How to install/uninstall third party font on Mac OS X

Fonts are the important things to create beautiful presentations & documentations for office, college, home and school.
You can install different text style fonts on your Mac. Here i am provide detailed tutorial to install third party font on Mac OS X Yosemite, Lion, Mavericks and other old version of Mac OS.
If you don’t like that, you can easily remove third party fonts from your Mac OS.
How to install third party font on Mac

  1. Most of the time downloaded fonts comes with .zip file format. So unzip the file first.
  2. You can find .ttf font file. Double click the font file on your Mac.
  3. First this file will open in preview mode. If you think this a perfect font style for your work, press the “install font” button.
  4. Now you can see the custom font installed correctly under the Font book.

How to Uninstall/Delete third party font on OS X
1. Open Font book via spot light search or navigate to /Applications/.
2. Select the font. Right click and select “Remove”.
How to set a third party font as a default font on Mac
You can easily set the default using Font Book official app.
From the top menu, navigate to File -> Restore Standard Fonts -> Proceed.

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