Fixed: iMessage Won't Work to Only One Person

One of my users complained that he couldn’t send an iMessage via his iPhone 8 plus to a person whom he daily texted. Even after resetting and restarting his device didn’t work.
So let’s see how to fix this problem.
To check
If this issue occurs with only one number you have to send iMessage to any group which contain that particular number. If your friends reply to your message means the problem may be on that person’s signal or phone.
Fix 1: Turn off/on iMessage

  • Launch Settings -> Messages -> Send & Receive.
  • In that deselect every email addresses.
  • Then go back to the previous screen to deactivate iMessage.
  • Next launch Facetime to deselect every email address, then turn off Facetime.
  • After sometime turn iMessages on and check you haven’t selected any email address. Also, your phone number must be ticked.
  • Launch Facetime and check you didn’t select any email address.
  • This steps may solve your problem.

Note: At Times you may uncheck that particular number in Settings -> Messages -> Send & Receive in phone number or good address.
Fix 2: Via reboot
Just reboot your device by long pressing on both home/power button till the apple logo appears.

  • Reboot both devices, then check your wifi works fine or not.
  • Then on both devices just turn off the Wifi connection.

Fix 3: Reset Network settings

  • First, reset your network settings on that person’s phone.
  • Then turn off/on your iMessage.
  • While resetting the Network settings, you should type the password again.

Fix 4: Upgrade iOS
If you are using older iOS version means you have to update your iDevice with the later iOS version.
Fix 5: Connect your device to iTunes

  • Just hold both home and power button for some time for your iDevice to get DFU status [Device Firmware Update].
  • Then let the Power button loose and hold the Home button till your iTunes connected with your iDevice.
  • To select Restore iPhone, just click and hold Option +Alt on your Mac. For windows click and keep hold Shift.
  • Then choose Setup as a new phone.
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