Fix: iMessage sent from Email address rather than Phone number

When users send text messages to other iPhone users, texts appears as iMessage and from user email address rather than phone number.
It keep showing users Apple account which is registered under iCloud and iMessage with email address.
So how to make iMessage send from phone number instead of email? Try the following solutions.
iMessage sending from email
Fix 1:-
Go to Settings > Messages > Receive At. Sign out your Apple Id. Turn iMessage off and On.
After you sign out, “Receive At” turned as “Use your Apple ID for iMessage”.
Fix 2:-

  1. Go to Settings -> Messages -> Receive at.
  2. Select caller ID and tap your mobile number.

Fix 3:-

  1. Go to iMessage settings via Settings -> iMessage -> Send & Receive.
  2. You can see your primary phone number listed in grey with 1 or more email address below. If any phone number has check mark next to it, click the phone number and it will remove the check mark  from the listed email address.

Fix 4:-
Disable and re-enable iMessage.
Fix 5:-
On your Mac, go to Messages -> Preferences -> Accounts -> iMessage. Uncheck all email address and just leave your phone number.
Fix 6:-
Go to Settings -> Messages -> Send & Receive -> Start New Conversation From. Select phone number instead of email address.
Fix 7:-
Go to your Apple ID account and make sure you have verified your phone number. Check your phone number listed under mobile number. If its not listed, add your mobile to your Apple ID account.
Fix 8:-
On your Mac, open Message app and login. Send message from Mac to some one.
Fix 9;-

  1. Sign out from your Apple account and turn off iMessage.
  2. Then turn on iMessage and log into your Apple account. After iMessage on, it will give option to “receive as”. Uncheck the email address.

Fix 10:-
Sign out of all Apple account. turn off  your phone. Wait 10 seconds and turn on your iPhone.

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12 responses to Fix: iMessage sent from Email address rather than Phone number

None of these work for me:') it won't work when I turn everything off and back on, shut my phone completely off, restart Icloud and Apple ID, it won't let me select or unselect an email or number. It says my email cannot be removed (because it's my Apple ID one) and my phone number just has a loading sign right beside it but it's never done loading and with iMessage it says "waiting for activation…" But it never activates so all my iMessages are now sending over my email. I might just call apple because this is getting really frustrating and nothing's working

same thing has been happening to me. i just tried all of these methods and none worked. is yours fixed now? what did you do to fix it?

My phone is stuck @ some "required" update and it won't go any further. I can't turn it off or call anyone. Please reply by e-mail since I don't have a phone to answer.

Had to disable Facetime and Imessage and then sign into APPLEID via a PC and then change the number, then re-enable FaceTime and iMessage, and under iMessage Settings change the number to the one you changed in your Apple ID and same for the facetime settings .

None of these worked; and the whole enable and re-enable, turn on/turn off, I changed my shirt and pants, did I rain dance, prayed to the gods of Ezra, and still same crap did not work….UGH! I hate Apple!

What finally worked for me was pasting the actual number in the TO field, instead of typing in the name. Now when I type in the name, both email address and phone number show up to select.

Had this problem before and again today when I got a new phone. Clicked "Learn more" in one of the fields under messages in settings (can't remember if it was imessage or something else). Anyway, it said another iphone may be using my number. So i went to my old phone and turned off imessage and facetime. Apparently, my account was still using that phone as the primary over wifi (my phone number) and my new one as secondary (email). Once I disabled those on my old phone, everything was back to normal. I reset my new phone as well, just to be sure. Hope that helps!

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