Intego Antivirus X9 – A complete Mac security suite – Review

We use antivirus software to protect our PCs and Macs and all other gadgets. But if you fail…

We use antivirus software to protect our PCs and Macs and all other gadgets. But if you fail to choose the right one, it could give you serious trouble. Now throw away all your worries and feel safe as you have this award-winning antivirus software Intego VirusBarrier which offers user-friendly and parental protection. OK, let’s see the available features and the advantage of using this antivirus software below.
About Intego VirusBarrier
People were thinking that Mac will not get affected with malware or phishing, but that view is sadly mistaken. But thankfully the development of Intego VirusBarrier makes those concerns vanish completely. Intego is creating user-friendly security software for Mac since 1997. It is rated as No. 1 antivirus software for Mac and has received awards as well.
What is Mac Premium Bundle X9?
Mac Premium Bundle
Mac Premium Bundle X9 is the best antivirus and anti-phishing program for your Mac computer. It also works as a cleaner and comes with parental control as well.
The five best-in-class featured utilities in Mac Premium Bundle X9 are:

  • VirusBarrier X9
  • Washing Machine X9
  • ContentBarrier X9
  • NetBarrier X9
  • Personal Backup 10.9

VirusBarrier X9
VirusBarrier X9 cleans your Mac completely and keeps it 100% safe from malware, spyware, and phishing, etc. It protects your Mac 24/7.
It has three scanning options:

  1. Full Scan – It scans your Mac completely and it takes about 15 mins to complete the process.
  2. Quick Scan – It scans your Mac quickly. It takes about 5 mins to complete its scanning.
  3. Schedule Scan – This option will help to scan your Mac by scheduling a specific time.

VirusBarrier X9 enables you to connect to your iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod) to your Mac and scan your device storage for malware. It also scans your incoming email or text messages before opening and gives notification if it contains any malware. This scans your external drive (such as USB drives, and CDs) automatically after inserting. VirusBarrier has a safe browsing feature which helps you to stop entering into forged websites. Once after the scanning, this feature will send all the fraudulent files to Quarantined files section which helps you to identify the affected files.
Washing Machine X9

  1. Washing Machine X9 can speed up your Mac by clearing cookies, junk files, caches, etc.
  2. It also allows you to know whether the listed files (scanned files) are safe or threatening.
  3. It arranges all your files, folders and data to access easily.

ContentBarrier X9
ContentBarrier is a parental control component that is handy for parents to use to keep their children safe online. This blocks unwanted content from the internet. This feature helps to record all kinds of activities done on the internet such as sites visited, blocked sites history, chats, etc. The following points describe some of the features of ContentBarrier X9.

  1. Customizable profiles (you can set up settings for you and other settings for each of your children)
  2. Blocks from illegal or dangerous sites (like BitTorrent, TorrentFreak, pornography, etc.)
  3. Access restriction per user (allows access only to certain sites that you permit to access while blocking others e.g. gaming sites, gambling, etc.)
  4. It also has a “monitor-only” features to record and monitor your children activities.
  5. Time-limit feature controls the amount of time that your children spend online.
  6. Chat monitoring feature will block unwanted chats.

NetBarrier X9
NetBarrier X9 will protect you from malware spreading through your Internet connection.

  1. It can block any internet connection if needed (i.e. if it finds the internet connection is having phishing activities it will block it immediately)
  2. It will protect your data while sharing through public hotspots.
  3. The two-way firewall checks the incoming and outgoing data sharing on your Mac.
  4. It easily identifies the network connection you are using (e.g. home, hospital, or airport) and gives strong protection.
  5. Automatic application activity will notify us when an application tries to do something on the network.

Personal Backup 10.9
Personal Backup 10.9 is the handy backup utility that comes with this Mac Premium Bundle X9. These features help to back up your data easily.

  1. It is very flexible and more comfortable to use than Time Machine.
  2. It creates bootable backups.
  3. It creates cloning backups (we can have backup copies in different folders).
  4. You can schedule your backups.

Comparison between Time Machine and Personal Backup 10.9
While comparing Time Machine with Personal backup 10.9, Personal Backup comes in the first place and it has many different features which help us to backup files in a flexible and friendly way. Time Machine takes too much time to complete the backup process whereas Personal Backup 10.9 complete its process much faster, often in just a few minutes. We can make several copies of backups in Personal Backup, but in Time Machine we couldn’t. You can’t backup selective data in Time Machine, but Personal Backup allows you to choose data that you want to back up. Time Machine takes lots of space on your Mac as it has several outdated backup versions, but Personal Backup 10.9 will limit the space on your hard drive just by comparing the backup with the previous one and it will back up only if the folder is created again or has changes in it. So that the same folder will not be backed up again unless it needs to be.
You can select the protection pack that’s right for you.

  1. Get one-year protection pack for $ 69.99 (single Mac)
  2. Get a two-year protection pack for $129.99 (single Mac)

If you want to use it with two or more Macs, the pricing will be lower per Mac. You can check the best pricing from the download link.
System Requirements for Installation

  1. Suitable with Mac OS X 10.8 – macOS 10.14 (all recent versions).
  2. Hard disk capacity needed: 1.5 GB.
  3. Internet connection needed for updating.

Let see the Pros and Cons of Intego Mac Antivirus Software

  1. 100% sure in detecting malware (Tested by AV-TEST Institute and AV-Comparatives)
  2. It scans incoming emails and scans USB drives before opening.
  3. It gives complete firewall protection for your Mac OS computer.
  4. It gets updated automatically and protects you from new menaces.


  1. It is only available for Apple Mac computers, not for Windows PCs.

End Line
Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is worth the money! It really works great and scans all the malware, junk, caches and spyware on your Mac as well. For Mac a user, it’s really a boon. Before buying this software you can try the trial pack and it will help you to understand more about this antivirus software. With Intego’s software, you can feel safe when you go online.

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