me……look….heres a notification from the credit card maker who says to just accept it…..its no big deal……look how skinny it is….. come on…

After the update it will not allow my ringtones to sync to either my Itunes or my Iphone. Anyone else have this issue its been irritating me all day.

Since updating to iOS 9.1 I cannot send emails from my msn account. I can see new emails and read then but can't respond. Secondly the key board now appears in the middle of the iPad screen and cannot be moved down so typing is blind. I have tried to delete and my email and start over to no avail

I'm having the same problem!! I can't update my apps and if I try it wants to charge me to update apps that are free!!

Since i updated my ios to 9.1 the battery goes down so fast
Also i noticed my mobile data is consumed so fast
When i tried to see where it was consumed i noticed that it's consumed for system services even if i'm using the wifi!!!!!

In one hour it consumed half gb which is too much i had to turn off the cellular data to stop it. This should not appear because we just faced it in ios 9 even if the reason of the problem is different

Since updated to iOS 9.1 version, I can't clear my notifications. I got to restart my phone just to clear it out and it's a continuous act. The LED flash light alert is not working and Siri doesn't come out any sound too.

I have your problem too!… I can't update my purchased apps, and I can't download any new free app at all!!!

My 6 won't vibrate since upgrading to iOS 9.1. I can hear a quiet, high-pitched tone (ringer off), but it won't vibrate. Ran phone Doctor, confirmed vibrate function is not working. I tried tapping the back of the phone during an incoming call, no change.

i updated to ios9.1 lastnight and f*** couldnt send out texts and calls!!!!! i spoke to my network provided and theres was no problem !!! what thr f!!!! apple!!!!

After updating to iOS 9.1 my LINE AOO crashes constantly. Repeated installations of Line App had no success. What can I do?

Hey I had the same problem and about ready to throw my 6 out the window! I couldn't get sound for text messages only vibrate, also couldn't play any music. So I experimented and turned the Bluetooth off because I read something about it sending sounds to other devices. I then switched to airplane mode, waited a minute and turned back on. I also turned back on the Bluetooth, and now seems to be working fine. Hope it helps!

iPhone 5s after 9.1 update i had very fast battery drain. Around 10-20% per hour. If I turned off both wifi and cellular data it ceased draining. After a bunch of experiments (including doing Settings->General->Reset->Erase All Content and Settings), I discovered that simply signing into iCloud was enough to cause battery drain. Signing back out and the drain goes back to normal.

Edwin, did IOS 9.1 cause poor 3G signal on your iPad2 ? Because my iPad2 3G signal is low. I don't know whether this happened after upgrading to IOS 9.1 or caused by the receiver problem. Thx.

Having problem with notification center and control center randomly apps store having updates but here is no update pending, whatsapps chat wont clear even tho had enter the chat window.

I updated to iOS 9.1 maybe 5 days ago, and this morning when my alarm was supposed to go off, it didn't. the alarm was on, but there was no sound with it. and when I started typing my password, my iPad mini started making a static noise, one for each keyboard click. I turned my sound off because I was scared af, but I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem and knows what to do? will it make static if I try to do anything with my sound effects?

After upgrading to 9.1 all my iPhone 6 sounds suddenly stop working. If I do a reboot on my phone I will get the sound back. This bug affects all sounds including the alarm, incoming calls, incoming text, etc..

Good day,

I purchased an iPhone 5s on Tuesday 27th October, 2015 and a software update popped up on the screen for iOS 9.1. I proceeded with the update over wifi via the iPhone.

On the morning of Wednesday 28th October, 2015. I tabbed/selected the "Phone icon" on my home screen and since then I can't make any calls.

Essentially I cannot select any numbers on the dial pad, I also cannot select any of the features below the dial pad i.e. "Features", "Recent", "Contacts" or "Voicemail".

Any assistance in remedying this problem would be appreciated.

Thank you.

I too am having the same issue and its driving me crazy but if u go to the spotlight search it will find the contact no problem. When there is a solution to this problem please share it….Ughhhh I hate I did the update now.

My IPad has been upgraded to 9.1 but now I have, lines on the bottom of my screen. A big bold black bar on the bottom, colorful things not to far from them. It's weird.

As I updated to iOS 9.1 the phone turned off and did not turn on! It has been displaying the Apple logo for about 3 hours. I don't know what to do?

My FaceTime won't let me ring people on video and audio. It is doing this with a few of my friends too. I try and ring someone on video and it straight away says '….. Is unavailable' and FaceTime audio says 'the number that you rung isn't recognised' this has never happened to me before but it has on and off to my friend. I've tried it on my phone and iPad and neither are working. If you accept a call it says connecting but says unavailable for the other person.

Same problem too, after upgrading to 9.1 the phone 6 is not ringing for incoming calls, very disturbing as I continuously miss everyone calling! Pls we need an update urgently

After upgrade iOS.9.1 from iphone6 I can't connect wifi at home, and also cannot back up iCloud. At the same time, my new iPhone 6s also have a same problem when I just bought from Apple Store!!! Cannot connect wifi at home, but sometimes work at the public.

Really need on backup problem, so i can move from 6 to 6s!!

I'm having a similar problem, but it seems like the sound is sort of related to Bluetooth sound sources going offline. If my sound device looses power, sound on my phone will be wrecked until I reboot.

