Iforgot: Apple ID Password and How to Reset it

This is a step by step guide for Apple users to rest their Apple ID password and regain it access.
Step 1:
Go to My Apple ID page and select the “Reset your password” link.
reset Apple id password
Step 2 :
Enter your Apple ID email address (Ex: [email protected] or [email protected]) and choose Next.
Note: If you forgot your Apple ID email address, Choose Forgot your Apple ID link, It will take you to iforgot.apple.com/appleid page.
Step 3:-
After you entered your Apple ID, there are 3 ways you can change your Apple ID password.

  • Answer your security questions
  • Use email authentication to change your Apple ID password.
  • If you already setup 2 step verification, you can use it to change the password. But you need trusted device and recovery key.

Answer your security questions (Method 1)
1. Select  the “Answer security questions” option and choose Next.
2. Choose your birth date and then select Next.
3. Answer your Security questions. Then set a new password and select Reset Password option.
Email authentication (Method 2)
1. Select the “Email authentication” option and then select Next.
You will get the message like “Email has been sent. When you receive your sign in information, follow the directions in the email to reset your password”. 
Now Apple will send the email to your primary email address or rescue email address.
2. Now login your Primary or Rescue email address to open this email. Open the email and select the Reset Password link.
3. When the Apple ID Page opens, set a new password for your apple ID and choose Reset Password.
Two-step Authentication (Method 3)
1. Enter your Recovery Key and choose a trusted device. Apple will send your device verification code.
2. Enter the verification code.
3. Now set a password and select the Reset Password option.
If you can’t access your trusted device or lost your recovery key, you can’t change your Apple ID password.

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I hate apple
Is not friendly at all
if you get any problem it would be so hard to fix it
that's why after 5 years using apple I am ready to switch it

Same here I bought this phone over a year ago I will never buy anything from apple agAin ,no service at all,I've called over 500 times I. Bet you,been trying to set up my phone for I tunes over a year,one thing I am telling all my friends how you have no customer skills whatsoever.youare the worst company I've ever tried to deal with,my plan now is to call our local tv and tell them,thanks for nothing

i have an apple note pad. i used to be able to use skype on it.i have forgotten my password hence that left me no to use it for a while. i know my id. apple said they have send me an email to reset my skype on this accountbut i never receive the email.i believe they send it onmy very old email address that i do not use. my email address now is : [email protected]. could apple send me these instruction to reset my skype please.

My old email address or Apple Id is [email protected] I no longer use this because I've married and my husband wanted me to change my name. Can you please help me reset my password I want to access iTunes to purchase music
Thank you

i am unable to reset my apple id.
My security answers not working…. and the email reply goes to my iCloud email which is not coming through. I need to change the email address for the reset.
PLEASE HELP! i need to access my apple ID.

I need to change my email address. Trying to follow directions but nothing seems to work. It keeps asking me my old security questions & I don't remember my answers. All needs to be reset

Since The Crazy Apple changed the mac to me. It was worked fine. But when this fucky Apple changed to iCloud. I have all the time problem with send the email. all the time is my address [email protected] is blocked by somebody and I cannot send my emails. What going with you Apple. Why I have so many problem. Why I have to all the time work with Apple ID and my password and nothing is working and I cannot send any message from my Mackbook pro. It is ducky not good.

I want to reset password & have tried twice. When I get the email with "reset now" & click on it, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? My IPad won't accept the Apple password that I was using and I don't know what else to do.

I need to sign out the Iclouds on my Ipad (the existing iclouds is the previous owner when I bought this to her). I did sign out and I did delete but it keeps asking for password of the old Iclouds— I asked the owner before to have the password but she alredy forgot it. I cannnot sign out or delete the existing Iclouds account unless I will be able to encode th password first. What should I do. Pls help.

I am so much difficulty I change ing my Apple ID password. When I get to the birth date I can't put my birthday information. Is there another way to by pass the birthday information. Please I need help now. Susan Garelick

I am having a problem logging in to my apple ID.I have tried entered the one I wrote it down but still. Please help me out.

My Ipad mini 4 is disabled and I did all what was asked me to do. I went to support and they told me to go to iforgot.apple.com and did what was asked. My ipad is still disabled.
I feel like this device is not worth what is cost to buy. To much problems with it.
Can not even get it to work right. Please give me the real help I need to unlock my ipad.
At lease do your job what you are being paid to do. Thank you.

My iphone was stolen , i had two way verification code, i know my usernane ID and my password , been waiting two weeks for recovery ?

