iOS 12: How to Add Multiple Face ID on iPhone X

What’s new on iOS 12? It has added some new features for iPhone. One of the main features on iPhone X  is you can set up or add multiple Face ID on your iPhone X in iOS 12. Setting up a Face ID and Passcode for a phone is very important for protecting our data from others. If you had already set up your Face ID, but you want to set up your friend or anyone’s face ID for your iPhone X  you can do it on iOS 12. Yes, now it possible on the current version of iOS on your iPhone X. Here’s I am going to tell you how to Setting up Multiple Face ID on iPhone X.

Steps to Set Up a Multiple Face ID for Your iPhone X on iOS 12

  1. Launch “Settings” app on your iPhone X.
  2. Tap “Face ID and Passcode”.
  3. It asks your Phone’s Passcode you just enter it. Under “Face ID & Passcode”, you can see an option “Set Up an Alternative Appearance”. Tap on it.multiple-facesiphone-x-Set-Up-Alternative-Appearance
  4. Now, tap on “Get Started”.get-started
  5. There you can see a circle with lines. You have to align your face with a different angle. Then the Camera and sensor will detect and analyze your face.move-face
  6. After completing this process, tap on “Continue”.continue-img
  7. After the scan is over, tap “Done”. Now, you can check it.done-img

That’s it!


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