My IPhone 5 button won't work now since I upgraded to iso 9.1. I cannot access phone or messages or anything once I have another application open. It won't close. When I do a hard reset, everything is still messed up. So frustrated.

Not sure if you're still having the issue but I found that upgrading to the beta (9.2 at the time of this writing) fixes the home button and battery drain issues.

I was having the same problem as you were, I had to press really hard on the home button to get it to function and sometimes it would register a single click as a triple click. I have been on the beta for a few hours and so far my phone is functioning properly again.

I have the same issue, its also annoying because when i miss a call, i cant tell because it doesnt show any notifications. Wtf apple, how do they screw a BASIC PHONE FEATURE. Whats the point of an iphone when i cant even phone??

Ive tried downgrading but it gives me an error (3134) or something and ive tried restoring, nothing works.

Updated to iOS 9 the problem is I can't play Apple Music which I am paying and I can't download apps from the Apple Store and I can't login my iCloud account. I call apple customers service. I was on the phone with Matthew about three hours finally we got it fix I had to reset setting I had to resign in my iCloud account 4:30am the problem came back so I refollow the steps Matthew gave me on the phone To get this fix again am pissed I got to keep doing this til Apple get this fix

After I updated my iPhone5s to 9.1, my phone stopped vibrating for incoming calls or text.. Nice one Apple!

After updating ios 9.1my iPhone 5s phone book not working.
Even I can't save anyone's contact
Please suggest me what should I do

Pictures are suddenly blurry. Before the upgrade to 9.1 they were perfectly sharp, now not so much. The lens is clean, when looking at the screen, the view is sharp, but when I look at the actual picture, it's blurry.

Pictures are suddenly blurry. Before the upgrade to 9.1 they were perfectly sharp, now not so much. The lens is clean, when looking at the screen, the view is sharp, but when I look at the actual picture, it's blurry.

Me too, when I plug the phone back in it shoots back up to 40%. I haven't found a fix, and this has rendered my phone so unreliable that I carry a backup battery wherever I go. Not exactly optimal!

No service in my network carrier since I updated my iPhone 5 to new version iOS 9.1. Please let me know how to fix I am fed up of visiting all service centers. Please need to fix asap

Since ios 9.1 update, i experience (5 problems) very hard battery drain, back camera not working, led flash / torch many too bright and turns off itself after 2 seconds, hot motherboard i can feel the housing of the iphone getting warm, and very bad working bluetooth (casio watch + app with a STB-1000). Further everything works well to me with this latest ios version for my iphone 4s.

Since ios 9.1 update, i experience (5 problems) very hard battery drain, back camera not working, led flash or torch many too bright and turns off itself after 2 seconds, hot motherboard i can feel the housing of the iphone getting warm, and very bad working bluetooth (casio watch app with a STB-1000). Further everything works well to me with this latest ios version for my iphone 4s.

My experience about ios 9.1 update (i installed it via latest itunes for windows xp, only once failed to update my iphone, second time the update works well). I experience (5 problems) very hard battery drain, back camera not working, led flash or torch many too bright and turns off itself after 2 seconds, hot motherboard i can feel the housing of the iphone getting warm, and very bad working bluetooth (casio watch app with a STB-1000). To fix all the problems, i will try to replace my back camera. Further everything works well to me with this latest ios version for my iphone 4s.

My experience about ios 9.1 update (i installed it via latest itunes (12.1.3) for windows xp, with the help of and the "shift" option (it saved me 1,5gb of download), only once failed to update my iphone, second time the update works well). I experience (5 problems) very hard battery drain, back camera not working, led flash or torch many too bright and turns off itself after 2 seconds, hot motherboard i can feel the housing of the iphone getting warm, and very bad working bluetooth (casio watch app with a STB-1000). To fix all the problems, i will try to replace my back camera. Further everything works well to me with this latest ios version for my iphone 4s.

I am having a similar issue. I use my phone for music a lot, and when I went to play a song I got a loud static noise. It also happened when I went to text someone. I restarted the phone and it was good for a couple hours, but then I restarted it again. I guess we will see how long that lasts. I plan on taking it a store if I can't find help online.

Sean Robertson, I know it's really NOT funny (I'm here looking for a solution too), but thanks for the laugh😅

I'm trying to upgrade my iPhone 6 to iOS 9.1 but it has downloaded but it shows a notification saying error while installing every time I try it. Any help ?

Just finished installing the update for my iPod Touch. I think it's 9.1 but I just can't be sure at this point.

I cannot even get past the initial setup screen. After inputting my password for iCloud setup, I am asked to choose an option for "Find my iPod Touch". The following results are identical whether I choose to input my password or skip the step.

If I choose to use this feature, the message I'm getting reads "Find my iPod Touch Now active for "". Find My iPod touch is no longer being used with "(null)". You can change this in Settings." My only option at this point is to press OK. Pressing OK restarts my device and the process repeats itself.

If I choose not to use this feature, I get essentially the exact same result. The message reads: "Find my iPod touch No Longer Available for "(null)" You can turn on Find My iPod touch for "" in Settings."

Someone!! Anyone!! Please please please tell me you have a solution for me!!!!!

I've updated my iPhone 5 to iOS 9.1 and my old photos just don't open at all, they show blank and I cannot see or transfer to anywhere. Can you help me?? I try to use a recover program but they are not deleted so it does not recover.

