iMessage Not Working On iPhone & iPad? Here’s the Real Fix!

iMessage is the service provided by apple alternative to WhatsApp. Though you can use WhatsApp in your iPhone iMessage is one of the good app that you can easily use to send message. But the disadvantage of iMessage is that you can only send messages to the apple devices like iPhone, Mac etc.…
First let me make you clear that iMessage is the messaging service that uses your data plan instead of your regular prepaid or postpaid plan.
iMessage app
How to find the current message sending status?
You can easily find them using the blue bubble and green bubble notification.
Blue bubble: If your message appears in blue bubble then it will be sent through iMessage.
Green bubble: If your message appears in green bubble then it is sent using the SMS or MMS plan of your SIM card.
Sometimes the iMessage may fail to work properly, so check out this following tips:
#1.Network Settings:
As it is a data plan service, at first check your network settings. Examine it whether the network settings are configured properly.
Another one problem in iMessage is that it will not work at the weak connection.
If you are using Wi-Fi then make sure that you are closer to the source or router.
#2. Turn OFF and Turn ON the service:

  1. As a trial and error method, just go to the SettingsMessages option and turn off the service of iMessage if it is already switched on.
  2. And again after a second Turn On the service.

At lot of time it works well. Weaker network signal is also one of the issue in case of iMessage as it requires high rate of the data.
#3. Check the iOS updates:
So many people may experience this failure after the upgradation process. So try out the following tips.

  1. Go to SettingGeneralSoftware Update.
  2. Then check if there is any update for iMessage and do the updation.

If it doesn’t work out then go for Force Quit of the Message app.
To do this so, go to home screen and click Home button to enter in to the multi-tasking mode.
Find the iMessage app and tap it forward and it will reach the top of the screen then exit from the multi-tasking mode.
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#4. Reset iMessage app:
Reset the iMessage app using the following step,
Go to Settings Messages Send & Receive and uncheck the e-mail addresses already available in the “You Can be Reached by iMessage at” part.
#5. Update Date and Time:
At sometimes you have to set the date to auto-updates. This is a minor problem that may affect your conversation, so always set the date to auto update mode using the following step.
Go to Settings → General→ Date and Time and go to the option Set Automatically and set it to ON.
#6. Reset the Network Settings:
Network connectivity may also be problem at some time, so try to reset the network settings.
Go to SettingsGeneralReset and choose “Reset Network Settings”
Note: Make sure that you know the Wi-Fi password. Because resetting the network settings will erase all the data even the Wi-Fi password. So be sure that you know the passwords very well. After the reboot you have to re-enter the Wi-Fi password to get the data access.
#7. Get help from Apple Support:
If all the above fixes doesn’t help you then don’t wait and go for apple support centre. They can provide solution to this problem.
Even rather than performing fixes more than what you know may waste your time. So go for the Apple Support centre.
If you knew any other solutions to solve “iMessage Not Working On iPhone and iPad” issue, inform us using comment form.

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