iMac : Can't remove memory access door screw [Fixed]

When i try to upgrade my iMac memory, i can’t open memory access door. I googled and some solutions to fix this issue.
Apple suggest users to use Phillips screwdriver to replace RAM. But sometimes it won’t work.
Solution 1 : Check if the screws are loose, door cover is just stuck on.
Solution 2:-

  1. Anyway Attempt to Pry the memory access door with the screw in there. It may come with the screws and you can push the screw out from the back.
  2. Use Easy out screw extractor set.
  3. Carefully drill out.
  4. Tedious slowly with a dremel.
  5.  To help it out, try left hand drill bit.

Solutions 3: Use Phillips screwdriver
For 2010 27″ iMac you need  Phillips #1 screwdriver.
Solution 4: If one side of screw come out
If one side of the screw come out from door, insert the mini screwdriver in one of the holes in the door and gently pull out on the door.
Other fixes:-

  • Use flat blade screw driver to pry up door. If the door is pops up a bit, just pull it out by the hand

SEE Also :  Apple Support guide to install RAM in iMac.
If you knew any other ways to remove memory access door from iMac to replace RAM, just comment.

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