Can you help me please??

Updated my iPhone 6 to 9.1 and lost all of my Music, Playlists, etc. Over the last six hours I've tried everything. Every Apple update seems to have issues, any advice how to get my music back onto my iPhone?

I can't receive or make calls either. I upgraded because the previous version crashed EVERY time I opened anything on my 4S. The next time I buy a phone, it won't be from Apple.

I have issues using Fb video call I can see and hear the other person but they cannot see or hear me also using google when I try to scroll down or tap/select something the screen becomes unresponsive seems I'm the only one so far with these problems please help

My hotmail email account won't send messages from my iphone after this update. It also won't let me delete any. Any ideas on fixing this?

My iPhone 6s is being annoying when it comes to completing calls…it is literally only working about half the time when I try to make a call. Guess Apple forgot what a phone's main purpose was…

I have a 5C and today I had the same issue. The problem appeared after I have checked another group with a lot of contacts in it (but this never happened before with the other version of IOS). Basically when I try to access the phone book nothing but a white screen appeared. I managed to solve the issue by accessing FaceTime and from there I unchecked all groups, except "All on my phone".

My notifications are not working at all when my phone is not unlocked. It's very frustrating because I always miss notifications and I don't know what is wrong. Someone please help!!!!!

I am using 6s Plus with iOS 9.1 and have a Hotmail account which is sending fine from Outlook app.

If you are using Mail I would suggest switching from that and giving the Outllook app a go – I have 5 other accounts coming into the Outlook app including the Hotmail (Primary account), an address, 2 x gmail and 1 Office 365 (Uni student account) without issue.

If you do decide to go this path just make sure you have your POP/IMAP settings the way you want them – for example if you want an email deleted from the hotmail/outlook server if you delete it from your phone AND VICE VERSA simply login to in your COMPUTER browser -> Click the gear icon next to your account name in the top right -> Click "Connect devices and Apps with POP" under the Managing your Account section -> Enable the POP setting and "Do what the device or app says….." option.

I understand that this doesn't directly solve your problem but I highly recommend this Outlook app for mail as it is reasonably simple to configure.

Other features include a focused inbox, configuring access to your OneDrive/ Box/ Dropbox accounts, select different mail notification sounds for different email accounts, set up different signatures per account etc etc etc…

In regard to Mail, which I assume you are using, I would also assume that you have already tried removing the account and/or reading the support articles here:

Good luck – hope this helps somewhat 🙂

(PS: As a couple of sidenotes there are still heaps of bugs in iOS 9.1 such as in my case WiFi Sync not working etc. I am currently in a support case with Apple in regard to account issues, the Sync issues and I also reported a bug which was forwarded to the Engineering Dept. and has now been fixed…. App Store -> Tap your Apple ID at the bottom of the page -> Tap "View Apple ID" ->Enter iTunes password and OK -> Tap "Ratings and Reviews" -> you will now be able to see your Ratings and Reviews and if you swipe them right as the header says you will have an option to delete them whereas before this was simply an empty page with the Heading "Swipe to remove a rating or review"…i also would like everything to just work and in particular I think this app thinning business stinks however…….)

I have an iPad3, since I upgraded to 9.1, I can not access any of my work that was stored in pages. Please help.

I listen to music/podcast while driving by connecting my iPhone to my car speaker via a tape adapter. Prior to the update, when I receive an incoming call, I would be able to answer the phone and speak through the phone and hear the person through the car speakers no problem.

After the update, when I receive a call, I can hear the person through the speaker, but I am not able to speak to them unless I pull the aux cord out the phone and put the phone on speaker.

Can this be fixed?

A lot of people with iPhone 4s that I know their phone has crashed completely and won't work!!! I just updated mine before they informed me!!!

After updating my 4s iphone to 9.1 I can no longer make or receive any phone calls. Texting, internet, and my voicemail work. Help please.

I have an iPhone 6 and since I update to iOS 9.1 I got a lot of bugs with the keybord mostly in Message and WhatsApp.

I updated my iPad to iOS 9.1 and it broke an app that I use called ConferencePad. Where devices would be able to connect to each other via Bluetooth prior to this update, they no longer do. I spoke with the creator of the app, and he confirmed that Apple "broke" Bluetooth with the latest update. It's pretty frustrating since this app was the whole reason I got the iPads, so I'm hoping that some update will restore the functionality of this app.

The ios 9.0.0 Basically killed the rear camera of my previously fully functional never jail breaked iphone 5 and the 9.1 did not fix it. Already did hard reset, special hard reset. I went to one store and they send my to the phone technical support and now I need to go back to the store. There is a query about people with the same problem but they are not acknowledging there is a glitch currently. I changed my 6 or more year old still functional except for the battery life small and still taking photos alcatel phone for the better camera in this one and now is wrecked and due to an update. 👿

iphone 5s with 9.1 upgrade. suddenly all ringtones sound like a goat being raped. Every one of them. I learned this at 04:50 when my alarm went off. How do I get the normal ringtones back?
Apparently the 1st upgrade to 9.1 didn't work as I got continual notices to upgrade – every day at 09:00. for some reason that stopped and the 9.1 upgrade completed. again. this is when my ringtones got adulterated.

