Fixed: iMessage Read Receipts Not Working iOS 12

Most of the people find difficulty while reading receipts on iMessages after updating to iOS 12. You may have tried several ways like turning off or signing out from iMessage or restarting your iPhone. Still, if you can’t find a solution you can read this article and detect some useful methods for reading receipts.
Solution 1: Turn on reading receipt

  • Tap on a conversation from your iMessage.
  • Then select (i) option by tapping on the name.
  • You can find Send Read Receipt option above Hide alert.
  • Enable to make the reader to Read receipt of your message.

Info icon
Note: This solution is only for an individual person to notice when you read their messages.
Solution 2: Another way to enable Read Receipt

  • Tap on Settings on your iPhone
  • Navigate to Messages ->Send Read Receipt-> ON
  • This allows everyone to notice when you read their messages.

Read Receipt option
Solution 3: Reset Settings

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.
  • The phone will Reset all the settings.

Reset Settings
Suggestion: How to sign out from iMessage

  1. Tap on Settings -> Message -> Send  & Receive. Next, Select your Apple ID and then Sign Out.

Sign Out settings
2. Delete the entire conversation and start a new chat. This may help you.
3. Back up your iPhone and restart it. Then restore your iPhone with the last backup.
The above solutions and suggestions will help you or the receiver to notify the users Read Receipt. Please make us know whether it worked for you in the comment box. Like and share.

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