iMessage "Waiting for Activation" iPhone fix

Lot of Apple users reported this issue. They getting error message like “iMessage Activation. An error occurred during activation. Try again”.
So how to activate iMessage?
iMessage waiting for activation iPhone
Before you start to fix this error message, check these things.

  • Ensure your number listed on phone app. You can see your number lised on the top of “Contacts”. If not, navigate to Settings -> Phone -> My Number and fill your number.
  • Ensure Date & Time and Time Zone are correct. Under General, set the time settings to “Set Automatically”.
  • Sometime WiFi connectivity issue may cause iMessage activation error. So check your network and WiFi.

1. Check and Contact phone carrier
Check if your carrier support iMessage or not. Contact your mobile carrier support and verify conditions, filters etc.
2. Use AirPlane mode
A lot of Apple support community users reported this method solved their issue.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Messages and turn off iMessage. Also disable FaceTime.
  2. Then turn on the Airplane mode. Your WiFi will automatically turned off.
  3. So turn on WiFi.
  4. Now go back to message settings and turn on the iMessage.
  5. Its will prompt for your Apple ID If you not add your Apple ID yet. Else you not get any notification.
  6. Go back to Settings and turn off Airplane mode.
  7. Mostly its show message like “Your carrier may charge for SMS”. Press Ok.
  8. If you not getting message like that, go to settings. Turn off and on iMessage again.

3. Sign out Apple ID and Sign back in

  1. Go to Settings -> Message, scroll down and tap “Send & Receive”.
  2. Press the Apple ID and choose Sign Out.
  3. Turn off the iMessage now.
  4. Wait some time. Turn on/off WiFi and turn on iMessage.
  5. Fill your Apple ID details and try to reactivate iMessage.

If the above method does not work, Rest your location settings. Then login with Apple ID and setup iMessage as new.
If all the methods does not work, restore tour iPhone from backup or as new.

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