On iPhone 6, I updated to iOS 9.1. Now 1) I start an email, leave email to check something in contacts,text msg or photo. Upon returning to email function, it resets and previous note/message is GONE??? Help! Another Example: 2) For my business, I often copy a series of text messages into email format …To keep in client file. Start email; go to Message to copy text to put in email; copy one text into email; return to copy another text; come back to email, it resets. All message previously written, are gone. Previous iOS you could move between functions …things would be in email… without having to save to draft. It almost seems like you have to save draft; go back from contacts or other function to email and go into drafts… before completing email. Lastly, 3) have started email message. Decide to name additional recipient. Has lock on the TO: This is all just since doing iOS 9.1 update??? Any ideas? Thank you.

After i updated to ios 9.1 on my iphone 6 and everytime i locked up my screen the wifi will be disconnect…and i will get all notifications when i get it on..and the wifi will reconnect…help please!

Same here I make a call and can hear the person saying hello but when I speak they can't hear me. I have all 4 bars of reception feom AT&T and after moving a few steps I can be heard.

I've had iOS 9.1 on the iPhone 6 for awhile now and it was working perfectly until yesterday evening. Videos are now refusing to play, even youtube doesn't work. Help?!

I was getting updates in Real Time. Now I am not. Specifically a website that updates listings in real time. But my iphone does not get these updates in Real Time now. It is delayed by at least 6+ listings. For me,I need to be able to get merchandise and if I cannot get updates in Real Time that means other people have access to items I need before I do. Why is this happening? This was a recent change to my updates as I used to get them as soon as they are listed.

Started the upgrade my iPhone 6S to 9.1 last night, about 9pm. The upgrade installed within just a few minutes and it prompted me for a fingerprint on the home button to use for unlocking. Completed that successfully but then the phone then went to "updating iCloud" (or some similar wording). It stayed there for two hours without a change. I'd had enough, figured it was connected via USB to the PC anyway so it wouldn't kill the battery and left it overnight to finish. This morning the same message was still displaying. It was completely unresponsive so I powered it down, then back up again. Now it's prompting me for a six digit code to unlock the phone – which it didn't prompt me for before locking up so no pass code was ever set. The home button won't unlock the phone – the message displayed above the keypad is "Touch ID requires your passcode when iPhone restarts". Great – no fingerprint access and no pass code. I've had this phone for 28 days and have hated it from Day One. I'd trade this POS for my old, off-brand Android phone (BLU) in a heartbeat because IT ALWAYS WORKED. It's scary to think that I'm stuck with this iPOS for two years…

Please remove sim restart phone, insert sim again after wiping it with a cloth. Let the phone detect sim again. Start using the phone app. It worked for me and idea came from Santi in Apple forum.

After iOS 9.1 update.. I can no longer have Siri read me incoming text messages via hands free Bluetooth without first having to unlock my iPhone 6 (every time!!) so frustrating .. It totally defeats the safety and purpose of "hands free" in every way!

I've had nothing but errors with my 5s since this update. When 9.0 came out I had a glitch where the voice message bubble sat over what I was texting, which was annoying. The update fixed that but broke everything else.

I have to cut power to my phone every half hour to hour because it freezes up and becomes totally unresponsive.

Major audio issues. Most audio apps refuse to play (soundcloud, music, YouTube, Facebook videos, etc). When they do, it's just static noise blaring at the max possible volume. Doesn't matter if it is the phone speaker or headphones or Bluetooth. Having it at max volume while it produces noise is no different from turning it all the way down, until the point where it's silenced and the audio actually shuts off.

I don't care if they just came out with the second generation of phone from mine, I still have 6 months in my contract and this is a load of shit. I didn't pay $600 for a phone that the company would destroy in 18 months. This is why I refused iPhones before this, and will probably return to doing.

hey everyone,

My iPhone 5 continuously crashes after this update and when I attempt to charge it the battery % stays fixed until doing a hard reboot, anyone else having similar issues / know of a solution to this? I've booked a genius bar appointment for next week but I'm fearing the worst!

I bought my Wife and I the new 6s phones about 3 weeks ago. Everything has worked great under 9.1 until yesterday when both our phones stopped pushing emails. We both have a couple of accounts and they only update now when you go into the email app. We've done resets, turned on and off notifications and push etc with no luck. Anyone else experiencing this??

My company WIFI worked fine for months before the update. I resisted but finally updated. My company requires a User ID and password but now, after the update, the User ID won't pop up a keyboard. The password works find but I can't even copy and paste anything into the User ID field. Now I am using up my cellular data at work. A coworker is having the same problem. I work at a company with more than 4k employees and Apple told me to have my company reset it's WIFI. Seriously? I told him that was like asking Apple to reset their WIFI for one person. It is not the WIFI as I've brought in my old phone (Not 9.1) and it works perfectly. The keyboard will not appear. Grrr!! I'll never update my phone again.

Since I have updated my iPhone 5c to 9.1 my Game Center hasn't been working. Now I can't play some of my favorite games like Madden mobile can u please fix this so I can play it again.

I'm experiencing the same thing yes. I haven't found a fix or workaround so I hope there is more conversation on this topic.

I have the same problem on all of our iPhones now. Where is the support. Guess we need to go back to the old system.