They've already got our money ,that's all they care about,I've tried everything,I live on life support so therefore I need mine constantly,I wish I had stayed with Verizon,at least they had good service,they have a troubleshooter on our local tv service,they're going to try and help me,i never want anything apple again,I've learned my lesson

I know my Apple ID. It is: [email protected] When I entered this Apple ID, it said it did not recognize my ID. This is the only email address we've had for years. I have forgotten my password and have been attempting to get it. But get no where. What can I do to get my apple password?

people…people…people…..we may as well all be talking to the wall. Apple does NOT care if we can get back into our iphones or ipads! they get paid either way! their argument to me is that it is MY responsibility to put in the right password and not their responsibility to retrieve it. russians,,,you know. they are out to get us! so Apple

I too forgot my password. After many times trying to reset . I was able to get into recovery. It then says could take 3 days . Are ypu **king kidding me. I need my contacts and mail NOW, not in 3 days.
Think I'll go back to the droid after this.

Absolutely preposterous. I forgot my password and I cannot access my iPhone because it is stuck in setup where i have to enter that very same password that i cannot recover. When i click on forgot password i dont even get to the option to send me a password reset link or answer security questions. All it does is keep sending some code to a Phone that i cannot access. Now i have to wait for four days goddamnit. What the hell are they thinking.

To get into email, I used security questions. Why will it not accept my birthday and uses today’s date instead? That makes no sense. Can the Russians get in to see my high security sites?

I have tried everything suggested to me. For some reason I must be missing a step. I need help! PLEASE HELP THIS OLD WOMEN!

I go on Facebook or other places . can text but cannot post. no place to send message on my iPad…is there a special bottom to hit to send messages..???????? [email protected]. Juanita. please email me at this email.please help… and I do know if u get locked out go to Apple store.

I received my ipad as a gift from daughter. She put all the info and forgot it. I wanted a better Wifi so I took it down to factory setting. blank. After addin heel and ect. then I get you must inter you password which is locked after so many tries. I will never purchase another apple ipad. Just ordered a Samsung. Lots of wasted money on some idiots idea of security that as I see from reading has screwed up a lot of users. Don't email me and tell me to go to one of your stores and talk with the genius that's a lot of bull. Been there abd done that.

Apple needs to find a better way to help us recover our passwords . this is not good at all for these old people like me! Apple do you read these messages at least? please find a way.

I have a new iPhone and cannot sync info from old phone due to Apple ID problems.
Need to have old phone in the mail TOMORROW 1/31/18 in order to qualify for the insurance replacement phone program price. I need to have these phones synced TODAY and keep getting the run around because of the following reasons:
1.) the email I was using years and years ago when I first started using iTunes is no longer a valid email address, BUT it is still my Apple ID.
2.) I do not remember my Apple ID password.
3.) I can only get 1 out of the 3 security questions correct (again, these were created years and years ago.
I cannot believe that it is so much trouble to get into my account. I have purchased at least 4 ipods for myself and 2 for my husband. He has been an iPhone and ipad customer for years and years. We have spent lots of money in the iTunes store over the years. I recently switched to iPhone (from Samsung) about a year ago and now am VERY sorry that I did….it is not worth the hassle.
All I want is all of my info from my damaged iPhone to be synced to my new phone. I am not asking for world peace here.
I have spent hours working on this, including 2 visits to AT&T; one very long phone call with an APPLE rep, who was very kind, but not at all helpful, not to mention hours on my own working on this. I would like a phone call on my iPhone

I am having an extremely difficult time trying to change my password. I agree with the previous letter. I am about to switch phones. any help would be nice

good morning,
I cannot recall the apple ID password. cannot update any APPS or buy anything on iTunes, kindly help

I am having the same problem. I can’t do anything without stupid gmail. How do I delete this from my Apple iPad. I’m so disgusted!!!!!!!!!!

What's went wrong with this iPhone
Can't allow to download things on
Internet all is asking is Apple ID
I have been having problem since
I buy it the owner forget password
Please seek help to you my Apple ID
Is [email protected]

Trying to change a forgotten password if like trying to get into Fort Knox or maybe a little more difficult.
My phone is now worth less that 200 dollars…but they are giving me such a hard time that I am thinking seriously about throwing it away, and I think that is exactly what the people at Apple want me to do …so I can purchase a new one…but this time or ever again will I buy an iPhone. They are protecting my phone from me. I am buying a Samsung next.

Seems to be a common thread of irritation over a lousy password reset. My "Return Email" also went into the abyss somewhere never to be seen. Ridiculous amount of security for such meaningless drivel. Very frustrating.
Phone is almost at the end of its life now but Apple is making it extremely easy to decide what type of phone to replace it with. Have they seen their stock price slide in the recent months? Wonder why? New CEO not really living up to the hype.

please give me some information on finding my password i can't open my phone forgot the password but can'tenter a passcode to get the password..this is stupid you build a great product that is useless with out a password then to get a new password I have to have my old password which i have forgotten

I have a question, not a reply.
I need to update settings. Having trouble responding to this message: Apple ID locked, failure to verify identity. How can I rectify this, please?

This is the worst experience ever! I went to ATT&T for help and nothing. I went to the Apple store and they couldn't do anything. I called tech support, nothing. Really!!! I have to wait three damn days to recover my password. You might us well tell me to wait a year.

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