iOS 12: How to Enable Do Not Disturb Bedtime Mode on iPhone

Apple has been released iOS 12 beta. What’s new on it? It adds Do Not Disturb Mode at Bedtime that means you can set up the time for distracting from notifications or calls at bedtime. You just select the time when you don’t want to get notification or calls from others. Even it won’t appear on the lock screen.
This feature is available in iOS 12 only. If you want good sleep at night without disturbing, this option is the best choice for that. Do you want to know how to do this? Here’s I am going to tell you how to enable Do Not Disturb at bedtime mode on iOS 12.
Procedure For enabling Do Not Disturb at Bedtime in iOS 12 on iPhone:
Step 1: Launch “Settings” ->  “Do Not Disturb”.do-not-diturb
Step 2: Turn on “Do Not Disturb”.
Step 3: Next, turn on “Scheduled”.scheduled-time
Step 4: Set the timing which means when you go to bed and get up. Here you can see From and To options. You just enter the time.set-do-bot-disturb-at-night-mode
Step 5: Now, Turn on “Bedtime Mode”.
Hope you that this article helps you and you get some ideas about this topic.

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