I got my incoming/outgoing call problem fixed. I have Sprint, and when I updated my phone, it somehow got kicked off of their network. They gave me a code to type on my keypad, and it fixed it. The last update got rid of the incessant crashing. The previous update was a mess. This one seems to work fine SO FAR.

I'm having the same issue. Notifications are working fine for all other apps except Mail, which now only updates when I open it. I've also tried the things you mention to no avail.

I too am facing the same problem. The phone app hangs. After reboot it starts working and after sometime it again freezes.

I have a iPhone 5c and my phone will not let me give out calls or receive them how do I fix This no one get iOS 9.1

Since i have updated my iphone 5s to ios9.1 from 8.2 my phone started to be slow like animations and opening apps and some times my apps crashes …. What should i do (updated via wi-fi )

Jeff, that sounds like the new low battery feature that turns on when your phone gets below 20% life. Go into Settings, then Battery and make sure Low Power Mode is switched off. Low Power Mode disables background refreshes for mail and other apps.

I have the same problem too, can't connect to college's wifi because of this. I hope Apple will launch 9.1.2 or 9.2 immediately

Having the same problem with ringtones. When I check my settings it all looks ok but when my iPhone 5c rings it uses a different ringtone. Very frustrating.

This happened to my iPhone 5s as well after doing the update, its a never ending cycle I've tried hard reset and nothing seems to work. Phone is unusable. Please help. 🙁

After ios 9.1 update on my iphone 6, keyboard does not response while typing the letters y,g,v along with the symbol @. I can't even sign in to other email address in my mailbox because "@" cannot be typed. Anyone has a solution for this problem??? these letters cannot be typed using any method. I have tried the reset phone method. Also, tried the restore phone from iTunes. but, the keyboard does not work for typing the mentioned letters and symbol.

please help me ASAP…

I just starting having this battery issue yesterday, and I've been having the password prompt issue for a while.

For the battery issue, I have an Exchange email account on the phone, and I found a recommendation to untoggle or uninstall the account, reboot, and see if that helps. So if you also have an Exchange account on your phone, you might try that.

Facing the same issue – I stay at a hotel (hyatt) and was able to connect to the wifi here just fine until the update. I don't wish to use up my carrier data (and battery life) by using 3g/4g all the time!

Any solves for this yet?

iPhone 6s Plus battery was great until I updated the software to 9.1. Now the battery doesn't last half the time as it did before. There has to be an issue with the 9.1 software.

I lost all my ringtones and the phone will not sync to retrieve them from backup. It is totally greyed out.

I updated my 6+ to 9.1 and my screen glitches constantly and i only get maybe 30 seconds of non glitchy use before it happens again. I have been told that this is a result of the 9.1 update but I am at my last resort and I don't know what to do.

I was having the same problem with the contacts (but only in the contacts app, as I was able to search contacts in the Spotlight app). The solution for me was to go into the Siri settings and identify myself by linking my contact. Since doing this, I am able to search contacts from the contacts app.

After update IOS 9.1 my Bluetooth no longer works properly, I've tried different headsets and connecting in car, nothing works. It will connect then seconds later lose connection, which never happened prior to update! Also, when I try to use speaker during call, I lose all audio! And my battery (that used to last for at least 2 days), now is down to 20% within a couple hours. I hope they figure this out soon, the Samsung phones are looking better all the time…

Something similar happened to me since I've updated my Ip4s to ios9.1. I can't press anything in "phone" interface, then I have to go to contact icon on main screen, find a contact then press call if want to contact someone.
It also hang on when I go to seeting>phone. :((
P/s: I can receive incoming calls.

Yes I just updated to iOS 9.1 and when I click into my email it tells me I have no mail when I know I do. My mailbox is completely empty.

since ive updated to 9.1 on my iphone 5 anytime i play my songs from 'playtube' app when i hit menu button or another app it stops playing the music ? can you please fix this its so annoying. was working perfectly until i updated.

I'm having the same issue! I've done everything you did. When I contacted apple support I was told it was a problem with outlook and not the update. It's so annoying!!!

I've had 9.1 on my iPhone 6 for about 2 weeks now. I've had no issues until last night. My messaging app stopped giving any type of notifications. Yes, they are all on in the settings. Yes, I tried resetting my phone. No, do not disturb is not on. Only thing I feel is left is to format it and restore from backup and see if that works.

I've never been unhappy with any Apple updates UNTIL NOW!! Besides the wifi drama, Bluetooth drama, the Apple Music drama (which I wanna love but just can't quite) now I see that I can't FaceTime from my phone number! It's grayed out in my settings and it's not even an option when I look in my contacts of fellow iPhone users even though I'm in a strong wifi signal. I tired telling Siri to FaceTime for me & after three rings it tells me that it's unavailable. Apple I love you but get your shit together!!

Same problem: "this morning when my alarm was supposed to go off, it didn't. the alarm was on [the screen], but there was no sound with it." iPhone 5 running iOS 9.1, four days ago.

I use pop for my email. This allows me to keep email on phone so I don't have to keep using the laptop. Now emails show the content but when I open it I'm told has not downloaded from server. How the hell can it show me a preview then?!?!
The update has not fixed this.

Since I've upgraded my ipod touch to iOS 9.1 I lost all sound, and my iTunes is not working properly. How can I fix this??? Help somebody!

