iOS 12: How to Setup Email on iPhone and iPad

Many people have doubts about “Setup functions in an email on iOS 12”. By setup function you can maintain email collection are performing correctly. Here an important thing you should not change any incoming email settings. Now I’m going to guide you.
Step 1: Tap Settings-> Mail-> Account-> Add Account.
Step 2: Tap other-> Add Mail Account.
Step 3: Then enter your name, email, password, and description.
Step 4: click “Next”.
Then it will find your mail and then setup your account.
SMTP[Simple mail transfer protocol] it is used for sending and receiving email.
Step 1:Tap Settings-> Mail.
Step 2: Click on “Accounts”. Select the mail you want to setup.
Step 3: Scroll down to “Outgoing Mail Server“ click it.
Step 4: Then tap privacy server check it whether server “on
Step 5: Enter SMTP username and password.
Step 6: Check whether ”Use SSL”turn on, Check “Authentication” and “Server Port” based on you device.
Step 7: Click Done.
Step 8: Then you find the SMTP  server. Here we can see the updated server.
Step 9: Go back and click done.
IMAP [Internet Message Access protocol] this service is used to maintain your message accessing process, it handles your email on multiple devices much easy.
Step 1: Tap Settings-> Account & Password.
Step 2: Click Add Account-> Other.
Step 3: Select “Add Mail Account” and enter your username, Email address, Password, Description.
Step 4: Click “next”.
Step 5: It moves to IMAP, Here you should enter your IMAP information.

  • Incoming Mail Service, Here enter your Host Name, User Name, Password.
  •  outgoing Mail Service, enter your SMTP address.

Step 6: Click “done
Hope this steps useful for you, any other idea based on setup email kindly share me through comments. Thank you…

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