iOS 12 Music Player Skipping Problem?Here is the fix

Music is one of a major thing we use in the mobile phone. While hearing music we like to hear in sequence order but in iPhone sometimes make an issue like skipping songs. My friend suffers from”music player skipping”problem and we find fix for this problem it is quite simple to solve this problem. Now I’m going to share the fix for this issue.
FIX 1: Unlock Your Phone
Unlock your phone this is one of the basic steps. Why we using this step means unlock improves the problem it makes 25% gives some good solution.
FIX2: Check the Network errors
While disconnect your data suddenly music skip the song while playing. So you need to check if any network problem occurs.
Turn off wi-fi and mobile data.
FIX3: Remove Music App
In this, you can delete entire songs by your device in settings.

  1. Tap Settings-> General->iphone settings it shows the entire apps in your phone.
  2. Find “music” app then scroll down there will be “delete” option and so tap it.

FIX4: Redownload Songs 
Here you need to log-in the Apple ID on your device it helps to buy the songs.

  1. Tap Settings->iTunes & app store-> Apple ID.
  2. Move to the iTunes store app to download.
  3. At the bottom, right there will be More option->Purchase->Music.
  4. There will be a visible list of songs choose your song and click on “download” icon to start to download the song.

FIX5: Resync With iTunes
Sometimes, some songs will not sync properly so, by doing this fix the skipping problem may not come.

    1. To sync your device you need to connect your device to computer using USB cable.
    2. After connecting your device it shows an icon like a mobile phone in the upper left corner.
    3. Click the icon. Then it shows Settings on the left corner of the window.
    4. It list no of items in this you can select what you want to sync.
    5. Click the Music->Done. Music gets sync.

Hope this information will be useful to you. If you have any other idea on this issue kindly share with me via comments.. Thank you…

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