I have 4000 contacts mostly with pictures. Since I installed the update I have serious problems in opening the contacts. Even when I am receiving a telephone call I have difficulties to retrieve the related contact information and the screen is blank.

After trying 3-4 times to open the contacts app eventually I see the contacts. When I try to search for a contact I often do not see a hit, even though I know they should be there.
I tried to delete all contacts and retrieve the contacts again from Outlook synchronisation.
It worked at first fine, but after a day, when the contacts app didn't open again.

Before I never had problems.
The free space is 4.5 GB on my phone so it cannot be a memory issue.

Please help

same issue… did you get solution for this? right now that is the only problem I am facing. For that need to restart phone again.

David wrote: This morning the alarm never sounded, however, the snooze button screen was visible while the phone was in locked mode and silent.

I have the same issue. I woke spontaneously this morning and noticed light through the curtain which I didn't expect. I touched my phone screen and it said Tap to Snooze, but wasn't making any noise. This is not a minor problem at all, it is a disaster. Of all the things easy to get right, how do they foul it up so bad? It was 24 minutes after it was supposed to go off, so did it rouse me then quick beeping? How long is it supposed to go for? An hour? Will the alarm quit if another sound happens like an incoming text or email? This is a real failure.

iPhone 6+, blocked callers ring through. For some bizarre reason, I have the privelege of receiving fax calls multiple times daily from a huge list of autodialers. So, I add them to a blocked caller contact. From the time blocking callers became a part of iOS it has worked fairly well, until 9.1. Now the phone is ringing constantly for numbers already on my blocked caller contact.

Ever since I updated to iOS 9.1 I have no sound on any of my game apps. What can be done ? This needs to be fixed. Anyone else having this trouble ?

Same problem. This is a major stuff up and absolute disgrace!
Apple can expect lawsuits as important docs are 'lost' from mobile devices!

Same here Bluetooth will no longer work and constant loud static when typing on the phone. Needless to say I am done with Apple. I have had an IPhone since they have come out. This is happening on the IPhone 6

Most times IOS updates will reset some settings…check battery draining settings like bluetooth, location, background app refresh, etc.

Hey, Any one can let me know, I have 2 confusions, hope both of it will be replied by you Guys, Thanks in Advance.
1. I have my Iphone 5 which was asking for Updating to iOS 9.1 and I did it, my question is, Will this Phone get back to its Locked condition ? as it was locked with AT&T and I Unlocked it for my USE with any Other GSM SIM, so would it get back to its Locked status or will it still be Unlocked after this Updates even ?

2. Next as i still didn't put any SIM card on this phone, but when I go to Setting, it shows its carrier as AT&T, I think if it has already unlocked, it should not show this carrier with it it was already locked, ? all my worries is, Will my phone be still Unlocked or has it went back to Locked, ??

your Good response will work to remove my worries, Thanks

thank your for eloquently stating all of your problems with the new update. Oh, and thanks for making me pee my pants while reading about them. 😂😂

Same Problem but with my home network… so I reset network and now my device won't let me back in my home wifi even though I verified Correct Password, still tells me my password is incorrect.

I cannot send any photos or emails from my I phone to my home pc, they all go to my wife's I phone , it used to work ok till apple updates- MY wife does not use her I phone for emails , only myself- she does not even have a email account set up on her I phone- WHATS going on I am beginning to hate my new phone wish I still had my older one.

Finally I got one solution for this magic crash of phone book on ios 9
Use this app to call anybody instead of default apple provide you:
Its resolved my issue of phone book blank. It's really awesome app. Lots of new things that have included and it not crash at all in my phone, I hope it won't crash in your phone too.

For more app , you can go with this :
and you can find more in app store.


Having the same issue, I can connect to places that have a accept t&c button, but if there is a username n pw then no keyboard. This is on an iPod touch MD749LL/A

upgraded to 9.1 and all my alert sounds are crazy. Checked all the sounds in settings and they all sound messed up. Phone call sounded as a continuous blaring alarm.

my iphone is 5s phone icon not working when i am touching to dailing number it cannot work it is hangs.

Karim Ahmadi

Same problem here. I stay in a hotel in remote area where my phone operator signal isn't good. The hotel's wifi seems to be my only hope for me to get the phone back on track.
The hotel's wifi leads me to their internet client portal window, but the keyboard did not shows up when I clicked on the 'username' field.
It works well for the 'password' field though.
I'm using iphone 5, updated to iOS 9.1

Mine just started doing that today! But I updated my iOS when it was first available. All of my sounds are doing that.

Have you figured out how to fix this?? My iPhone 4s is not letting me call or receive calls. I just updated my phone and really need this fixed ASAP!!!

My rear camera did the same thing. It all of a sudden stopped focusing for photos. I Googled it and that's a known issue with early iPhone 6 models (i.e. phones purchased within the first few months of release last year). As long as your 1 year warranty hasn't expired (or if you have AppleCare+), you should be able to take your iPhone to an Apple store and they will fix your camera for free. Otherwise, it's like $60 to fix it or something like that.

I had the same problem. Brand new 6s (not even a week old). I had the same issue with my iPhone 6, which I traded in.

At the apple store, the genius bar guy recommended a restore as a new device given that it seemed to be software related.

I have (by luck) stumbled upon the trigger, though I don't know for sure that this is completely consistent. I reset all data in my phone, and set up as new phone (no data whatsoever). I can still make it happen.

