How to Fix iCloud Photo Stream Not Syncing On Windows

How to Fix iCloud Photo Stream Not Syncing On Windows

Many Windows users faced an iCloud Photo Stream Not syncing issue after installing or updating the iCloud control panel in Windows. iCloud Photo Steam suddenly stopped updating. Let’s check the below solution to fix and get rid of this issue.

Solution 1: Delete Media Stream Folder

  • Open iCloud for Windows and signed out.
  • Open My Computer and then open C:/ drive. In the Menu bar, go to organize/Folder and Search Options and click the View tab.
  • Select the show hidden files, folders, and drives radio button and click ok.
  • Go to C: Users >Your USER NAME > App Data > R­oaming > Apple Computer > MediaStream.

Note: App data is a hidden folder in windows. So type everything in the address bar.

  • Delete everything in the Media Stream folder.
  • Then restart your computer.
  • Open up your iCloud control panel in Windows and log back in.
  • Once you log back in your folders should reappear and it should start syncing again.

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Solution 2: Sign Out & Sign In Apple ID in iCloud

  • Close all open iCloud-based windows in Windows Explorer or File Explorer.
  • First, open the iCloud control panel.
  • In Windows 8, go to the Start screen and click the iCloud shortcut.
  • In Windows 7, Go to Start -> All Programs -> iCloud -> iCloud.
  • Choose Sign out.
  • Now re-enter Apple ID and Password and click Sign in.
  • Choose iCloud Photos or Photo Stream under favorites in the folder window of file explorer (Windows 8) or Windows explorer (Windows 7).
  • Double-click the Shared stream.

Solution 3: Remove Read-Only Option From Photo Stream Folder

  • Right-click the Photo Stream folder and choose Properties. Remove the Read-only attribute from the Photo Stream folder.

Solution 4: Install iCloud 64.msi on your Computer

  • Open the iCloud App and log out.
  • Uninstall iCloud software in Windows.
  • Open My Computer and then open C:/ drive. In the Menu bar, go to Tools/Folder Options and click the View tab.
  • Select the show hidden files, folders, and drives radio button and click Ok.
  • In C:/ drive, open the Users folder and then open your user folder (your username or admin name).
  • Open the Program Data folder.
  • Open Apple Folder (no Apple Computer folder).
  • Now Open the Installer cache folder.
  • In Details view sort on the name.
  • Open the folder for the newest entry for iCloud control panel 2. x or 3. x or 4. x.
  • Right-click on iCloud 64.msi and select install. That’s all.

Solution 5: Change Compatibility Mode

  • Uninstall iCloud from your computer. Download iCloud for Windows from the Apple website.
  • Do not install first. Right-click the setup file and change the compatibility mode for your Windows OS (Win 7, Win 8, or vista).
  • File properties -> compatability mode ->”Compatability with Windows 7.

Solution 6: Update your Windows 

  • Check your windows are up to date. Outdated Windows is also the reason for this photo streaming issue. So check it out.


Guys this is the way to fix iCloud Photo Stream Not syncing on Windows. I hope it might be useful for you. And if you know any other solution let me know through the comments section below. Thank you and keep supporting

  1. Thanks for the tips. None of them worked for me, unfortunately. I tried all of them, one after another, but with no success.
    iCloud will sync folders for photos (if I create a new folder/album on my iPad, it syncs to my PC) but the folders are always empty. In addition, when I open iCloud Photos on my PC, I'm told it's not enabled, but when I open iCloud control panel, photos are enabled.
    Very shoddy work (but typical) by Apple. None of their software works well on Windows. You'd think that if they wanted to release Windows software, they'd want it to work, but apparently not.

  2. "Signing out" of iCloud on the PC is no trivial matter as implied by the above. When you do, it deletes files and removes the plug-ins from Outlook. Setting them all up again is quite a procedure and if you have to do it regularly – at least once a week my Outlook stops syncing – it would soon become intolerable.

  3. I found that if you have Amazon cloud sync installed then you can't use iCloud on the PC. I found that the system reports a login failure.

  4. This is so pathetic. Exactly what you guys are saying, it doesn't download jack when I have clicked all the buttons and told it where to download the pics. I press "Apply" and "Ok" and it does nothing. All iCloud folders are empty. I have spent days and days jacking around with all this just to download my photos from my phone. I have kids and you would think Apple would not be so selfish as to make this such a disaster to the extent people miss spending time w their kids to try to get their photos. I'm better off just taking a camera w me everywhere so that I can easily save my pics.

  5. I agree with K3. I have set up everything in accordance with all the suggested instructions but still the Photo Stream does not download to iCloud folder on my PC. It syncs between iPad and iPhone, but not the PC. Please can someone help??

  6. I enabled "My Photo Stream" on my iPhone and leave "iCloud Photo Library" unchecked. Then I went to my Windows 10 PC, enabled "My Photo Stream" on my PC and leave "iCloud Photo Library" unchecked. I also set a valid folder path under "Download new photos to my PC" (and it was also enabled). Then I took a picture from my iPhone, and wait iPhone to upload the new photo to cloud (it did, since the photo downloaded back to iPhone's "My Photo Stream" folder), then I wait iCloud application to download it from cloud to local folder named "K:\iCloud PhotosDownloads". After 5 months, the folder on my Windows 10 is still empty.
    Am I supposed to look for my photo stream downloads in this folder? It does not do the work at all.

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