Let me know if this reproduces for you!

1. Connect your phone to a bluetooth audio device that you can cut power to (that is, it doesn't gracefully disconnect). Usually, this is something with a physical on-off switch. My car does this, and so does a bluetooth speaker I have.
2. Verify that when you press the lock button (on the side) that the "click" sound comes from the speaker.
3. Turn the speaker off. The bluetooth icon should stay "connected"
4. Rapidly unlock and lock your phone until the bluetooth is off.
5. Crappy buzzy noise for almost all audio.

Since the 9.1 upgrade, my iPhone 6 Plus will work fine and play sounds and videos with no problem. Then I'll go to play a video or song, etc. and there will be no sound and then I'll try again and it'll be a very loud buzzing sound. Or I'll go to play some music and it'll just be a very loud buzzing sound. This is through the speaker, headphones and even to my stereo in the car using the thunderbolt cable.

I can hold the power and home button until the apple logo comes up and then it'll be fine …for a while, and then it goes bad again.

Very frustrating! Embarrassing too. Wanted to play a song for some 'Android user' friends and BUUUUUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Had to reboot. Ugh, nice going Apple.

Hello. I upgraded my 4s from 7 to 9.1 a few weeks ago. At first it was okay, but then my battery started acting weirdly. It wasn't running down quickly, like the problems others seem to have with the upgrade. My phone will say 100% for battery charge, stay there for a few minutes (30-60 min), then give me a low battery dialog box, show 1%, and shut off soon after. I then attach my power cord, and after a few more minutes, the white Apple appears, and it's a crap shoot as to what my battery percentage might show. I have tried all the battery-saving tips posted online, shutting it off, soft resetting, hard resetting (reset all settings), and prayer, but nothing works. Can anyone advise me on how to proceed? Thanks. JDH

iPhone 6s +, less than a month old. IOS 9.1, not getting email notification sounds; every day this week, I woke up in the morning to my phone vibrating, but not making any alarm sounds; screen is black, and all buttons are unresponsive. I have to do the reset holding home/wake buttons, and this takes an unusually long time now too. This morning when it happened, it first gave me the connect to iTunes screen, then went black, then back to the Apple logo reset screen. I'm glad I've woken up on time without hearing my alarm go off!

Since the 9.1 upgrade, new contacts do not show up in the contacts list.

If I try to text them, they will show up, but just looking thru the list, no.

What the heck Apple my iPhone 5s that is brand new has problems when I open Game Center the screen goes white 15 seconds after it force restarts itself any clue when the heck you will have it fixed if not I am gonna quit using you guys!

I had this happen to all of my contacts. None would show when I went to find someone. I had to go into the contact "app", then groups. All of the groups were unchecked so when I selected them all, it brought them back.

I dont know its because of my new 6s iphone or ios 9.1 , since I bought my new phone and upgrade its ios , Some apps like what'sapp and telegram began hanging for a while and gonna be ok after a few seconds.
Does anybody have this problem?

i recently updated my IPAD air to 9.1
i can still connect to my wifi network howevr i dont have connection ty

Hey there, I just got the new 6s today, and am at home trying to sync up my music! However, when I plug it in, iTunes says I need to update iTunes on my phone. Then I go to my phone, and it says it's all up to date! Anybody know how to fix it so I can sync my music?


If the apps aren't updated for the latest iOS, then they won't function properly. The app developers have to optimize (make the app compatible first). Then, it should function normally.

I have a 6s running 9.1. When on speaker the phone automatically goes on mute and sometimes switches to contacts. Did not have this issue until I updated to 9.1. What is the fix? Thanks.

My issue is everyday. The email notification is sporadic, the alarm issue is all the time. And sometimes, it doesn't play ringtones or other sounds correctly, it'll sound like it's being held underwater or the sound will be completely different than what it should be. It's pretty annoying. I wish I knew the fix, everything I've tried doesn't work.

My camera has not been synching with any of my apps. After about a week it is now working with Facebook and Instagram but not Snapchat. I've gone into (Settings ->General ->Restrictions ->Camera ->On) and it is already set to on. Please advise

Iphone 6. ios 9.1. Have lost most of my music & all ringtones/text message tones. Had over 60 tones, over 800 songs. Now have 121 songs, no tones. Not happy to say the least! How can this be fixed?

This is happening to me as well! Have you found a solution? I have a 5S and never had any issues until I downloaded 9.2. Now iheart, youtube, almost any sound app just buzzes, including my alarm clock???
I'm hangry.

Buzzing noise began today just two days after installing iOS 9.2 on iPhone 6. Was playing a YouTube video and sound was working great. Then played another and was met with a literal 'bzzzzzzzz' noise coming out of the phone speakers, with no sound from the video playing.

Just now, was playing a word app and when there was music the 'bzzzzzzz' appeared loudly again, only this time the music/sound also played.

This is very unusual. Does anyone know how to contact Apple (besides calling) to let them know? This is not ok! Thanks.

Hi Steven – actually yes, the trigger for me was using Bluetooth in a car to play audio. It was the first time it happened.

Is there a fix? Thanks!

I had this problem when I switched from a 6 to a 6s plus. And I had to go back wipe the phone clean again (reset to default) and then I had to use the last back up that was saved from my iPhone 6. It was all working fine for approximately 3-4 weeks and then suddenly nothing was there. Lost all texts. All my notes. All songs and ringtones. Still don't think it's backing up correctly. I can't copy and paste in Facebook now. Sometimes I can't any where. But Apple tried to help me best they could. Only thing that's better now is I keep my wifi signal which I couldn't do at all. But maybe try using a back up where you know it's all there. If you lose a few things it's better then everything.

I have ios 9.1 on my iphone 5c. control center is enabled and everything. but when i try to open control centr by swiping my phone acts like it was there but it is not. When i try to open my phone freezes and I have to press the home button. I am really used to use control center and it is really weird to go to setting evrytime to do things I could do in control center

Plizz Help

Using iphone 6s+ n ios 9.2, all of sudden w/app tone has no sound on lock screen. Just redo all sound n notification settings,then restart the phone. Prob solved 🙂

for those who have problems with camera focus

How to fix your iPhone Camera won’t focus issue?

Fix 1: Tap the iPhone

Use the palm of your hand to tap the top of the iPhone (rear camera lens end). This method solved so many iPhone users issue.

Fix 2: Press and hold the iPhone camera button

Press and hold the iPhone camera button until the Camera is focused. Release the button when image becomes clear.

Fix 3: Remove the iPhone bumper/ case

Remove the iPhone bumper or metallic case when you using iPhone camera to take photos or videos. This might cause iPhone camera blurry or wobbly issue.

Still you can’t fix the iPhone camera will not focus issue?

Press and hold the Sleep button and Home button together until Apple logo appears. After your iPhone restarted, check your iPhone camera focus issue.

Sometimes this issue might happened because of the new iOS update like iOS 9, iOS 8 etc. So try to reset iPhone to factory settings.

First backup iPhone using iTunes or iCloud.
Navigate to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings.
If you thing this problem might happened because of the latest iOS update, downgrade iPhone iOS to older version (if its possible) or take your iPhone to nearest Apple care.

This is what it happening to mine I can't listen to any of my music and I haven't tried YouTube yet please let me know if u find out a way to fix it because I'm lost

I update to iOS 9.1 on my IPhone 6 from 9.0.4 then my Wifi and Bluetooth stopped working correctly. I could not connected to any signals/devices no matter where I was. I contacted Apple they wrote it off as the second antenna being busted They also had me update it to 9.2 to see if that would resolve the issue . "that didn't help . I had it looked at by 2 different third party cell phone repair specialists , after they checked the antenna and swapped it out with a known working one the problem still persisted so the hardware is not the issue. I called Apple for advice on how to downgrade to 9.0.4 they said to send it in with 400 bucks for a new phone.. :/.

Seems to be a quality control issue somewhere.

Yes I have the same problem when I try to play ITunes music – has happened two or three times now and only resolves when I reboot – very annoying!

Can't put anything on my calendar for 2015. Also don't get message beeps for messages from FB. Not getting full FB status updates

Same issue here. Hate it. Turning off and on again usually fixes it, but still ridiculous for what we pay for these devices.

Yup. Same for me. Maddening. Hate to say it but ever since Jobs died, Apple quality seems to have gradually slipped. Sad to see.

Just upgraded to an iPhone 5s I have the iOS 9 on it only have had it for a week and some contacts sound really weird on the phone. They sound really loud and static and I can hear some background noise. While some contacts sound perfectly normal. Any ideas why this is happening? I would appreciate some help.

I lost all of my ringtones as well and will not let me back up, plus dropped calls, dropped wifi, people cannot hear me, buzzing noise. I'm more than frustrated at this point.?

[[[*** SOLUTION ***]]]
i was having the same problem, but i get my iphone screen lightening once again

all you have to do is just

** Press/Hold is HOME button and POWER/LOCK (on/off) button for 10-15 seconds, you'll get the iphone RESTART,

the apple logo will appear, i hope it helps

My phone blacks out every time I have an alarm go off. And it will not come back on even after the alarm I have to force shutdown every time and it's beginning to effect me waking up on time for school and practices

since i upgraded when i listen to voicemail the icons on the bottom of the screen disappear and i can't exit the voicemail section. All the icon at the bottom of the voicemail screen have disappeared can't access the touchpad, favorites or just make a phone call. anyone else having such an issue?

Were you able to get that issue resolved? I have the same problem on my iPod touch 5th generation and it really has effected me.

The best fix is toss your apple shit in the lake, and wonder why you thought you were missing something. Apples shit is all hype. Google and Android FIGURED IT OUT.

My husband has an iPhone 4S with service from Virgin Mobile. He just updated to 9.3.3 over the weekend, then discovered yesterday he couldn't make or receive calls. It's been quite annoying, to say the least. We searched online and tried several things last evening, with no luck. Tonight, I stumbled upon this page, and the info above about calling ##873283# (##UPDATE#). Thank heavens, it worked!!! I especially appreciate the post from jeremy that lists the steps, having to click "OK" and so on — very helpful! I've been thinking for a while that my husband needs a new phone, and I really thought we'd have to bite the bullet with this new problem. Thanks so much for giving us a reprieve!

I'm having the same problem, even my ringtone I have set for my alarms don't work. My music I saved on a playlist doesn't play at all and this are the song and albums I bought, so I am REALLY UPSET ABOUT THAT!!!! Please fix this problem

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